Immunity can Weaken by These Mistakes. Let’s know about How to Fix Them

Immunity can Weaken by These Mistakes. Let’s know about How to Fix Them

A healthy immune system is key to overall health. In this crumb, we’ll discuss the mistakes that can Weaken Immunity….

You may guess what is  immune system and what it really does?

Immunity plays vital roles in the body just like digestive system or respiratory system.

The primary role of the immune system is to defend our body from pathogens or harmful foreign entities.

Having great immunity means your body is less likely to get infected from any bad germs or viruses.

A weak immune system on the contrary, imperils  body to diseases and infections and  deplete owing to many factors.

Generally, the strength of your immune system hinges on your lifestyle and the food you eat. Poor diet and sedentary shedules can weaken your immunity. 

Lets figure out the mistakes that can weaken your immune system.   

Alcohol & Smoking Weaken your Immunity

If you consume alcohol or alcohol-based beverages on a regular basis then it can pose drastic consequences.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause various diseases and it can debilitate  your body’s internal defences.

Studies have shown that excessive intake of alcohol can reduce the potentia if  your immune system to curb the foreign agents that may cause harm to your body.

Alcohol can complicate your immune system to resist diseases, jeopardizing   your body  to harmful diseases and infections.

Excessive intake of alcohol can not only weaken your immune system but it harm your overall fitness. It can weaken your digestive system and  cause liver problems.

Smoking is another bad lifestyle habit which can result in acquiring many diseases that can diminiah the effectiveness your immune system.

Studies have indicated that smoking can hamper the immune system and reduce the its efficiency to combat diseases.

Smoking does not only weakens your immunity  but it can also cause asthma and cardiac diseases.

Health experts always approve to  rid away smoking habits from your lifestyle.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Deficit of water in your body can cause various health problems and can possibly  weaken your biological defences..

Guzzling  adequate amount of water is essential for good digestion and proper absorption of nutrients from food.

Poor digestion and impotency of your intestines to  assimilate nutrients from food  can be detrimental to yur immune system. 

The immune system needs proteins and nutrients to fight against diseases. Ample  water improves your digestion and can strengthen your immune system. 

Drinking reasonable amount of water is also necessary to detoxify your body because these toxins can possibly damage  your immunity mechanism.

It is always recommended by doctors to drink a sufficient water to maintain healthy immune system.

Lack of Physical Workout

Physical workout is essential for overall fitness and also it keeps your immune system strong.

It is typically seen amongst people that they always try to find an excuse to avoid workout. Neglecting  physical activity can be extremely bad for your immune system.

It is commonly seen everyone complains that they lack time, which is nothing but bland excuse to evade physical activity.

The workout does not necessarily mean that you have to go to the gym and lift weights. Rather, yo can perform cardio workouts at home or while simply jogging in parks.

Studies have proven that inactive or lazy lifestyle can weaken immune system and reduce capabilities to fight against infections.

Avoiding workout is one of the biggest blunder people do with their health.

Regular physical workout must have to be included in daily routine as it strengthens the immune system and improves overall fitness.

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Not Getting Enough Sleep

Does sleep matter to your immune system? Well the straight answer is Yes.

A study conducted by the University of Washington says your immune system can be doomed if you are not taking adequate sleep.

Generally 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended to keep your body fit and immune system strong.

Lack of sleep can cause weak action against antigens by your immune system.

Streaming movies online for the entire night or using social media late at night can weaken your Immunity. Thence, if you are ignoring sleep at night basically you are killing your bodily defences.

Adequate sleep at  night is extremely important for a robust immunity and overall wellbeing.

Poor Diet

A balanced and nutritional diet is essential for strong immune system.

Because protein and other nutrients which our body procures from food are important for the immune system to function properly.

You must avoid excessive consumption of a high amount of salt, sugary, and junk food on regular basis.

Processed foods and sugary foods do not have an acceptable amounts of healthy nutrients to support Immunity.

So it is suggested to avoid regular intake of processed food or sugar or foodstuffs  containing  high amount of salt and sugar.

You must include healthy foods in your diet which embodies natural carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids.    

Tips to Strengthen your Immunity

Put up with healthy and balanced diet on regular basis. Avoid processed foods, add fruits, vegetables and Vitamin C rich fruits in your diet.

Take high protein foods such as eggs, fish, and oatmeals they will boost your immune system. Regularly consume fruits that are rich in antioxidants. 

Keep yourself free from mental stress, mental stress can weaken your immune system. Hence, it is recommended to stay free from stress and depression.

Regular physical workout  keeps your fat percentage in healthy range. Physical workout is  beneficial to boost immune system.

Eat only clean and fresh food, stay hygienic and wash your hands frequently. With these common good lifestyle habits you can enhance your immune system.  

Limit intake of alcohol and quit smoking because these are the main factors to weaken immune system.

Take proper sleep at night, avoid using electronic gadgets in late night hours.

Regularly perform yoga because many of them are extremely helpful to stimulate immunity.

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