Are You Aware of the Health Hazards of Binge-Watching?

Are You Aware of the Health Hazards of Binge-Watching?

Everyone likes entertainment and watching TV series… In this Crumb, we’ll discuss the Hazards of Binge-Watching…

Well, there is nothing wrong in this… Mostly, entertainment and watching television can be good for your brain and health.

At the same time binge watching can affect your health drastically.

You might be thinking what binge watching really means?

In simple terms, watching multiple episodes of TV series online or watching many movies consecutively is known as binge-watching or marathon watching.

Now you might be guessing are there any hazardous or bad effects of binge watching on health?

Well, researches have indicated that binge-watching can be risky for your health. Thia practice potentially doubles the possibilities of premature death.

Binge-watching has become very common and popular trend in many countries since last 4-5 years.

Let’s figure out hazardous effects of binge watching in detail.

Sleep disturbance

Late-night Binge-watching is quite prevalent. Itsignificantly disturbs our sleep schedule. This may deteriorate our mental and physical health .

Most of the researchers assert the importance of catching  6-8 hours of sleep everyday. Quality sleep plays a great role in staying fit and healthy.

If you are a regular college student or do  full-time job during day  then binge watching at night can seriously offend your sleep.

Binge watching til late night means you will have fewer hours left to sleep and relax your body. 

Does sleeping less affects your overall health?

Definitly, inadequate sleep for less than 6 hours may  adversely impact your health.  

Sleeping less at night will affect your next day.

Fatigue, slumber, and passivity is likely to encompass you at your workplace or classroom.

Night sleep is  thus , crucial for normal functioning of brain.

Fundamentally, human body accomplishes all its repair and growth while we snooze.   

Hence, insufficient sleep at night can implicate your physical growth or maintenance.

Sleeping less can also weaken your immune system because  development of cells does occur in night while you are  asleep.   

Affect Relationships

Binge-watching can wobble your relationships even; you might be reckoning how is that going to influence  your relationships?

This is due to inattention and giving  less time to your family and close ones as compared to your screens.

If you are married then it is  recommended that you spend quality time with your kids and wife.

Even if you are  unmarried you must spend time with your parents and family to keep relationships strong.

Since you are sqaundering much of your hours on binge watching signifies deficit of time for your relatives and close ones.   

This is how binge watching can negatively affect your relationships.

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Binge-Watching Can Affect Your Physical Activities

Physical activities or exercises are extremely important for overall body fitness.  It can be practicing yoga, cardio workout, jogging or weight training.

Studies have shown that regular physical workout can keep your body fit for long. It  also strengthens the immune system.   

Since, most of your time is expends in binge watching, so you are left with very little or no time to engage in any kind of physical activity.

It is always recommended by fitness experts to do physical exercises on regular basis.

You must manage time for physical workout even if you have an occupied schedule.

Binge-Watching Can Lead To Weight Gain

If you are regularly binge watching than there are high chances putting on weight.

You might be thinking how binge watching can cause weight gain?

Usually your binge watching is accompanied by consuming lot of unhealthy and processed foods.

It can be in the form of sugary beverages drinks, cookies, chips or any other fast food which can lead you to gain body weight.

Not only you are consuming extra calories while binge watching but also remain sedentary  for hours . This  bothers your body to burn those extra calories.

It is always recommended by fitness experts to consume only healthy foods while watching television.

Can Affect Your Career

Binge watching on regular basis can can be detrimental to your career.

If you are a school or university student and you are regularly binge-watching then it is likely that your studies may suffer. 

Binge watching simply means you are spending a lot of time in front of the television or computer screen. Owing to it most of your energy is exhausted on binge-watching.

Meanwhile your body, eyes and brain are get tired because of binge watching. It diminishes your ability to concentrate on your studies.

Even if you are doing a regular job than binge watching can affect your professional life as well.

When you reach  home after working hours your body desperately yearns a good sleep so it can prepare for next day.

Since you are involved in binge-watching and not taking regular sleep then your body and brain will not be equipped to organize the next day. 

You will feel anxiety, drowsiness and laziness at work.

And it certainly robs you of yoyr potential to give hundred per cent  at your work.

Hence, binge-watching can terribly affect your professional life.


Binge watching on regular basis can be hazardous for your health and career.

It can also negatively affect your relationships.

Although binge-watching occasionally doesn’t pose such hazardous side effects.

In fact, occasionally binge-watching can entertain you and also alleviates stress from your mind.

Binge-watching on regular basis has to be avoided.

 Instead of binge-watching, prefer  spending time with your close ones.

And try to engage yourself in healthy physical activities such as yoga, jogging, or weight training.    

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