5 Yoga Poses to Help you Sleep Like Baby

5 Yoga Poses to Help you Sleep Like Baby

Yoga is known as a benign and effective workout. Studies have confirmed that regular practitioners of yoga have found it very beneficial to reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep and overall health.

Does yoga improve the quality of sleep?

The accurate answer is YES, yoga not only induces sleep immediately rather enhances the quality of sleep too.

What is the significance of quality sleep in our lives? Quality sleep is crucial for our body as it tends and repairs itself awhile.

There are countless functions that our body performs in a state of slumber.

Your body cannot operate with full potential whether you work on a job or as a student, quality sleep is essential prerequisite to enable its processes.

Sleep problems are prevalent these days and can occur as an outcome of a variety of reasons.

Today in this crumb, we are sharing 5 yoga poses that can help you ameliorate the quality of your sleep naturally.

You can perform these yoga poses easily at home with minimum resources.

Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose)

Viparita Karani is a simple pose to perform, yet it delivers several benefits.

 The whole time we stand and balance on our feet which exhausts them seriously till the end of the day. However, this yoga pose can soothe your ankles and feet and granting you ultimate relaxation.


Select a prop of your preference such as a pillow or folded blanket. Lie down on the floor against a wall.

Ensure that the back and head are touching the floor.

Move your hips and spine closer against the wall, raise your legs up in a 90-degree position against the wall.

Slowly lift your back slightly with your hands and push a prop (pillow or folded blanket) under your back.

Now keep your hands relaxed beside your body, keep the spine and neck relaxed. You can perform Viparita Karini Asana for 5-15 minutes as per the requirements.


Viparita Karini pose helps to relax your weary legs and feet. Moreover, this yoga posture aids you to get fast and sound sleep. 

This pose reduces and relaxes your back muscles.

 Viparita Karini Asana overcomes depression and anxiety.

Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Savasana got its name from the motionless and relaxing position. It can be performed easily and has multiple benefits.


Lie down on a flat floor, without placing any prop under your back.

Your back, head, legs, and hands should be touching the floor.

Keep your legs at about your shoulders width and hands beside your body.

Your entire body includes your muscles and joints should be completely rested and relaxed.

Keep breathing slowly and gently let the body and brain relax entirely. You can perform this Asana for about 10-15 minutes.


Savasana is extremely beneficial to conquer anxiety and depression. This yoga pose is likewise helpful to improve the essence of sleep and helps relieve insomnia.

The corpse pose is useful to lower high blood pressure.

Savasana relaxes muscles of the back and shoulders.

Supta baddha konasana (Recycling Bound Angle)

Supta baddha konasana can be performed simply using minimum means. You can do this Asana in the morning to boost energy.  This pose can be done in the evening if the morning course is inconvenient for you.


Lie down on a flat floor while your back and head should be touching the floor. Your chest should be facing towards the ceiling or sky.

Relax your shoulders and spine completely, and ensure that there is no strain in the muscles.

Now slowly bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. Bring feet upwards close to the pelvis area.

Rest your hands beside the body at about 45 degrees position.

Perform this Asana for about 30-60 seconds, recede to a normal state gently to avoid any tension in the legs.


Supta baddha asana is beneficial to cure sleeping disorders and insomnia.

This yoga pose can improve blood circulation in body.

This pose can reduce anxiety and depression from body, bring energy in your body.

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Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) Yoga Poses

Uttanasana pose is considered to be very beneficial for the spine. This yoga pose can be performed at the beginning or at the end of the yoga session.


Begin with standing straight, then slowly bend your torso forward while arms should be touching the floor.

Your fingertips should be in line with your toes. Place your palms flat on the floor. Beginners can employ wooden or plastic blocks initially if they can’t touch the floor.

Bend your knees slightly so they are not locked.

Keep your legs apart about the width of your shoulders.

Bring your weight forward so your legs and spine can feel the stretch. Now slowly retreat to the normal standing position.


Uttanasana provides a good stretch to the muscles of the legs and the spine and strengthens muscles.

This yoga pose helps to get rid of sleeping disorders and allows quality sleep.

Improves blood circulation in the upper body.

Ardha Uttanasana (Half Forward Bend)

Ardha uttanasana has unique benefits to the body. It is a helpful pose for those yoga practitioners who are unable to bend their spine forward completely. Therefore, they can practice this half forward bend pose.


While Standing in the tadasana, your feet should be apart at the width of your hips.

Move your arms overhead before curling forwards.

Now bend your torso to forward position at about 90 degrees.

Slightly flex your knees, so the joints do not clasp.

You can keep your arms beside your head, or down such that they reach the floor.

Stay in the posture for about 30-60 seconds.  Exhale and gradually come back to normal position.


 Stretches the torso muscles to a good extent.

 Improves quality of sleep and helps to get rid of sleeping disorders.

 Bring flexibility in the upper body.

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