Self-care during the ovulation phase

Self-care during the ovulation phase

You might have stumbled on the concept of menstrual cycle as a process of 28- days involving many phases, of which only the last week of flow is tangible to us.

You care and pamper yourself a lot during your menses with hot water bags, dark chocolates, sleeping and also bawling out your eyes due to painful cramps and headaches.

However, the female body requires this concern at every stage of menstrual cycle that extends to almost a complete month.

The other phases of this female reproductive cycle are as follows

 Follicular phase

This segment of the menstrual cycle involves maturation of one of the many follicles into egg/ ovum.

 Follicular phase

It starts from the day one of your previous period flow and remains till the start of next period, i.e., ovulation phase.

Ovulation phase

Ovulation stage entails release of the mature follicle from the ovary.

Ovulation phase

It begins during mid-cycle, i.e., 14 or 15 days before your next menses.

The follicle released starts advancing towards the uterus.

Luteal phase

In this phase, the mature follicle ruptures to discharge the egg/ ovum it contains, which further stays on the surface of the ovary and transforms into corpus luteum.

Luteal phase

Till the day 22 – 23 it waits for getting fertilized, but if it does not, the corpus luteum degenerates, triggering the last phase of the cycle.

Menstrual phase

Menstrual phase involves shedding of thick endometrial lining of the uterus and mucus.

Menstrual phase

It flows out, and the period lasts for around 3-7 days.

In this article, we shall be talking over some tips to coddle yourself during ovulation phase.

Incredible tips for self-care during ovulation phase

Ovulation phase in the complete female reproductive cycle involves rising and falling action of several hormones.

Such as, estrogen levels surge, which further triggers hypothalamus to release gonadotrophin releasing hormone.

Now, this hormone activates the secretion of luteinizing hormones (LH) and FSH.

It is likely that any imbalance of this natural process can disrupt or affect the normal menstrual cycle and the flow.

Hence, it is crucial to understand the importance of self-care to keep yourself well, during ovulation stage.

Some measures to encourage self-care during ovulation phase

 Eat protein and fibre rich diet

Estrogen levels get to their peak during this phase, which means more energy and vigour.

You will find yourself seeking more adventure and intense activities.

So, better thrive on high protein and fiber rich foods to keep yourself healthy and well-built.

 Eat protein and fibre rich diet

These nutrients will adjust and deal with cramps to lower their effect and combat hormonal imbalance as well, which is likely to occur during this period.

It will also help you to derive productivity out of your energy rather than grappling with the severe symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome.

You can endorse consumption of kale, broccoli, onions, garlic, and radishes to enable the liver to process the risen estrogen levels.

Socialize with friends

This is the time when you are on high-moods, feeling to take risks and with tremendous energy.

You feel confident and positive, and this makes it the best time to hang out with your friends, relish the camp fire, or shout to the guitar, and there is a lot to explore in the world.

Socialize with friends

Socializing with your friends or spending quality time with your closed ones also ensures the optimum release of happy hormones such as serotonin, while lowers the stress triggers like cortisol.

The pre menstrual syndrome symptoms do not usually appear at this stage, so you are likely to enjoy stable moods.

And that is not less than a bliss.

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Exercise and meditation

As iterated before, you have got a reservoir of estrogen, which is at its high in this phase.

This is the reason you feel comparably active and optimistic.

Practising and channelling your energy into useful manoeuvres can not only improve your health, but also placate your mind,

Embrace the energy of this phase and do some sports, exercising or meditation quietly.

Exercise and meditation

Include intense training and strength exercises, and other external care stuffs.

You can do Pilates, endured running, and other such high strength and resistance trainings.

Thanks to the surge of testosterone in the body during the phase.

Adventure activities

You were planning to go for a trek, bungee jump, or some other adventurous ride with life but feeling unexpectedly low.

Try another time but before your ovulation period that starts around 14-15 day of your menstrual cycle.

This phase involves increased production of estrogen and testosterone in the female body, which is further linked with higher energy and confidence.

Adventure activities

Further, these hormones make one feel good, conscious and inspires you to live your life in the best way.

So, go for your interests, whatever you had on your bucket list, just check one adventure at least and groove your life with this energy.

Practice your hobbies

Hobbies are your very personal activities and choices you love doing.

It can be writing, singing, camping, journaling, playing, cycling and the list is endless.

You may agree with me that often stress and lack of energy can even make your favourite activity seem boredom to you, completely gross. Doesn’t it?

Practice your hobbies

But peaking estrogen and testosterone not only boost your energy and confidence but also make you want to do something good and what you like.

Further, the moods are relatively stable, and you shall not leave the project you started in excitement to get doomed with your bad mood.

This is quite usual in mood swings.

Moreover, researches suggest that hobbies inculcate new skills in people and relieve their stress, increase their creativity with the purpose.

Bottom line

Ovulation phase just like your menses care involves a lot of healthy steps to mind.

This is because, it involves many hormonal upheavals, which can go haywire sometimes with bad lifestyle and may further affect your menstrual cycle.

Eat right, fibre rich foods and proteinaceous diet to keep your energy and libido up.

As you get energy packed during this stage, so make most of it.

Spend time with your friends, do some adventurous rides, eat right and sleep tight.

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