Top 10 legs Workout that can be done at Home

Top 10 legs Workout that can be done at Home

It is common that most of us neglect legs workout  and do not focalize them as we do for other body parts. Fitness experts always recommend not to skip over the legs exercises, and it embodies the mantra of your overall fitness.

Your legs are the foundation of your body and definitely strong bases of body or else are always desired.  Leg Muscles  are counted in the category of  big muscles. This  means building leg muscles can increase your overall muscle mass.

Working on leg muscles can increase the production of hormones. Legs workouts helps produce more testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH).

Often due to a busy schedule or  other reasons you are unable to hit the gym.

So In this Crumb, we’ll discuss the top 10 legs workout which you can do at home. Those exercises will help you to tone and work up your leg muscles.  

Jump Squats

Jump squats are an incredibly useful exercise which you can perform at home to tone and build leg muscles.

It is a body weight exercise. Thus, no particular equipment is needed to perform the drills.

The jump squat is also simple to perform since it can be done without following any complicated body movements.

Although it is a casual exercise, however, it imparts maximal impact to your leg muscles.

How to do

Stand straight with legs open about the width of your hips apart. Stand on a stable surface as it will prevent any accidental slip while you leap. 

 Lower down your hips such that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Now explode off the floor and jump high as much you can.

Your knees should be about 45 degrees when you land on the floor. Descend in a squat position and jump again instantly.

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Forward Lunges

The forward lunge is a basic leg workout which can be  executed at home without any equipment.

Once you learn to balance your body while performing lunges then, using dumbbells while doing lunges gets comfier.

  Doing lunges in a correct way shall  stress your glutes, hamstring and quad muscles.  

How to do

 Stand upright with your legs open about your hips width part.

Now take a big stride forward with your right leg. Lower your body so that right thigh becomes parallel to the floor and right shin is vertical.

It is satisfactory  to push knee slightly forth but make sure knee does not pass your right toe.

 Use your right foot to retreat and repeat same procedure for other leg.

Bulgarian Split Squat Legs Workout

Bulgarian split squat delivers immense tension to your leg muscles.

These workouts follow a pattern corresponding to lunges. Although, the only variation is that one leg is elevated while performing this workout.

Since a leg is lifted, this exercise assesses your balance as well as  allows a lot of impact on its muscles.

How to do

 Find step bench or chair, or sofa of  height  somewhere about your knee-length.

Get yourself in forward lunge position. Place your left foot elevated on the bench.

The Right leg should be nearly half a meter away from the bench. Now slowly lower your body until the right thigh becomes parallel to the floor. Don’t let your right knee pass over your toe.

Now slowly come back to starting position and repeat similar procedure for left leg.

Pistol Squat

A Pistol squat workout assures you a lot of stress and tension in your leg muscles. Because it is considered to be one of the intense leg workout.

It not only improves your leg strength  but also tests your  balance, coordination and mobility.

Single leg workout is also important if you are an athlete, sprinter, physical trainer. Pistol squat can benefit you in every way.

How to do  

Start with standing  on one foot, while keep the other leg slightly above ground. Place your feet on a firm surface to avoid any injury.

Now slowly squat  down, engage your core and hip muscles while doing so.

Keep your torso slightly bent forth, ensure that your second leg is straight and not touching the floor.

Now come gently come back to initial position, repeat the process for the other leg.

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Bodyweight Squat Legs Workout

The squat is conceived as one of the best leg workouts.  Since, it engages glutes, quads and hamstring muscles all at the same time.

You might observe many guys performing squat at gym, nonetheless, you can also perform body weight squat at home.

There are no equipments required to perform this workout furthermore, it is easy to do exercise.

How to do

 Begin with standing straight. Keep your feet slightly open about hip width apart.

Brace muscles of your core, engage your hip and core muscles.  

 Now slowly lower your body into squat position. Decline your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor and shin is vertical.

Tardily push your body upwards in the start position. You can perform the desired number of repetitions.

Side lunges

Side lunge is excellent exercise to improve your lower body strength.

In traditional lunges your body moves forward and backward.  However,  in this variation of lunges  your body moves sideways.

Side lunges improve your balance and targets inner thigh muscles while engaging glutes, quads and hamstring muscles.

How to do 

 Start by standing straight with legs kept shoulder width apart from each other. 

Now take a step to your right side, shift your body weight on the right leg. Bend the knee so that it makes a 90-degree angle. Keep the left leg straight.

After reaching 90-degree angle pause there for a few seconds. Retreat  to starting position by moving  your leg muscles. Repeat same procedure for left leg.

Pile squat Legs Workout

Pile squat is a variant of traditional squat, but it increases the range of motion of your hips.

It is considered to be an excellent exercise aimed  to increase strength of your lower body.

Performing pile squat target inner muscles of your thighs along with hamstrings and glutes.

How to do

 Start with standing straight while your legs are slightly wider than your shoulder width apart. Keep your toes outward at about 45 degrees position.

 Bend your knees and lower your torso. Keep your back straight and abs tight.

Hold the pose for a few instants and slowly come back up to the starting position. You can perform the desired number of turns.

Calf raise

Calf muscles workout stands as the most neglected physical drill invariably by most of us.

Doing calf muscles workout can improve strength of your lower legs and ankles.

Performing calf raise can improve your stability, strong calf muscles and ankles.

How to do

Place both feet on a flat surface. Your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

Raise your heels above the floor using balls and toes of your feet. Raise your heels about 5-10 cm above ground.

Slowly lower your heels and return to starting position. You can perform any number of repetitions.

Step up

Step up exercise is easy to perform which you can do at home without any equipment.

Also, you do have the option to use weight such as dumbbells to perform this exercise.

You can do this workout using stairs, step bench or anything which is approx 1 foot high.

How to do

Stand in front of step or stairs with your legs open slightly more than your shoulders width apart.

Tread onto the step with one leg. Now slowly pull yourself up on step using one leg in a controlled manner.

 Pause there for a moment and revert down. Repeat same for second leg.

Glute bridge

Glute bridge workout is simple-to- do a workout at home. This workout will improve your glute and hamstring strength.

If done  with correct directions glute bridge can strengthen your core and abdominal muscles.

Glute bridge is an easy to perform workout which can be incorporated  to your workout regime.

How to do

Lie down on a flat surface while keeping your arms beside your body.

Bend your knees, whereas your feet should be touching the floor.

Tighten your hip and abdominal muscles.  Slowly push your hips and torso above the surface. Engage your hamstring and glutes muscles while lifting. 

Raise your hips until your shoulders and knees come in straight line. Hold  the pose for 20-30 seconds and then retard to normal state. 

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