5 Smart Ways to Lose Hip Fat

5 Smart Ways to Lose Hip Fat

This article familiarizes you with 5 ways to lose hip fat as soon as possible. Some of these approaches involve natural remedies to accelerate the process. So let’s dive in.

Muscular hips or buttocks symbolize masculinity in a human body. They are a point of attraction in one’s personality and render strength to the lower body.

However, excessive hip fat can make hips shaggy and loose. As reported by health experts, women are prone to gain more fat on hips as compared to men. 

There are different weight training exercises to build a muscular and firm lower body.

Although, you may probably put on fat due to multiple reasons. This write-up deals with the possible glitches that may intrude the weight-loss plan, accompanied by their respective solutions. 

Count Calories

Monitoring and counting the calorie intake has to be the primary step before you gird up for subsequent tasks to reduce fat from your hips. 

It is a common observation that most of us treat our stomach as a dumping basket.

It is obvious since we hardly think twice before casting eatables into our tummies regardless of their nutritive and calorific value.

This further aggravates our gut, overall health, and makes us inclined to gain weight.  

While on a fat loss program, calorie intake matters considerably.

Thus, if you consume extra calories than your body needs, it is predictable that you could never burn fat irrespective of the efforts you put in.  

Therefore, it is crucial to track your daily calorie input and follow a strict diet plan. 

Avoid foods and drinks which contain high amounts of carbs and fats. Albeit, the body does need carbs for energy, however,  it should be within healthy limits.

Incorporate healthy foods into the diet chart and omit those with abundant calories. 

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is a building block of the human body. Since most fat loss strategies are restrictive on carbs and fat intake, protein is the only ideal stuff left to feed the body. 

Protein is vital for the growth of muscles and tissues, and the recovery of a body from intense physical exercises.

One must include high-protein supplies in their diet plans, such as egg whites, fish, chicken breast, oats, and so on.  

These foods are loaded with protein with the least number of carbohydrates and fats. 

Our body’s protein requirement can be fulfilled by adopting the above-named edibles. Furthermore, proteinic foods do not contribute any fat to the body and keep your stomach fuller for longer.

A satisfied stomach signifies that the body will stay in an anabolic state and hence, will improve metabolism.

Physical Activities to Lose Hip Fat

Physical activities play an important role in fat loss.

You should embrace a healthy and active lifestyle so that you can burn more calories than you take in.

In today’s world when life is full of hustles, and it is nearly hard to spare even a few minutes to perform physical activities. However, manage time to do some exercises.

Fat loss can be quite challenging without physical workouts.

Studies conducted on the subject confirm that a passive person is more vulnerable to get fat or obese as opposed to an active individual.  

Workout does not necessarily mean going to the gym or lifting weights, rather it can be done at home or in public parks.

You could do running, bicycling or swimming, and so on. These activities can enable you to diminish your body fat. 

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Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

Many of us relish snacks with tea in the morning, evening, or in between meals. They play a significant role in our overall fitness.

Therefore, choose snacks wisely and carefully after checking the complete nutrition and ingredients index. 

It is usually observed that people recklessly swallow packets of biscuits, chips, or other processed foods which ought to be avoided as much as possible.  

Since almost all the snacks are prepared using refined oil, refined flour, and a lot of sugar thus, eating them can slow down the fat loss progress and can cause various diseases eventually.

Therefore, substitute unhealthy snacks with better and healthy options such as fruits, fruit vegetables, salad, soups or oats, etc.

These natural foods are rich in dietary fiber, protein, and vitamins which can be extremely beneficial for fat loss. 

Protein Shakes

Although we have already discussed protein-rich foods and their importance in our fitness journey, then why are protein shakes specifically noted, and what benefits can they bestow?

In simple terms, protein shakes are supplements that can be used to fulfill the body’s protein requirements.

While you can get protein from protein-rich foods but hereto they contain some amount of carbs and fats. This may retard your fat loss progress.

Most of the protein powders are available in the market with 70-90 percent protein content per 100 grams. This could be remarkably good for attaining a toned and athletic physique. 

These shakes are ready to use, which means you can purchase and readily consume.

Once you take these drinks, protein travels through the bloodstream in less than an hour and helps to restore the body from the stress of intense workouts. 


Losing body fat is always a daunting task since one has to completely alter eating habits and lifestyle.

However, following the smart ways which we mentioned above can make the fat loss journey easy and effective.

Before making changes in the diet plan consult a qualified dietician or fitness expert to get optimum results.   

After studying this article you should have got some ideas on how to lose hip fat.

It is not necessary to employ all the methods, rather select the one that you are most comfortable with.

However, ensure that you’re consistent with the opted way along with regular exercising and proper diet. 

Now go ahead and start acting!

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