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10 Signs that your body has too much estrogen

Whenever your body is acting up and giving you queer symptoms, it is time that you lug yourself to some doctor.

Why? Because this is prudent here, fella!

Women owing to their high vulnerability to hormonal glitches can suffer several conditions which land them up in health chaos.

And one such hormone that can cause turbulence is estrogen, which is responsible for regulating menstrual cycle.

According to the requirements, these biochemical surges and declines while coordinating processes like ovulation, and period flow.

Every lady has got different concentration of estrogen in them, but the point so far is to keep it under balance.

Although, it can upwell spontaneously in the body, but overly high concentration is a grave issue.

There are many reasons that can trigger disparity in this hormone, which we shall discuss here in detail.

Causes of too high estrogen levels

Following are some usual and major roots of this excessive female hormone in both men and women (as it can occur in men too).

  • Certain medications
  • Low progesterone causes estrogen dominance
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Consuming stuff with estrogen-like substances in them

10 major signs suggesting high estrogen in your body

With the causes of this problem served to our knowledge, let us comprehend the symptoms.

After all, when you get down to it, you have to notice the indications of your body about the disorder.

This article specifically bats around the primary signs you get as a result of estrogen upheaval in your body.

This is crucial to know and realize because it can lead to infertility, erectile dysfunction in men, depression, and other health issues.

 1. Abnormally heavy periods

High estrogen levels can be a reason behind your hefty blood pour during your period.

This unusual phenomenon is not only frustrating to manage, but also disturbs your health.

Abnormally heavy periods

This happens due to estrogen’s participation in thickening the lining of the uterus.

This means if you have higher estrogen, the endometrium coating would be proportionally thicker and hence heavier would be your menstrual flow.

2. Sore or swollen breasts

Although inflammation in breasts is normal during menstruation but if you notice it invariably in the past few days, then it can be a sign of excessive estrogen.

Sore or swollen breasts

Swollen or tender breasts is a potential sign of this issue.

It happens because women’s breasts are prone to various hormonal activities in the body and hence, they too bear the brunt of it.

3. Fibrocystic lumps in breasts

This develops with fluid-filled round cysts and fibrous tissue rendering the breasts feel lumpy, or tender.

Although, this happens near all periods women get, but if you are noticing it regularly, then it is a concern.

Fibrocystic lumps in breasts

This can largely contribute to the pain and soreness in your breasts and may be a sign of high estrogen.

See a qualified gynaecologist urgently.

4. Extreme weight gain

Higher estrogen levels can make you beefy, and you might also find that all your weight loss attempts are landing up in fiasco.

Too much of this female hormone can trigger abnormal weight gain, particularly in the torso region of your body.

Extreme weight gain

You will have difficulty in shedding extra weight, because of imbalanced estrogen concentrations.

Further, you may also face bloating and stomach problems.

4. Erratic periods

As stated before, estrogen is responsible for ovulation, and initiating menses every month.

But, if this switch becomes a lemon, then what to expect.

Erratic periods

Your menstrual cycle will obviously get debilitated, and you will have irregular periods.

You might get it at the time when least expecting it.

And not, getting it on time will leave you in another dilemma, of “what’s with my period”?

5. Intense mood swings

Estrogen is also accountable for regulation of the moods, that is why women get temperamental as their periods approach.

The extreme mood changes are akin to the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

Intense mood swings

This may make you unusually disturbed and often can cause depressive tendencies.

The higher the estrogen on your body, the greater are the mood swings.

6. Frequent headaches

Hormonal imbalances are one of the main causes inciting thumping aches in your head, especially in case of women.

Since estrogen levels fluctuate more rapidly as your periods get nearer, you likely get more splitting head pain.

Frequent headaches

If you are suffering this sign for long, in tandem with other related symptoms mentioned here, then maybe you have disrupted estrogen.

Do not hesitate, visit your specialist and get it rectified.

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7. Tremendous hair loss

Hair loss is experienced by everybody normally, but too much of it is bad.

Primarily being a female hormone, high estrogen levels can cause hair loss in men and women.

Tremendous hair loss

However, its normal concentration ensures good hair and full scalp in case of women.

Shedding 50-100 hair per day is nothing to get worried, but if it is intense, then see a doctor.

Although your hair health also depends on your diet and lifestyle as well to great extent.

8. Chilly hands and feet

There are still ambiguous explanations for this symptom, but since too much estrogen can tamper the normal blood circulation, it can leave your feet and hands quite cold.

Chilly hands and feet

However, there is still more research and studies needed to scrutinize this further.

9. Terrible memory

Even if you munched almonds and walnuts till the moment for super-memory, higher estrogen would likely make their action futile.

Terrible memory

There have been researches done on the subject, and proven that it can cause memory difficulties and that you will have hard time at retaining things in your mind.

The trigger for these researches was linkage of low estrogen and Alzheimer’s disease connection.

10. Sleep difficulties and fatigue

Estrogen has a role in making your body active, which can suppress your circadian rhythm.

You can feel vigorous and may have a hard time falling asleep.

Sleep difficulties and fatigue

With this hyperactive schedule, you are likely to get exhausted easily, even if you did not even crash a peanut.

Unusual tiredness and disturbed sleep for long time can beckon high estrogen in your body.

So, get it checked and corrected.

Bottom line

Recapping here now, we discussed the signs and symptoms of high estrogen levels that you get.

It can occur due to bad diet, medications, diabetes, chronic hypertension, etc.

If you confront any of the above-mentioned symptoms get to your gynaecologists else it can lead to serious upshots.

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