Best Workout to Get Crazy Abs for Every Youngster

Best Workout to Get Crazy Abs for Every Youngster

Every youngster dreams to have solid six-pack abs… In this crumb, we’ll discuss the best workout for every person who wants to get crazy abs….

Does every tiddler want to build sexy six-pack abs? Certainly, yes, but you might have several queries about the workouts you should do to build abs.

We will be sharing the most effective workouts for abs that will take you to your six-pack abs target.

Abs are known as the gold standard of fitness these days, which increases your overall personality and keeps your body safe from various diseases.

Fat around your belly or fat on the tummy is a symptom of obesity and obesity can cause various disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure etc.

The journey of six-pack abs indeed starts from your kitchen.

When you eat healthy and nutritional food it helps you to build six-pack abs.

But your workout is also equally important to get six packs abs.

Below we are sharing some most effective workouts which will help you build abs.

Leg Raises Workout

Leg raises are a simple abs workout but at the same time, this workout is extremely effective to build abs. It targets your lower abdominal muscles.

Working out lower abdominal muscles is crucial because the majority of fat is always present on the lower abs.

So training the lower abdominal area is notable to get visible abs.

The leg raise also helps you to build strong back and hips muscles.

Stronger back muscles are significant because your back muscles help you to lift heavy weights in the gym.  

There are no specific types of equipment required to perform this workout, so you can do this workout at the gym or home.


Lay down on a flat surface with a soft mat on it.

Keep your hands below your hips and keep your legs close to each this will be your starting position.

Now raise both legs to 90 degrees angle then take both legs on the floor to the starting position.

In the beginning, you can perform 3 sets with 10-15 repetitions, you can increase the number of reps over a period of time.

Decline Crunches – Best Workout for abs

Decline crunches workout effectively increases core strength and targets both lower and upper abdominal muscles.

They are basic workouts yet extremely effective.

Basically, it is a more advanced version of flat crunches.

This workout can be done on a decline bench.

As a beginner, you can do this workout just with bodyweight but once you gain strength you can do weighted decline crunches.

Weighted decline crunches can be done by holding a dumbbell or weight plate on the abdominal area while doing crunches.

It intensifies your workout and puts more pressure on abdominal muscles which helps you to get visible six-pack abs muscles.   


Secure your legs and lie down on the decline bench, this will be your starting position.

Keep your hands behind your head, or you can put your hands on the abdominal area.

Push down your back while contracting your abdominal muscles.

Keep yourself down on a bench for a few seconds then come back to starting position.

Once you gain enough strength you can also perform weighted decline crunches for optimum results.

Dumbbell side bends Workout

This workout is extremely beneficial to increase core strength and build oblique muscles which are at the left and right sides of your abs.

Although it is a simple workout but very helpful in reducing love handles. This workout can be done with a dumbbell.

In the beginning, when you add this exercise to your workout routine you must make sure to start with lightweight to avoid any spine injury.

You can increase the weight of the dumbbell slowly over the period of time when you gain strength.



Start with standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent.

Now grab a dumbbell in your one hand and then bend your waist at the side in which you have held the dumbbell.

Bend down your waist as much you can without causing discomfort, squeeze your abdominal muscles for a few seconds and come back to starting position.

Repeat the workout for another side, initially, you can do 3 sets on each side with 12-15 repetitions.

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Hanging Leg Raise – Best Workout for abs

Hanging leg raise is an excellent exercise to strengthen your core muscles, this exercise target both upper and lower abdominal muscles.

This workout looks tough when you are a beginner, but you must try at least with some reps.

Hanging leg raise surely a tough workout but at the same time, it is a very beneficial workout to build abs muscles.    

At outset, you can fold your legs while raising your legs but once you gain strength you can raise your legs straight by folding them it will put much more pressure on your abdominal muscles.


Jump up and grab a fixed bar with both hands, lift your legs slightly above the ground and make sure your legs are not touching the ground.

Fold your legs and prepare for a leg lift.

Slowly raise your legs towards your chest as much you can.

Contract your abdominal muscles & stay in that position for a few seconds.

Slowly lower your legs in a controlled manner to starting position.

You can perform 3 sets with 8-10 repetitions, or you can increase repetitions as per your fitness goals.   

Bicycle Crunches

The bicycle crunch is a very effective exercise for abs, it targets abdominal muscles along with oblique muscles. 

While performing bicycle crunches, your body moves continuously in bicycle maneuver, making this workout very intense and effective.

This workout not only targets abdominal muscles but also activates your thigh muscles.

Although it is a very simple workout, its results are impressive and even beginners can do this workout.

There is no equipment or dumbbells required to perform this exercise, so you can perform it at the gym or your home.   



Lie down on the flat floor, bend your legs and lift them.

Place your hand behind your head. This will be your starting position.

Slowly lift your chest along with your right arm also pull your left leg back, so your right elbow can touch your left knee.

Repeat the same for another side.

In beginning, you can perform 3 sets with 10-15 repetitions, but you can increase cycles over a period.

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