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Difference Between Seasonal Allergy and COVID-19

It is not easy to tell the difference between a seasonal allergy and Covid-19: we are going through tough times. And these hard times have made us all paranoid of every sneeze or sniffle. 

You cannot stop thinking about the possible danger of corona amidst your minor sneezes and cough. And you cannot be blamed because what can be flu or cold has the same symptoms as that of covid-19. 

The change in season only makes us more scared of the possibility of the coronavirus infecting us.

And with the daily discovery of new symptoms, the coronavirus has come to have almost all the symptoms of a common cold or seasonal allergy.

Are All Allergies Signs of Covid-19?

Though seasonal allergies tend to give runny nose and irritation in the eyes, it is yet not an indicator of Covid-19.

So, if you want to distinguish between the two, you can do so by this common criterion. 

Is it possible to have both seasonal allergy and Covid-19

When the season changes, it comes with different types of flowers and weather. Some people are intolerant to extreme weather or are allergic to certain pollens. 

This is why some people often fall sick with the change in weather. This can be called allergic rhinitis, hay fever, or seasonal allergy.

This allergy can have symptoms such as sneezes, stuffy nose, cough, or fatigue in certain cases. And unfortunately, the Covid-19 is an imitation of these symptoms.

Therefore, it often leads to confusion whether your cold or sickness has to do with the seasonal allergy or coronavirus.

Though, the most appropriate way of finding out the reason for your discomfort is to see your doctor or get yourself tested for the possibility of COVID-19.

Yet, we can try to distinguish the potential difference between the symptoms of the two diseases. 

(This article only differentiates between the symptoms of seasonal allergy and Covid-19. It is not guidance. If you develop any symptoms, please refer to your doctor.)

Let us see how these two diseases are different from each other.

Difference Between Seasonal Allergy and Covid-19

Seasonal allergy

The cause of Allergic rhinitis is pollen allergy. This seasonal allergy is common during spring when the flowers bloom.

Seasonal allergy and Covid-19

Therefore, the common symptoms of allergic rhinitis are related to the type of allergy you are having. It mostly affects the nasal area.

This leads to frequent sneezes, irritation in the eyes and nose, watery eyes.

Allergies do not lead to any lung problems or breathing difficulties. Not unless you have asthma or severe allergy.


Covid-19 is a virus that spreads throughout the body and slows down the immune system. It mostly affects the lungs and immunity. 


Common symptoms of coronavirus are cough, runny nose, breathing problem, headache, sort breath, tiredness, and fever. 

However, because of the mutants, we are discovering new symptoms of Covid-19 frequently. 

Therefore, even if irritation is not a symptom of Covid-19, no one can be sure that it won’t be a symptom in the future. 

Since allergic rhinitis and Covid-19 symptoms have so much in common, you can try to distinguish between your previous symptoms and the new ones.

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Cold Sores: What Are The Natural Remedies?

Let us break down this process. If you are allergic to something, then you must have suffered from it before, and now you know that certain pollen is not suitable for you. 

Therefore, you know the symptoms you get when your allergy is triggered.

Now, since we are under the possible danger of corona, if you doubt that you have the Covid-19 virus, you can try to distinguish your previous symptoms and the present one. 

If there is any difference, and you notice new symptoms, you should immediately talk to your doctor.

But if you have the same old, common symptoms, you might want to relax and not worry. But be cautious and keep in touch with your doctor. 

Is it possible to have both seasonal allergy and Covid-19?

An important question is that whether you can have hay fever and corona at the same time. 

The chances are not very low.


It is possible that you are suffering from hay fever and corona at the same time. If you feel that you are having irritation, runny nose, fatigue, and fever, this might be a sign of a serious situation.

At such time, you should, first of all, get yourself tested for corona. Then you should go to your doctor for further medication.

The new coronavirus does not have any symptoms like sneezing. Therefore, it will be easy for you to differentiate between the two diseases.

Covid-19 and flu and cold

Other than allergy, Covid-19 symptoms might also be confused with that of influenza or cold.

In fact, there is so much similarity between influenza and Covid-19 that it is often not possible to tell the difference without conducting a test.

 flu and cold

Both influenza and coronavirus cause discomfort to the respiratory system. They cause coughing, tiredness, fever, and runny nose. 

On the other hand, the common cold has symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, or cough.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between these diseases. 

So, what must you do?

The best thing to do during these tough times is to restrain from going out and follow the rules.

  • Keep yourself covered when you go out.
  • Always wash your hands after coming back home or eating something.
  • Maintain a safe distance in the public.
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • Distance yourself from family members if you develop any type of symptoms.
  • Talk to your doctor immediately after developing any symptoms.
  • If the discomfort continues, or you have a fever, test yourself for Covid-19.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact and public gatherings.

These guidelines are helpful for allergy, coronavirus, cold, and flu.

The bottom line

Symptoms of seasonal allergy, flu, and Covid-19 can be similar. This way, you might get confused about the disease you may be suffering from.

Therefore, it is only wise to wear a mask, maintain distance and stay in your house.

This way, you are saving yourself from corona and the seasonal allergy or flu.

Talk to your doctor if you develop prolonged discomfort or fever or fatigue. 

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