How to Handle Mood Swings During Periods

How to Handle Mood Swings During Periods

Mood swings are quite common in periods. During periods, you may feel moodier than usual. In this Crumb, we’ll discuss How to Handle Mood Swings During Periods…

Basically, it is the complex of physical and emotional change.  It begins a few days before periods and lasts until the  period ends.

Mood swings during periods are usually dramatic. You may wake full of happiness while in a moment you may start felling grumpy or angry. Virtually, it seems to be a hurricane of emotions.

Massive fluctuation in emotions in short periods of time can cause depression and anxiety.

Hence, it is always reasonable to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

To keep yourself stable during  extreme mood swings is although tedious but significant.

What really causes mood swings in periods?

 There is no exact reason that has been stated as far  about the cause of mood swings.

However, health experts believe that hormonal fluctuations during periods play a major role in mood swings.

During ovulation female body experiences decline in two hormones,  estrogen and progesterone.

It is acknowledge that shifting hormonal levels can cause mood swings during periods.

Alteration in estrogen and progesterone also influences your serotonin levels. This  hormone is linked with your sleep, appetite and mood.

Drop is serotonin levels can also result in sadness and irritability.

Tips to handle mood swings 

Eat well

Health experts suggest that eating healthy foods during periods can alleviate your unpredictable physical and emotional state during those hormonal fluxes.

Intake of nutritious diet during periods  enables to conserve normal sugar levels in your body.

Also make sure you  consume foods rich in  protein such as eggs, lentils, beans  nuts etc.

These foods contain healthy fats which are essential for the production of sex hormones.

Grabbing three meals a day along with healthy snacks in between can benefit you in  fixing your mood in periods.

Thus, ensure a healthy diet schedule and  avoid junk foods as they are likely to worsen the condition.


Your sleep pattern hold immense  importance in regulating your moods during periods.

Experts suggests to put up with at least 8 hours of sleep during your periods.

Adequate amount of sleep not only relaxes your body but also encourages you to rectify the mood swings.

A lack of sleep during periods can make you feel depressed, anxious and irritable.

You are in midst of hormonal upheaval while in periods.

Taking doze can relieve your brain and gives your body more time to recuperate from the hormonal instabilities.   


Physical exercise or activities can regulate your moods during the periods. Physical workout releases endorphins a “feel-good hormone” which  boosts your mood and makes you feel relax.

It is generally observed that women during periods avoid physical exercise or curtail physical activities which only make mood swings terrible.

You must do your regular physical exercise during periods, experts suggest yoga exercise can help you to stabilize your mood during that period.

If you are regular yoga practitioner than you must do your regular yoga exercise during periods.

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During your periods you must avoid overconsumption of caffeine-rich beverages such as tea or coffee, although it is absolutely fine to have 1-2 cups of tea or coffee in a day.

Excessive intake of caffeine can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and can surge adrenaline rush which will make you feel apprehensive and anxious.

Excessive intake of caffeine can also put a lot of pressure on your adrenaline glands so, you must avert from  undue consumption of caffeine rich beverages or drinks during your  periods.

Consume dark chocolates

Do you like to eat dark chocolates? Well, most of us do like to have dark chocolates.

They are not only good in taste but have amazing health benefits too.

Chocolates which are rich in cocoa content can help reduce period cramps.

Dark chocolates  helps you combat stress and in getting rid of monstrous mood swings.

High sugar content in dark chocolates can help you to maintain healthy sugar levels in body, healthy sugar levels can increase serotonin levels which will further stabilize your mood and can bring feeling of happiness.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated. Moreover,  taking luke warm water can also placate muscle cramps by increasing blood flow therein.

You must drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day to prevent dehydration.

Dehydration during menses can make you feel more sluggish and irritable. Hence, you must drink enough water and other hydrating drinks during periods.  

Stay stress free

You should stay stress free during your periods, as it can aggravate your mood swings further.

Your priority should be to remain mentally calm. Therefore, you must avoid reaching people who can intensify the strain on your mind.

You must also avoid altercations and evade the situation that may incite temper as it will further heighten stress and anger your mind.

You must keep yourself stress free and practice meditation to further relax your mind.  

Bottom line

In most of the situations, these basic and natural pointers can help you to stabilize your mind during periods.

If condition gets worse and makes you anxious such that it may affect your relationships, then you must consult the doctor.

Specialists may recommend you to take anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications which can assist in overcoming  extreme mood changes.

Appropriate prescription along with basic precautions can help you to deal with mood swings.

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