Top 10 Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

Top 10 Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

Yoga is an ancient discipline adduced in Hindu tradition. It fundamentally aims at rooting out mental and physical health problems.

You might have ever caught sight of Yogis performing Hastha Mudras or Hand Gestures. These gestures simply represent the flow of energy/ prana in the body. 

A wide range of Yoga mudras mentioned in Hinduism because they are deemed effective to relieve various ailments. There are many Yoga mudras laid out for weight loss too. 

These are admittedly good to shed excess fat and eliminate toxins and stressors.

Classical dance employs various Hastha mudras which symbolize thoughts and emotions. Likewise, yoga mudras link with physical, mental, and emotional disruptions. 

 These yogic exercises adhere to the basic principle of Ayurveda.

It considers that the human body is composed of 5 basic elements. These natural elements are water, earth, space, air, and fire. 

Any imbalance among these components can cause bodily problems. While Yoga mudras attempt to restore the balance between these elements. 

Best yoga mudras for weight loss

Surya mudra

Also known as Agni mudra, this exercise represents the fire element.

This factor accounts for increasing temperament in the body. Ayurveda believes that digestion issues are one of the obstacles to weight loss. 

The fire component assists to improve the digestive system and metabolism. This further allows the person to reduce adipose tissues in the body.

Surya Mudra for weight loss - Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

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How to perform

The Surya mudra is a simple exercise that involves the ring finger and thumb. Sit in a relaxed position and keep your back erect.

 Bend your ring finger towards your palm and connect its tip with your thumb.

 You can perform this mudra for about 30-45 minutes a day.

This yogic pose benefits most if you implement it in the morning, especially during sunrise.

Linga mudra

The linga mudra is also called Lord Shiva’s mudra and represents the power of Shiva.

It is a fantastic posture to introduce positivity and remove negativity. The linga mudra fastens your metabolism essential to reduce body fat.

How to perform

Sit in a lotus position and allow your body to relax.

 If possible, keep your eyes close, so you can be able to pacify your mind.

 Interlock the fingers of both your hands. Keep the thumb of the right hand erect.

Now exert mild pressure on the palm so to release heat.

Yoga experts recommend performing this mudra for about 20-30 minutes a day.

Prana mudra

Prana signifies life. This mudra essentially highlights and works on the flow of life energy. It stimulates the prana or life force. This energy flow helps to do daily tasks and workouts. 

The more energy you hold in your body, the more is your potential to engage in physical activities. So,  it ultimately assists in diminishing extra fat. 

The prana mudra is beneficial to stimulate the root chakra, considered to be a source of energy.

Prana Mudra for weight loss

How to perform

 Sit in a calm place with a relaxed mind.

 Sit in cross legs or lotus position. It will help to concentrate your mind on meditation.

Engage your ring and a little finger. Bring them close to the thumb, so they can touch it.

 Keep the other two fingers straight. Repeat the same process with another hand as well.

 Perform this mudra for 20-25 minutes to achieve desired results.

Gyan mudra

Gyan mudra is also kenned as a gesture of knowledge. It is remarkably beneficial to cure several health problems and to reduce weight.

This exercise is even more helpful if done with breathing exercises such as pranayama.

You can soothe your mind and remove stressors by practising Gyan mudra.

Gyan Mudra for weight loss - Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

How to perform

 Sit comfortably in a lotus pose.

 Keep your eyes closed for better mental concentration.

 Place both hands on your knees. Curl your index finger inside towards the thumb, so that its tip touches your thumb. 

 Perform this mudra for about 25-30 minutes a day.

Vaayan mudra

Vaayan mudra is linked with the air element of the human body. Air and space components hold key significance in several physiological processes. 

This yogic exercise can help to balance this component properly in the body.

A stable air factor permits you to gain better consciousness and conquer excess fat.

Vaayan Mudra for Weight Loss - Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

How to perform

Sit peacefully in a calm and empty place.

 Keep your back straight and eyes shut for better concentration.

 Fold your index and middle finger inward to touch the tip of your thumb. Keep the other two fingers straight.

 Hold this gesture for 15-20 minutes to get health benefits.

Kapha-nashak mudra

Pitta and Kapha are two temperaments that represent fire and earth elements.

While the former is linked with the fire element and improves metabolism.

Kapha is connected with the earth element. Any imbalance in it may lead to excessive weight gain. 

Thus, Kapha-nashak mudra specifically targets to stabilize these aforementioned components in the body. 

Because such factors considerably impact weight loss.

Kapha-nashak Mudra for weight Loss - Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

How to perform

Sit in a comfortable position while keeping your back straight.

Fold your ring and little finger inward, so they can touch your thumb.

 Exert pressure with these digits on tip of the thumb.

 You can practice these mudras for 30-45 minutes with 15 minutes each round.

Rudra mudra

Rudra mudra is conceived to be a compelling posture. It is particularly effective to energize the body.

Inactivity and sedentary living are the top reasons causing weight gain. This may develop chronic ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, and whatnot.

This yoga mudra represents lord Shiva’s vigorous power. It activates the body energy, curbs laziness and enables you to work out harder.

Rudra Mudra for Weight Loss - Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

How to perform

Sit in a lotus position while keeping your back straight.

 Place your hands on your knees.

 Fold your index and ring your finger towards your thumb. Their tips should touch your thumb.

Exert slight pressure by fingers on it.

 Practice this mudra for 30-40 minutes daily.

Varun mudra

Varun mudra is associated with lord Varun, also known as a god of water in Hinduism.

This posture deals with the water element in our body. Disruption of its balance in the body can cause dehydration. This further may negatively affect the metabolism and other vital processes. 

This yoga mudra specifically targets to create a balance in the water component. 

Varun Mudra for weight Loss

How to perform

 Sit comfortably in sukhasana or lotus asan.

 Fold your little finger inward and place the thumb on your little finger.

 Keep the other three fingers erect while doing this gesture.

 Perform it for at least 30-45 minutes per day.

Pushan mudra

Poor digestion is a familiar ground of different health problems and weight gain. Performing Pushan mudra can amend your digestive system and metabolism.

It rectifies the digestion glitches efficiently. Thus, the body becomes more potent in absorbing more nutrients. It also enables to burn more adipose easily. 

Pushan Mudra for weight loss

How to perform

 Sit comfortably in a lotus position.

 Fold the index and middle finger of the right hand inwards, so they can touch the tip of your thumb.

 Or you can curl the middle and ring finger to touch the tip of your thumb. 

 Place both hands on your knees and do this mudra for 10-15 minutes daily.

Apana mudra

Detoxification is critical for the body. Accumulation of toxins and wastes can cause various diseases and obesity.

Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate them.

Apana mudra is advantageous because it detoxifies the body, and can help you to reduce body weight.

Apana Mudra for weight loss - Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

How to perform

Sit comfortably in a lotus position. Free your mind from unnecessary thoughts. 

Fold ring and middle finger inwards to touch the tip of your thumb.

Place both your hands on the thighs while doing this mudra.

Perform this yogic exercise daily for at least 15-20 minutes.

Bottom Line

Yoga mudras are fantastic to demote excessive weight and rid many related diseases.

 These postures deliver even better outcomes if you perform them along with a calorie-restricted diet.

This combination assures you to render excellent results and take your fitness regime to the next level. 

All it needs is patience, perseverance, and hard work so to adore a slim physique.

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