How Yoga Can Change Your Life?

How Yoga Can Change Your Life?

Yoga is an ancient form of  Indian exercise, and it has been practiced by Indian yogis for centuries. In this crumb, we’ll discuss how yoga can change your life and the benefits of yoga….

Yoga is the World’s oldest mode of exercise to keep your body fit and healthy.

The question might arise in your mind that why should we go for yoga?

Well, weight training and gym are excellent options for fitness.

But gym cannot be suitable for old age people and for those who can’t lift heavy weights.

Yoga is a universal exercise and for people of all age groups.

Yoga offers you hundreds of fitness poses from beginner to advance level.

The wonderful thing about yoga is that you can practice or start yoga as per your physical abilities.

Benefits of Yoga

Reduce Stress

Practicing yoga can be very helpful for you to decrease physical and mental stress.

Various studies have proven that practicing yoga can reduce levels of cortisol hormone in your blood.

Cortisol is primarily known as the stress hormone.

Studies have shown that peoples who practice yoga regularly for more than one month have shown a significant decline in cortisol hormone.

Reduce Chronic Pain

Muscle and joints pain can be caused because of many factors such as arthritis or any physical injuries.

Besides other benefits of yoga,  its regular practice can reduce muscle and joints pain. There are various poses in yoga that effectively lessen body pain.

Yoga poses such as Surya Namaskar can be very helpful to alleviate backache because it stretches and activates the muscles of the back and joints of the spine.

Hundreds of poses are there which can be very helpful to overcome pain from other body parts and joints.

Practicing yoga can even more beneficial if combined with orthopedic medicinal therapy.

A combination of yoga with your regular orthopedic medicinal therapy can magically improve your bone joints health. 

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Helps Reduce Fat

A high-fat body can be commonly noticed among people of all age groups.

Usually, bad eating habits and genetics are the main causes of high fat.

High fat is not only a cosmetic problem, but it can also lead you to serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

Woman measuring her waist and weight

At the same time, high body fat negatively affects your overall personality.

If you want to get rid of excessive body fat, then yoga can help you achieve your fat loss goals much faster.

There are various yoga poses that activate and stretch the body’s large muscles, can help you to burn calories faster.   

Yoga poses such as Surya Namaskar, warrior pose, and upward plank pose can be very effective in fat loss programs.

You can begin with easy poses once you increase your strength and stamina then,  slowly switch to more advanced poses.

Strengthens Your Immune System

The Immune system plays a vital role in maintaining your body’s overall health. It defends your body from harmful germs and viruses.

While having a weak immune system makes your body vulnerable to harmful germs and viruses.

A person with a weak immune system falls sick easily and recovers very slowly from diseases.   

To strengthen the immune system physical workout or exercise is essential. We must follow a regular workout schedule to keep the immune system strong.

In today’s fast-moving life, for many of us, it is very hard to join the gym or go out for exercise due to a busy schedule or some other reason. 

Yoga can be a great option to strengthen the immune system and promote overall health.

You can practice yoga at home and there are not many types of equipment or tools required to do it.

You can choose any fitting time to practice yoga at home, although morning time is always suggested as the best time for any type of physical workout or exercise. 

Its poses such as sitting and breathing (Pranayam) and fish pose (Matsya asan) can be beneficial to boost the immune system.

You can begin with these two basic poses and include more poses as you gain strength.

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Benefits of yoga: Improve blood circulation

Good blood circulation is crucial for overall health and for the recovery of any muscle and skin injuries.

It also plays an important role to make your muscles, organs, and skin healthy.

Normal blood circulation is also important for the healthy growth of your muscles, organs, and skin.  

The role of blood circulation is to supply nutrients to your muscles, organs, and skin. If your blood circulation is good, then it increases the supply of nutrients to your organs.

A good supply of nutrients is important for the development of your body, and for recovery from physical injuries.

Yoga can be very beneficial to improve blood circulation in your body since it has various postures which are propitious for healthy blood circulation.    

And its poses like downward dog position (Adho mukha svanasana) and camel pose (Ustrasan) are very beneficial for healthy blood circulation.

These poses stretch the complete body which increases blood supply to all the body parts. 

Benefits of yoga: Provide mental relaxation

A relaxed mind is essential to living a healthy and peaceful life. It helps you to achieve success and glory in life.

A peaceful mind is a key to success, as with a relaxed mind, you always take the right steps and decisions be it your personal life or professional life.

Mental relaxation keeps depression and stresses away, a stressful or depressed mind can never be instrumental in achieving success in professional or in personal life. 

Yoga can be your best partner to attain mental peace and relaxation. When you practice yoga poses it bring peace and calmness to your mind which ultimately reduces depression and stress.

There are various poses that can provide mental relaxation, you can begin yoga poses like easy pose (Sukhasan), standing forward bend (Uttanasan), and mountain pose (Tadasana).     


Yoga is a general exercise that anyone can practice meeting their fitness goals.

A person can start doing it at home, there are no specific pieces of equipment or trainer required to perform yoga.

Although it is always recommended to get coaching from professional yoga trainers before implementing advanced yoga poses.

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