10 exercises to tone every inch of your body

10 exercises to tone every inch of your body

In this article, we will familiarize you with 10 amazing exercises which will help you to upgrade your strength, endurance, muscle mass,  and stamina. 

Most of us recognize the importance of physical exercises. They are immensely beneficial for fitness and good health. Unfortunately, there is too much workout information available on the internet which makes it perplexing for us to pick a suitable activity.

You always prefer those exercises which can tone your entire body and also which can increase your muscle mass. Compound exercises are considered to be the most advantageous exercises which can shape or engage various muscles of the body while you perform them.


Squats are deemed to be the most productive exercise to engage your lower body and core muscles in a single exercise.

Squats increase flexibility in the lower back, and it is one of the best workouts in terms of burning calories.

Leg muscles are one of the largest muscles in our body, engaging those muscles helps you gain extra muscle mass.

How to do

 Begin by standing straight with legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

 Raise your arms up, so they are parallel to the floor. Brace your core and keep your chest up.

Now bend your knees and lower the hips same as when we sit on a chair.

Lower your hips until your thighs reach a parallel position to the floor. Pause for a second then extend your legs, retract to normal position.


Burpees are a super-effective exercise to tone your body moreover for strength building as well. It involves both the upper and lower body while performing the workout.

Burpees exercise is a package to improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength, yet it is pretty simple to perform.

Performing burpees is bodyweight training. Therefore, no equipment is required to perform this workout.

How to do

Begin by standing upright with your legs open about shoulder-width apart. Keep the arms beside your body.

Lower your back and hips down in a squat posture. Lower your thighs until they reach a position parallel to the floor.

 Now bring your hands down, so they can touch the floor. Lower down the body in a push-up position and make a push-up.

After performing a push-up, stand up and jump with your arms raised above your head. 

This will be counted as one cycle. In the beginning, you can perform 3 sets with 10 repetitions for each set.

Dumbbell rows

Dumbbell rows are a fabulous exercise to develop your posterior muscles. Your traps and lats will look impressive once those muscles are built.

It targets multiple muscles of your upper body. It is important that you must perform this exercise at the beginning with low to moderate weight to avoid any back injury and perform repetitions is the right form.

How to do

Start with holding a dumbbell in your right arm. We recommend grabbing a lightweight if you are a beginner.

 Bend forward almost 45 degrees and place your left arm on a bench.

Make sure your spine and neck are in line and tighten your core. Hang down your right arm in which you have held the dumbbell.

Now slowly lift the dumbbell up around your chest and slowly release it down. You can perform 3 sets with 10 repetitions each.

Glute bridge

Glute bridge is an excellent exercise to build your hip muscles and make them appear attractive.

Also, this exercise is simple to perform. It can be performed at home and implementing this exercise does not require any equipment.

How to do

 Start by lying down on the flat surface while the knees should be bent and raised as your feet touch the floor.

 Keep your arms beside your body.

 Now slowly raise your hips and back up by engaging your hips and thighs muscles. Raise back up to your shoulders and knees come in a straight line.

Hold the position for 2-3 seconds and gradually retreat your body to normal state.

Deadlift Exercises

 The deadlifts are considered to be the most effective workout for the lower body. It guarantees strong and voluminous muscles.

Deadlift engages muscles of your glutes, thighs, hamstring, and lower back. It is necessary, to begin with, low weight to avoid any injury.  

How to do

Step up to and under a barbell, while legs should remain slightly wider than shoulder-width. Your feet should be pointed outward.

Bend down and hold the barbell with both hands slightly wider than your shoulder width.

Bend your knees until your jaw touches the barbell. Brace your core, slowly lift the barbell by engaging your hips and thigh muscles.

Lift the bar up to your thighs and stay for a few seconds. Gently lower the barbell by engaging your hips and thigh muscles.

Standing overhead dumbbell press

Standing overhead dumbbell press is an excellent exercise to build your upper body.

It is one of the best exercises to build strong shoulders but this exercise is not only good for shoulders, but it also engages your upper back and core muscles.

How to do

 Stand straight while holding a dumbbell in your both hands. Your legs should be wide open slightly more than shoulder-width apart.

Brace your core, keep your head and neck stationary.

Begin to push your arm until they are fully extended above your head. Rest there for a second and slowly lower your arms until your triceps come in a position parallel to the floor.

You can perform 3 sets with 8-10 repetitions, lift lightweight dumbbells for this exercise.

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Push-ups are one of the most basic and easy to do exercises but delivers amazing results. This is an excellent drill to improve both your stamina and strength.

In the beginning, you can start with simple push-ups once you master this exercise then you can perform advanced variants of this exercise such as single-hand push-ups.

How to do

 Start off with a plank position. Your chest, torso, and legs should be parallel to the floor.

 Lift your body up while your toes and hands touching the floor, the rest of your body should remain in the air.

 Brace your core tight, lower your torso while engaging your chest muscles. Spread arms wider as you lower your body.

 Pause there for a couple of seconds and lift your body back up. In the beginning, you can perform 10-20 repetitions with 3 sets. You can raise the number of cycles once you gain more strength.


Lunges are great exercises to enhance both your body balancing and strength. Since lunges engage your glutes and thigh muscles, this exercise is extremely beneficial for the lower body.

You can begin with basic bodyweight lunges. Once you gain might, then you can shift to weight-carrying dumbbell lunges.

How to do 

Start with standing straight and legs open about shoulders width apart. Keep your arms beside your body.

Take a step forward with your right leg and bend your knee. Bend your knee until your right thigh comes in a parallel position to the floor.

 Keep in mind your right knee should not cross over your right toes. Now push your body back by using the leverage of right feet.

This will be counted as 1 rep and repeat the same procedure for the left leg.

You can perform 3 sets with 8-12 repetitions each.  

Decline crunches Exercises

A strong body needs a strong core. Your general fitness depends on your kernel and abdominal muscles.

If you have a flat belly and well-toned abs, it will defend you from several ailments such as obesity and diabetes, etc.

A decline crunch is one of the fittest exercises to grow core strength further it is easy to perform. Once you gain enough muscle power, you can switch to weighted decline crunches.

How to do

 Sit on a decline bench with knees bent. Place your legs between the padded bars of the decline bench.

 Keep your arms beside your torso, or you can place your hands behind your neck.

 Slowly lower down your torso at about 45 degrees so that your abdominal muscles can sense the stretch. Pause for few seconds.

 Come back up to the initial position. You can perform recommended number of repetitions. 

Crunch Exercises

The crunch is another pretty effective exercise for abdominal muscles. It engages the shoulders and legs.

You might be familiar with normal crunches’ workout. However, it is a more intense workout. In this workout, you burn more calories and gain more muscles.

How to do

 Lie down on a flat surface while your hands should be behind your head.

 Bend your knees and your feet should be touching the floor.

 Now pull your torso up so that your right elbow can touch your left knee then come back down. Repeat same for another side, this process will be counted as one repetition. 

 You can perform 3 sets with the recommended number of repetitions.

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