Set Fire to Your Sex Life with These 5 Yoga Poses

Set Fire to Your Sex Life with These 5 Yoga Poses

Sex always has a critical place in societies since ancient times.  In this Crumb, we’ll discuss 5 Yoga Poses to rejuvenate your sex life

It is the only way for reproduction and keeps the balance of population maintained, also sex play a significant role in marital relations to keep partners close to each other and provide physical satisfaction.

Nowadays, when life is full of competition and hustle, it is commonly seen that peoples lose vigor and sexual desires which are badly affecting marital relations.

When sex is unbalanced between partners, it can lead to breakup or divorce so, it is crucial to maintain healthy sexual relations.

There are many factors that can cause loss of sexual desires in humans such as unhealthy eating, stress, or physical disorders.

There are a lot of fancy and costly products available in the market which may improve an individual’s sexual performance. However,  there is another way to improve your vigor and sexual desires which is Yoga.

Yoga can bring new energy and fire to your sexual life.

It is not only beneficial for healthy sexual experience, but it also has enormous health benefits.

Yoga poses which can improve your sexual performance includes:  

Ananda balasana (Happy baby Yoga Poses)

Ananda balasana or happy baby pose is one of the easiest poses to perform, yet delivers a number of health benefits to the body.

Instructions for Ananda balasana

Lie down on the floor, bring your both knees up to your chest.

Keep your legs up by holding the sole of your feet in the middle  with your hands, keep aside your legs.

Push your shoulders and spine down to the floor. You can open legs a bit wider to give your muscles more stretch.

Hold the pose for about 30-60 seconds. Bring your legs and arms back to normal position.

Benefits of Ananda balasana

Ananda balasana provides good stretch to muscles of glutes, hamstring and spine.

It brings calmness to the nervous system and reduces fatigue.

This pose is extremely beneficial to increase sex drive and uplift your mood. 

Urdhav dhanurasan (Upward bow Yoga Poses)

Urdhav dhanurasan or upward bow pose can be very beneficial to stimulate the nervous system and bring flexibility to the body.

Instructions for Urdhav dhanurasan

Lay down on the surface. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor and bring your feet close to your hips.

Now bend your elbows, keep your palms overhead, and touching the floor. Keep fingertips of your arms facing towards your feet.

Inhale and push your hips, spine, and shoulders above the floor by using the leverage of your hands and feet.

Now slowly straighten your arms and keep your body up.

Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on your neck while lifting your body up.

When you have fully uplifted yourself, your body will make a bow shape.  

Remain in this posture for about 20-30 minutes, do not overdo to prevent injuries.

Benefits of Urdhav dhanurasan

Urdhav dhanurasan provides a good stretch to hips and thighs muscles which increases sexual desires and helps to reach intense orgasms.

This pose is extremely beneficial to make your spine more flexible and strong.

This posture is helpful in strengthening muscles of shoulders, arms and legs.

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Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing Dog Yoga Poses)

Adho mukha savasana provide many benefits to body, and also it is easy to perform.

Instructions for Adho Mukha Savasana

Stand straight and slowly bend down your spine, so your palms should be touching the floor.

Now spread your legs backward and your arms forward. Keep your legs and hands apart at about shoulders width.

Keep your head down towards the floor. Push muscles of your hips and spine upwards.

When the pose is performed accurately, your body will appear to be in triangle formation.  

Now exhale and slowly come back to normal position.

Benefits of Adho Mukha Savasana

Downward facing dog pose increases blood flow to the spine and brain which improves the function of the brain.

This yoga pose provides a good stretch to shoulders, legs, and back muscles and makes them strong.

Adho mukha savasana stretch hips muscles and increase sexual stamina which can help you to achieve better sexual intercourse.

Upvistha konasana (Seated wide-angle forward bend)

Upvistha konasana or seated wide-angle forward bend can be highly beneficial for overall fitness, and it is effortless to perform.

Instructions for Upvistha konasana

Sit on the floor while keeping your spine straight. Inhale, spread your legs to both sides as much you can but make sure do not overstretch muscles.

Hold your feet with your hand and spread muscles of your hips.

Now slowly bend your torso forward as much you can but make sure do not overstretch your spine.

Breathe slowly and hold this posture for about 30-60 seconds.


Upvistha konasana provides a good expanse to the spine, inner part of groin, hamstrings, and thighs.

This pose is extremely beneficial to increase sexual stamina and can help you achieve better orgasms.

Provide ample stretch to chest and shoulders and beneficial for digestive system.

Garudasana (Eagle pose)

Garudasana is also known as or eagle pose. It is considered as one of the sound poses to increase stamina and sexual power. Garudasana also brings strength and flexibility in the body.

Instructions for Garudasana

Begin by standing tadasana, now you should bend right knee, and ensure that your right feet are firmly placed on the floor.

Now you should lift your left leg and cross it over your right leg.

Bring your both arms forward, now you should cross your right arm over your left arm also bend your elbows. Your forearms should be facing upwards.

Your palms must be fronting each other.

Stays in this posture as per your stamina, for beginners 20-30 seconds are suggested.

Now release your arms slowly and then legs.

Benefits of Garudasana

Garudasana strengthens muscles of arms, legs and your upper body.

Bring flexibility and remove stiffness from the body,

Increases sexual desires and beneficial in gaining sexual energy.

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