Smart Ways to Lose Thigh Fat & Tone Your Legs

Smart Ways to Lose Thigh Fat & Tone Your Legs

Everyone desires noticeable, well- toned and muscular thighs. In this article, we will discuss 5 smart ways to lose thigh fat and tone your legs.

Thighs contain the largest muscles of body and there are immense benefits to train these muscles. 

Unfortunately, it is a common trend amid most of the folk to skip leg days. 

Some of them simply don’t want to train thigh muscles and some are completely oblivious of the importance of these muscles.   

Losing fat from thighs may be arduous  but once you burn fat from the thighs,  figured muscles would be obvious. 

It seems too difficult to Lose fat from thighs but by following these tips you will be able to do it easily. 

First, you should understand there is no point of reduction possible, which implies that you cannot lose fat by targeting a specific area. 

Once your body weight reduces, as a result thigh fat would diminish automatically.  

Perform cardio workout

Cardio workout such as, treadmill exercises or any form of physical workout are indispensable activities. 

Cardio workout will not only help to curb fat from thighs but will also put stress to thigh muscles which will help in toning of our legs.   

Commonly, 30 minutes of cardio workout is recommended by fitness experts to reduce fat, but you can increase the timing up to 1 hour or more, once you gain enough stamina.

One of the best favors of cardio workout is that you do not specifically have to go anywhere for your cardio workout. 

It can be done at home, garden and in gymnasiums which makes it practicable option for workout. 

Cut down sugar and fatty foods

Sugar and fatty foods are the most common items which we consume in our diet, although medical experts regard  these elements  unfit for our wellbeing.

Especially, entertaining excessive sugar and results in deadly chronic diseases. Sugar can cause obesity, and it can decelerate your fat loss progress.

Excessive sugar intake in long run may also lead to various other issues such as type 2 diabetes, so it is crucial to limit your sugar intake.


Your fat intake in unhealthy quantities on regular basis can negatively impact your fat loss process.

 Processed and oily foods retain considerable fat in the body, and also retards fat loss progress. Hence, it is decisive to track your daily intake.  

Excessive uptake of unhealthy food is associated with various problems such as cardiac diseases and hypertension.

It is essential to observe and prune down your sugar and fat intake.    

Do weight training

Weight training is another important activity which should be included in your daily routine. 

Along with cardio workouts and sticking to a strict diet plan, weight training supplements and speeds up the weight loss process. 

However, physical training is to be balanced such that you may not start to lose muscle mass along with fat, then otherwise thighs and other muscles will not appear toned and fuller. 

So, it is important to avoid muscle loss. You should also perform strength training at least 3-4 times per week. 

You must administer leg exercises such as lunges, squats, dead lifts and leg extension to retain the muscles mass.

Weight training will assist you to get a toned look which you coveted for.

Weight training will not only enhance your looks, but it will also elevate your metabolism.

Good metabolism is beneficial to reduce fat at faster rate. 

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Reduce carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrate provides energy to your body while you are performing intense physical activities but at the same time excessive carbs’ intake can result in fat gain.

It is important to create a deficit between your carbs intake and calories burning per day.

Once you are burning more calories than you consume, it will result in fat loss from your thighs along with other body parts.  

You should avoid foods which contains simple carbohydrates such as white and wheat flour etc. since these food items quickly metabolize in the stomach and give a sudden spike in glucose level of your blood.

After the hike in  glucose levels, you will start feeling hungry in short time. Therefore, you must consume foods with complex carbs such as brown and oats which can satiate your hunger for longer period of time.  

Protein rich diet

Since you are following a very strict diet that is low on carbs and calories, then protein are the only nutrient left which can fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements.

You should add protein rich diets and supplements in your diet to supply your body’s protein need.

Lack of protein can cause fatigue, anxiety, weakness and stress which can slacken your fitness progress.

Foods such as, eggs, beans, dairy and vegetables can complete your protein requirements.

You can also add whey protein in your diet plan which is one of the upright and affordable supplement which you can use.

Protein will help your thigh and other muscles to grow shapely post workouts.

Protein can make your muscles voluminous and fuller. Protein will help you to attain the toned look which you desire for.


Getting a lean and toned look requires to operate both on your diet and workout schedule.

With the combination of proper diet and workout you can attain that look, but it should also be kept in mind that there are no shortcuts and there is no point in diminution of fat  for a specific area.

Once you start acting on your diet and exercise then changes would be visible in your entire body. 

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