Top 5 Biceps Workouts for Bigger and Strong Muscles

Top 5 Biceps Workouts for Bigger and Strong Muscles

Nowadays, everybody covets  charming biceps. In this Crumb, we’ll discuss 5 Biceps Workouts for Bigger and Strong Muscles…

Tired of seeing loose sleeve of your t-shirt and want to have bigger biceps?

In fact, every dude loves to have bigger biceps.

Huge biceps  with pumping veins upon it is the desire of every man. Bigger biceps  symbolise  manhood and heroic personality.

Big and strong biceps muscles not only increase your personality but also make your arms stronger and increase your overall fitness.

Is it complicated to develop your bicep muscles?

Well, it is bit difficult but certainly not impossible. Combination of protein-rich diet along with effective biceps exercises can help you to reach the target.

In this article, we will be sharing top 5 biceps exercises which will help your biceps muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

Concentration Curls

Concentration curls is old school technique and one of the most effective workouts.

It is an isolation exercise which means while doing this workout only  bicep muscles are engaged. This  delivers  maximum tension to your bicep muscles.

The best thing about this workout is you don’t need  additional equipments to perform this exercise.

You only need dumbbell to perform this bicep workout. You can even do this workout at home if you have a dumbbell.

Concentration curl exercise is one of the most helpful bicep exercises. At the same time accomplishing exercise in the correct way is also important.

Below we will share the instructions how to perform concentration curls accurately.


Sit on chair or flat bench with dumbbell in your right hand. Spread your knees wide.

Slightly bend forward, place your right elbow against the inner side of your right knee. Your right arm should be hanging down and your palm should be facing left leg.

Now keep your upper body stable and  your elbow firm against your knee. Slowly curl the dumbbell up and pause for a second then lower the arm. 

Repeat the same procedure for left arm. However, it is recommended to begin with light weight to prevent any injury.

Standing inner biceps curls

Standing inner biceps curls is one the easy to perform bicep exercise yet provides maximum benefit to your bicep muscles.

It is an isolation workout which put maximum pressure on your bicep muscles.

Equipment required for this workout is only dumbbell.  You can perform this workout anywhere,  both at home and gym. 

This workout targets inner bicep muscles and   develops to make them attractive and strong. 


Stand straight with a dumbbell in  both hands, keep your elbows close to your torso.

Your legs should remain at shoulder’s width from each other.

Your palms should be facing slightly outwards.

Slowly curl the dumbbells up while keeping your upper arms stationary.

Only your forearms should be used to lift the dumbbells up.

Once you lift both dumbbells, staythere for a second so your bicep muscles recieve maximum tension.

Now slowly curl down the dumbbells in starting position.

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Barbell Curls

Barbell curls workout is one the promising the workouts to add mass and bulk to your bicep muscles.

Practically it is quite easy to perform exercise simulataneously  effective workout for biceps muscles.

Barbell curls is considered to be one of the safest exercise because moments of muscles and body are  limited so chances of  injury are minor.


Stand straight while holding barbell in your arms. Hold the barbell with arms  slightly wider than your shoulder width.

Keep your chest up and your core braced tight.

Now curl the barbell up slowly. Rest  there for 1-2 seconds so your bicep muscles  obtain utmost tension. Now curl back  slowly  to  the initial position.

The most important point to keep in mind is to keep your torso stationary while performing this workout.

Do not jerk or use your torso while lifting the weight up.  Only your forearms should move while lifting the barbell up.

Preacher curls

Bigger biceps is the guarantee of preacher curls. If you have ever  performed this exercise then you might be familiar with the amount of tension your bicep muscles got with preacher curls.

Although preacher curls is one of the most effective exercise for growth but bicep muscles at the same time performing this workout in  correctly is also crucial.

This workout is usually performed on preacher curls bench so you should begin with light dumbbells or weight.

Light weight will ensure the accurate and controlled moments. While heavy weight may result in possible injury so  avoid heavy weight in beginning.


Sit on a preacher curl bench while holding E-Z bar in your hands. Hold E-Z bar with close or inner grip.

You can always use the wide or outer grip of E-Z bar to perform preacher curls.

Position your upper arms and chest against the pad of preacher curl bench.

Now slowly lift E-Z bar up towards your shoulders until your biceps are fully contracted. Hold the position for few seconds.

Now gently lower the bar until your arms are fully extended.

Repeat the recommended amount of repetitions. You can also perform this workout using a dumbbell.

Cable Bicep Curls

The cable bicep curl is a helpful exercise to target peak muscle of your bicep and also it is  easy to perform.

It is an isolation exercise and can be performed in a controlled manner.

One end of cable is connected to a  machine so  there are no free weights which makes it ideal workout for beginners.

Chances of injury are  rare because this exercise has controlled body movements and no free weights.  


Stand comfortably with your feet firmly placed on the floor.  Keep your back straight and brace your abdominal muscles.

Hold the curl cable bar in your hands. Slowly curl the cable towards your chest and pause there for a few moments.

Now slowly curve the cable downwards to initial  posture until your arms are fully extended.

Avoid shaking your torso while moving cable, only your forearm should move to pull the cable up and down.

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