5 Food Items Women Should Definitely Include in their Diet

5 Food Items Women Should Definitely Include in their Diet

You might have heard that the path to fitness goes through the kitchen, well, this is an ultimate truth.  In this crumb, we’ll discuss 5 Food Items Women Should Definitely Include in their Diet….

Our fitness depends on the quality of the food which we eat. If we eat take nutritious food then, our body remains fit for long.

On the contrary, if we consume poor quality food then, its adverse effects can be easily observed in the body.

Women must include some superfoods in their diet which can help them maintain their health and fitness  for a longer period.

Women’s bodies require foods rich in calcium, iron, protein and antioxidants. They should add superfoods which can combat various types of cancers such as breast cancer. 

We are sharing a list of 5 superfoods which women must include in their diet. 

Include Turmeric in Women Diet

Turmeric is an ayurvedic herb, and has numerous health benefits. It is normally used in every Indian kitchen.

Turmeric powder is also used in food.

Also, it is widely preferred as a home remedy to cure various disorders due to  its medicinal properties.

Turmeric powder is immensely health-friendly. It is loaded with  antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and can fight cancer.

Women must include turmeric in their diet to procure its benefits.   

Uses of Turmeric

Turmeric curry – Turmeric powder can be used in cooking traditional Indian curries.  It can enhance the taste of curries.

Also, it can increase the nutrition and health profile of the dish.

Golden milk – Golden turmeric milk is a delicious and healthy drink and also is  easy to prepare.

Take 2 cups of milk in a pan, add a spoon of turmeric powder along with ginger, heat this mixture for 2-4 minutes.

You can take this yummy turmeric milk at night before bedtime.  It will deliver merits of turmeric will promote good sleep.

Turmeric tea –  Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in 200 ml of boiling water, then, a teaspoon of natural honey and a spoonful of lemon juice.

Boil this mixture for about 2-4 minutes, and turmeric tea is ready.  You can consume it in the morning for a healthy start of your day.

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric has ample antioxidants and turmeric which  can nourish your body deeply. 

Antioxidants are essential for overall health, and turmeric is also beneficial for cardiac health.

Antioxidants play a crucial role in keeping skin and hair healthy.

The liver is one of the largest and important organs of the human body.

It plays a vital role in digestion and other activities to keep body fit.

Turmeric can cure various liver disorders and helps to detoxify it as well.

Turmeric contains curcumin and has anti-cancer properties. Consuming turmeric can combat growth cancer.

Include Almonds in Women Diet

Almonds are the world’s one of the most popular nuts, packed with many nutrients.

It comprises healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals etc.

Almonds are commonly available throughout the world. They are healthful food option for diabetes and weight management.

Women should include almonds in their diet because it can help women to reduce fat. Antioxidants in almonds can help to keep their skin healthy.

Uses  of Almonds   

Almond rich oats – You can consume almonds with oats, both almonds and oats nutritious foods.

You can prepare healthy almonds and oats recipe within minutes. For this, take 50-60 gms of rolled oats in the pan,  add 200 ml of  water in a pan and cook oats for 1-2 minutes.

Now add 8-10 crushed almonds in oats along with 2-3 teaspoons of natural honey.

You can eat this healthy almond dish any time, and it is good for women in weight management.

Almond milk smoothie –  You can consume almonds milk smoothie, and it can be an excellent diet for women as an energy booster.

You can prepare delicious Almond milk smoothie within a few minutes.

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Take 200 ml milk in a blender, add 10-12 crushed almonds in milk along with 1-2 teaspoons of a honey.  Blend for 1-2 minutes and your almond milk smoothie is ready.

Garnish the recipe with 2-3 chopped strawberries, and it’s ready to drink.

Women can consume this healthy smoothie after gym or workout.  It enables  the body to recover from training fatigue and supplies the body with essential nutrients.

Benefits  of Almonds    

Almonds are rich in vitamin E, and helps women to keep skin and hair healthy.

Consumption of almonds can supply vitamin E to your body. Thus,  women must add almonds in the diet.

Almonds can be beneficial for women to reduce body fat as they hold unsaturated fat. They can cater your body with protein, vitamin and minerals in strict calories diet.

Consumption of almonds also curbs food cravings which is beneficial for fat loss.

Almonds can be worthy for women during pregnancy. These nuts are rich in folic acid, which is essential for the growth of cells and tissues in unborn babies.

Folic acid reduces chances for birth defects in babies.

Almonds are rich in protein and antioxidants. Hence, they can help in growth of teenage girls.

The antioxidants in almonds can elevate cardiac health in women.


Beets or beetroots is a vegetable and pack with umteen nutrients.

Eating beets has so much health benefits for women.

Beet’s deep red maroon color makes it look a bit scary but don’t judge it merely by  its appearance.

Beet contains a lot of health-friendly nutrients.

Studies have shown consumption of beets or beet juice can prevent cancer in women

It also aids in lowering high blood pressure.

Uses of Beets 

Beetroots salad – One of the best ways to consume beets is to consume it raw in salad form.

You can make beetroot salad within minutes…

Chop one medium-size cucumber, one onion, one medium-size tomato, and one large size beetroot.

Now mix all vegetables in a bowl and sprinkle salad spice (chat masala) on it. Your healthy beetroot salad is ready to eat.

Beetroot chutney (sauce)

Beetroot sauce can be prepared with very basic ingredients and can be consumed with idli, chapatis, or rice.

Add 4 teaspoons of tamarind pulp, 1 teaspoon of jeera powder and 2 teaspoons of garlic paste in frying pan along with 100 ml of water.

Heat the mixture for 4-5 minutes at low flame. Now add 1 cup of beetroot juice into the mixture, sauté the mixture for 3-4 minutes and  now turn off the flame.

Your healthy beetroot chutney is ready to consume.

Benefits of Beets

Beets are rich in antioxidants and their consumption  in  regular diet can supply numerous antioxidants to your body.

Antioxidants help women to fight against cancer and can prevent risk of breast cancer.

Women who have the problem of high blood pressure can consume beets, it can help to lower the blood pressure levels.

Beetroot has anti-inflammatory properties.

Women should consume beetroots with meals, it can reduce inflammation. It can help the body to recuperate from workout or injury.


Yoghurt is packed with nutrients and its regular intake also keeps diseases at bay.

Women must include yoghurt in their diet since, it contains several nutrients which can be beneficial for women’s body.

Woman’s body needs a lot of calcium and lean protein to stay fit and healthy.

Yoghurt is rich in calcium, protein, potassium and phosphorus.

Studies have proven women who consume yoghurt regularly stay fit for a longer time.  

Uses of Yoghurt

Yoghurt with meals – Yoghurt is packed with many nutrients. Consuming yoghurt with meals can boost the nutrition value of your meals.

It is also good for digestion when consumed with meals.  It can meliorate digestion and reduces stomach inflammation.  

Yoghurt dessert – Yoghurt dessert is one of the best ways to consume yoghurt. You can add many fruits in dessert and further increase its nutritional value. 

You can add chopped bananas, strawberries, blueberries and any other fruits of your choice to make the recipe.

Furthermore, you can consume yoghurt dessert after a workout or even replace your regular meal  with highly nutritional yoghurt dessert.

Benefits of Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a good source of protein or more precisely it is a complete source of protein.

This means yoghurt contains all amino acids which a complete source of protein have.

Women can consume yoghurt after a workout it for recovery and can be a good diet for weight management, yoghurt also helps to reduce craving.  

Over the period of time women’s body lose calcium which can weaken the bones and teeth.

Yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium and regular consumption can reduce the risk of calcium deficiency.

Yoghurt contains probiotics and probiotics are very useful for a healthy digestive system. Probiotics are healthy bacteria which can reduce acidity, diarrhea and bloat.   


Eggs are great  source of protein and eggs are considered as true supper food.

Egg white contains a lot of protein and the yellow portion of eggs contains many vitamins, minerals and iron.

Women must add this superfood into their diet plan because the amino acids inside eggs can help  in proper weight management and  in building a lean physique.

Uses of Eggs

Boiled eggs – A boiled form of eggs is the most common form of taking eggs, and is easy to prepare.

All you have to do is to boil eggs for 5-6 minutes, and they are ready to eat. You can sprinkle black pepper powder or salt on boiled eggs as per taste before eating.

Eggs omelettes –  It is another common form for eating eggs and preparing it takes little time.

The egg omelette is regarded as one of the nicest breakfasts globally.

Egg omelet can be consumed with brown bread, traditional Indian chapatis or brown rice.   

Benefits of Eggs

Eggs are the perfect superfood for women as they are really great weight management and fat loss.

Women who want to burfat should include eggs in their diet, eggs contain all 9 essential amino acids which our body cannot produce by itself.

Eggs can be very beneficial for women who have weak eyesight because eggs are rich in Vitamin A. Consuming eggs on a daily basis can improve eyesight.


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