How to Improve Vision: Natural Ways and Eye Exercise

How to Improve Vision: Natural Ways and Eye Exercise

Vision problems  are  becoming a norm in our times. Today people from all age groups are vulnerable to eyesight troubles.  In this Crumb, we’ll discuss the Natural ways & eye exercises to improve vision…

What are the reasons which cause weakening of eyesight?

Well, there are ample  reasons which can affect your eyesight. However, there are some general reasons of it.

These are high  screen time, poor nutrition, reading books, age factor or even binge-watching can minify your eyesight.

The vision can be bettered by using prescribed glasses or by taking prescribed medication.

But at the same time, there are various natural ways which can keep your eyes healthy.

You can follow these simple tips in your routine to prevent dampening your eyesight.

Screen Breaks Helps in Good Eyesight

Working on a computer is common these days. Most of us spend our day sitting in front of the screens as a part of our jobs. 

 Continuous engagement to screens without any  break can cause eye strain or fatigue and fading of eyesight over time.

Even using mobile device unceasingly can also cause you aforesaid eye problems as computer screen.

It is always recommended by eye specialists to include gaps from work after every 20-30 minutes.

 This disruption of 1-2 minutes from a computer screen can relax your eyes.

Meanwhile, in the break, you should focus on far objects which are at least 40 feet away.

This simple exercise can soothe your eyes muscles and prevent strain.

Diabetes Control

Poor control on diabetes or excessive sugar levels in blood can damage your eyesight.

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes can stimulate various eyesight issues.  This type of diabetes is called diabetic retinopathy by the physicians.

Excessive glucose or sugar levels in blood can damage the blood vessels inside the retina. This possibility may lead to swollen or blocked nerves which can cause growth of scar tissue. 

Without appropriate treatment, diabetes retinopathy can cause eyesight problems and may even lead to complete blindness.

Abrupt increase in blood sugar levels can cause blurry vision, and is always at risk of developing severe eye problems.

It is always recommended keeping your blood sugar levels  controlled to maintain normal eyesight.

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Healthy Diet Helps in Good Eyesight

A salubrious diet plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy eyesight.

It is always urged by doctors to consume foods which are rich in vitamins and other nutrition.

Vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E are very essential for maintaining healthy eyesight.  Therefore, it is important to consume those foods which contain these vitamins.

Fruits and vegetables such as orange, tomato, spinach, carrot and papaya are rich in vitamins.

Eggs are also known as ideal food for improving eyesight since they are rich in vitamin A and various other nutriments.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also reckoned to be advantageous for maintaining healthy eyesight.

Foods such as fish, flex seeds and nuts are the best source of omega-3 which you must incorporate to your diet plan.

Avoid Smoking

Studies have shown that smoking can cause eyesight problems and also increases the risks of developing diabetes.

Peoples usually ignore the links between eyesight problems and smoking. It may ultimately cause cataracts and uveitis.

Smoking on regular basis amounts to high chances of developing diabetes retinopathy. Tobacco is considered to be irritable  to the eyes and can cause eye dryness.

Health experts always suggest avoiding smoking and quit consumption of tobacco products to maintain healthy eyesight.

Recommended Eyewear

It is commonly seen among people to ignore prescribed glasses which can further lead to weakness in eyesight.

If you are directed by a doctor to wear certain eyeglasses for short or long-distance vision problems then it should be done with utmost concern.

Neglecting prescribed glasses can further worsen your eye problems, or it can get more weak.

It is always recommended to wear prescribed glasses while using computer, reading books or driving vehicles.

Wearing prescribed glasses can prevent your eyesight from further weakness.

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Regular Eye Examination Helps in Good Eyesight

Prevention is always the best cure. Thus, it is wise to visit an eye specialist  on a regular basis.

Frequent examination can detect any problem in your eyesight  in the beginning itself.

Moreover, you can take prescribed treatment to prevent the eyesight problem to worsen further.

Individuals with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure shouldn’t dismiss regular eye examinations.

Because they are the most vulnerable to eyesight problems.

Family History

Your family history holds a lot of importance when it comes to maintaining healthy eyesight.

There certain eye disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration which run in families generation to generation.

These eye problems can cause total loss of  eyesight. If you have a family history of such issues, then timely precautions are necessary to prevent development of any other possible eye problem.


Following natural ways to protect your healthy eyesight is always beneficial to prevent weakness in your eyes.

There are certain major eye problems which can be treated by suitable medication and in such cases professional medical advise is best preferred.

You can still follow natural tips to improve eyesight mentioned above with your eye medications, a combination of both medication and natural tips can maintain your healthy eyesight for a longer time.  

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