Step Counter Apps : Top 10 step counter apps of 2020

Walking is considered to be one of the best forms of cardio workouts. It requires less of the resources  yet delivers maximum benefits to your body.

Whether you want to reduce body fat or remain fit, walking can be a good means of exercise for you.

While walkingng, counting the steps or having an estimation of number of calories burnt is deemed necessary. These figures lend you an idea about the  progress you made and about the subsequent steps to follow.

 What can be the easiest way to count steps?

Step counter apps can be the manageable and the cheapest way to count step.

Most of these apps are freely available and easy to use. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 step counter apps of 2020.

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Fitbit is one of the decent step counter apps and comes with several  advanced features.

What makes this app special is the fitness community you can connect with. 

You can relate with others, and organize daily step challenges, get fitness motivation and swap different ideas.

Fitbit is a free app yet it also possesses premium features.

Premium features allows access to advance workout programs, workout training videos and various health metrics etc.

Download link –

Pacer – The Step Counter Apps

Pacer step counter app comes with unique features and is ranked  high by both iOS and android users.

This fitness app count steps along with community support and various other features. Pacer app provides you complete package of fitness in one single app.


This app is connected with GPS which allows you to monitor your location when you are outside.

Pacer app has features to create fitness or walking groups where you can add other members to share fitness ideas and organize daily walking challenges.

Download link –

MyFitnessPal – The Step Counter App

MyFitnessPal app offers you an amazing fitness interface. This app wields motion detecting sensors on your phone to count steps.

The incredible interface of this app allows you to check your step history via graph which helps you to monitor your walking progress over the period of time.

This app allows you to set or customize your daily step goals along with advance nutrition and workout plan.

MyFitnessPal is unique app which provides you many fitness services in one single app.

Download link –

MapMyWalk – The Step Counter App

MapMyWalk app use your phone’s GPS to track your location and to count your steps. The advance features of this app counts both the distance and steps you strolled.

Since this app uses GPS, it can track your path and location. The app enables you to save your route and share it with your friends. This feature is considered to be the favourite amongst many people.


MapMyWalk can be a great partner for fitness freaks who want to take their walking workout to the new heights. This app also track your pace and stride length. 

Download link –

Google Fit

Google Fit app is not just pedometer but it also provides many other fitness tips to improve tour fitness and workout plan.

This app tracks your steps and other activities then imprises the details about every activity you perform.

This app also provides you feedback and suggestion based on your activities to further improve your workout for optimal results.

Google Fit pedometer displays your speed, pace and route based on your step count. Moreover, it monitors all your daily activities including daily steps and assists you to set new fitness goals.

Download link – Google Fit


StepsApp is a unique app specifically designed to count steps. If you want an app which is easy to use and no complicated programs which takes time to grasp then, StepsApp is created for you.

This app is very easy to use  and built to counts steps with no complicated functions. You may simply install and start using StepsApp.

This app provides users their activity data to analyze with easy to read display. With just one finger swipe you can view the details of days when you are hitting your step targets.  You can also have a glimpse of  the days when you are not marking to your steps goal. 

Download link –


The ActivityTracker is one of the leading step counter app which you can use on your smart phone. This app utilizes your mobile motion sensors to track your daily activities and steps.

If you prefer an app which uses less phone battery than common GPS associated apps, then ActivityTracker can be very practical step counter app for you. 

This app offers you various features such as distance walked, stairs climbed and calories burnt etc. ActivityTracker app is available for free while it also has a  paid premium version.

Download link –


Sweatcoin is a free app and worthwhile to count steps plus it provides various other features too.

Sweatcoins app pays you “sweatcoins” which you can use for buying certain fitness accessories such as track suit, shoes or headphones etc.

You also have option to use your earned “sweatcoins” to upgrade your free app version to paid premium version.

Download link –

Step counter

The step counter is very easy to use step counting app and delivers you features like total count of daily steps, average step rate and total steps.

Step counter lets you log your physical details such as height and weight in it. There are options to set daily step goals which can work as constant reminder to reach your daily step target.

You can store your step history in your google drive as backup.

Download link – Step Counter

Step Tracker

Step Tracker very simple yet easy to use pedometer which you can use for your daily step counting.

Unique features of this app allow you to count total steps and mileage throughout the day.

Step Tracker app uses GPS map to indicate your progress. Entire interface of this app is devoted as training tool which entitles you to set distance target for your workout.

Step Tracker app contains several full page ads.

Download link – Step Tracker

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