5 Cardio Workout Which You Can Do at Home

5 Cardio Workout Which You Can Do at Home

Cardio workout is significant and useful to maintain overall physical fitness. It is as important as weight training you do  in the gym. In this crumb, we’ll discuss 5 Cardio Workout Which You Can Do at Home….

Whether you want to lead a healthy life or  achieve an aesthetic physique, the cardio workout is the key.

There are 5 Cardio workouts that can certainly help you achieve maximum fitness.

Because while doing a cardio workout, you are training the entire body.

Also, cardio workout plays a crucial role in achieving an attractive physique.

When you are exercising hard in the gym and daily performing weight training, it helps you gain muscle mass.

But at the same time, you also have to focus regularly on minimum 5 cardio workouts. This is because your muscles will be visible only when you reduce all extra fat from your body.

Meanwhile, the 5 cardio workouts listed in this article will work excellently to reduce extra body fat.

The best thing about the cardio workout is you can do it in the gym and at home with ease.

Surely, you can do cardio in the gym using treadmill, cross trainer or other equipment. Furthermore, it can also be done  at home without any equipment.

Below we are sharing best 5 cardio workouts which you can easily do at home…

Jogging or Running in Place: Major Cardio Workout

It is one of the best cardio workouts which can help you burn fat, and can warm up the entire muscles of your body.

Jogging at a place can be done at any time, day or night, whether it is raining outside. You can reap the benefits of jogging inside your home with doing it at a place.

While it sounds basic workout, but it has the same health benefits as outside running.

Jogging in place is one of the best cardio workout which you can do at home.

It is also the optimal indoor workout if you are seeking to reduce extra body fat. It is also beneficial to build strong leg muscles.

Jogging in place activates muscles of thighs, calves and your feet which help you build stronger legs over time.

The nicest thing about this workout is you don’t need any equipment to perform it, you just need quality shoes for this workout.

The shoes will support you to do this workout for a longer period  without getting easily tired.

For beginners, recommended workout timing is between 20-30 minutes but you can increase timing slowly as per your fitness goals.

Instructions for Jogging or Running in Place

You must wear sports shoes to perform this workout and  stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Now start pulling your legs up and then strike them down alternatively. This is the complete motion of this workout.

Continue repeating same movements to complete workout. You can continue doing this for 20-30 minutes or as per your fitness goals.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are very effective cardio workout and useful to burn calories.

Although performing jumping jacks requires a lot of physical fitness because you have to move your entire body while preforming this exercise. 

Jumping jack sets your arms, legs, and back all in action at the same, but it also helps reduce many calories as compared to other cardio workouts.

Performing jumping jack does not require any specific equipment, and can be done inside your home at any time of your choice.

You can combine jumping jacks with other home based cardio workouts such as burpees, mountain climb or rope skipping.

By combining jumping jacks with other cardio workouts, you can create a perfect fat loss workout circuit.

Instructions for Jumping Jacks

You must stand straight with keeping your feet together and hands by your side. This must be your starting position.

Now jump up to spread your legs and your hands together above your head.  Jump again to return to starting position.

You can do jumping jacks for 10 minutes or as per your fitness goal.


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Dance Cardio Workout

Dance cardio is one of the best workouts for those who want variation in their cardio workout.

What you have to do is just select your favorite soundtracks and dance with beats of music.  

Doing dance cardio workout is actually a fun, also it is extremely healthy.  Because dance moves activate all the muscles and tissues of your body.

Certain dance cardio steps are also done to build muscles.

Dance cardio workout is beneficial to burn body fa.  It improves blood circulation in your body, and also can make your body more flexible.

Both men and women can do this remarkable workout.

There is no specific equipment required to perform this workout, all you need is a good pair of shoes which can help you perform steps.

This workout can be done in morning, evening or any suitable time of your choice.

There are no special instructions required for this workout.

You can play music of your choice on an LCD or on speakers and do dance movements on music beats.  

Squat Jumps: Best Cardio Workout

Squat jumps are an explosive cardio workout and is useful for both burning calories and building strength.

It is particularly salutary to develop muscles of legs and hips.

Squat jumps workout can be done with other cardio exercises, or it can also be done alone.

There is no special equipment required to perform this workout, and you can easily do it at home.

It is a high-impact workout, so start with small durations and increase timing once you gain stamina.

Jump squats strengthen legs muscles, although this workout puts a lot of stress on the knees.

Hence, if you have any knee-related injury, then you must consult your doctor before starting this workout.

Instructions for Squat Jumps

Stand with shoulder-width apart.

Now perform a regular squat, come back up with an explosive jump using your core and legs muscles.

You can do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions, or you can increase sets as per your fitness goals. 

Jump Rope

You may always observe kids doing rope skipping workout, but you might be unaware that skipping is an excellent cardio workout.

Rope skipping is a simple workout.

But at the same time quite beneficial for overall fitness and very useful to burn calories.

Jump rope is very intense physical exercise, so it burns calories way faster than other cardio workouts.

Most people do rope skipping workout to increase respiratory stamina and reduce extra body fat.

You can do this workout at home, and only require skipping rope to do this workout.

Skipping rope is easily available on sports shop at very low price. 

Instructions for Jump Rope

Stand with your legs close to each other while holding each end of skipping rope in your each hand. This must be your starting position.

Now jump slight above ground while swinging rope above your head and land softly back on ground.

In the beginning, you can do a rope skipping workout for 5-10 minutes, while you can increase workout timing gradually as per your fitness goals.


Cardio workouts are extremely beneficial for overall health.

Most of these workouts are simple to perform, yet their results are incredible.

It is always recommended to start cardio workouts in small periods.

Never overdo these workouts as  they may put extreme pressure on your bones. Therefore, it is suggested to start mildly to avoid any bone injury.

Asthma patients should inquire with their doctors before starting these workouts.      

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