9 Reasons You Should Be Taking A Power Nap

9 Reasons You Should Be Taking A Power Nap

Nap or Sleep is always crucial for proper functioning of our body. In fact, sleep has   positive effects on our body. In this Crumb we’ll discuss 9 Reasons You Should Be Taking A Power Nap.

Does nap is beneficial for us?

Well, the straight answer is YES. A power nap in office break or at home can be helpful for you in various aspects…..

It can alleviate your anxiety, and can help to uplift your energy levels. Daytime naps can be extremely productive and mood boosters.

Naps can provide us with many benefits, let’s discuss them one by one…..

Improves Mood

Napping in daytime can benefit you in many ways.  If you are having a bad mood due to any reason, or you are feeling  emotionally  down then, napping can be the helping hand to elate your mood.

Studies have shown that napping is tremendously valuable to uplift your mood.

You are working in office and having loads of work, or having heated verbal discussion with any of your clients which makes you feel mentally upset.

So, you might consider of having a coffee or break from the office to improve your temper?

Well, the  better option to charge your mood is a power nap.

A quick nap can calm your mood and bring mental relaxation.

Even if you are at your home, and  are feeling tensed due to any situation then, it is recommended to give yourself a quick power nap.

It will not only excite your mood but also nap will relax your mind to properly come out of complex situations.

Lowers high blood pressure

New studies have shown noontime nap can be helpful to lower blood pressure.

The study presented in 2019 at the American College of Cardiology showed that noontime nap can lower blood pressure effectively as much as that cutting salt and sugar can do.

On average, nap can lower blood pressure by 5-6 mm Hg. It is as efficacious as a low dose of blood pressure medicine.

Improves Alertness

Various studies have indicated that a nap of about 30-40 minutes can enhance your performance by 34%, and can increase your alertness by 90 percent.


Having a power nap before the long drive or any interview can activate  the level of your alertness.

High level of wakefulness can improve your performance at work and attention while driving.

Can Save Money

A nap can save a lot of money when people are exhausted  at work or are anxious  they usually go for coffee.

Coffee contains caffeine which can reduce anxiety but at the same time it can be harmful in long term. Furthermore, excessive coffee consumption on regularly can cost you a lot of money.

On the other hand, you can try napping, which can effectively reduce anxiety.

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Can Calm Nerves

A power nap in the afternoon can bestow calmness and relaxation to all major nerves.

A study in one of Berkeley institutes found that people who are facing problems like anger and fear can rid this with daytime nap.

Daytime nap can soothe your  nerves and can also enable to get better sleep at night.

Can Improve Memory

Studies have proven that sleep plays an important role in improving memory. A quick nap helps you remember things better.

If you take a quick nap at the office during lunchtime, it can help you remember everything better. It can also meliorate your memory to perform better in afternoon projects.

Increase Creativity

Naps not only decimate your anxiety or mental stress, but it also increases your creativity.

If you snooze a bit during lunch break then, it can increase your focus and creativity.  Post napping  you will find yourself more ingenious in your office projects.

Can Increase Concentration

If you are a student and want to improve your concentration in studies then, naps can be facilitative for you.

It is commonly seen that people start feeling tired and sleepy after sometime when they study or read books.  It happens because the body is using stored energy to concentrate on study or reading.

So, after sometime of continuous reading or studying the body start to feel weary.

With a quick power nap, you can recharge  yourself. This  will not only elevate your concentration on study, rather, you will also be able to remember everything for a longer period.

Improve Productivity

Various studies have shown that nap during your normal routine day can improve productivity.

Employees, athletes or students who take naps during their normal routine day can intensify their productiveness.

Naps can boost energy levels of  employees, athletes or students back to the start of the day levels.

With higher energy levels individual can be more productive in their respective fields.     

What is the best time to get a nap?

The timing of the nap does not matter still, it is recommended to get a nap in noon or day time.  Because at that time of day when physically you are fatigued, so, it is the best time to get a power nap and reload your body with new energy.

You might guess how long a perfect nap can be? Well, the nap of 10-30 minutes can be enough to hike up your energy and reduce anxiety.

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