How Does Obesity of a Mother Affect a Newborn?

How Does Obesity of a Mother Affect a Newborn?

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you have a life inside of you, isn’t it ladies? Every mother-to-be has a special connection the moment they know that they will be soon welcoming a new life. It is natural to be overprotective during these times. But what if overeating and obesity find you? You might be wondering, how does the obesity of a mother affect a newborn?

Besides this question, there are other aspects of obesity that can highly affect pregnancy and make it risky. A few of them are life-threatening for the baby and also the mommy. So here we are to bring some attention to obesity and its consequences.

In this crumb, we will be diving into “how does obesity of a mother affect a newborn”. Besides the effects, we will also discuss some ways to avoid or overcome them. Let’s get into the details together for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Obesity and BMI- Obesity of a Mother affect a newborn

Obesity and Calculation of BMI:

Obesity can be simply termed excessive body fat. Apart from extra appearance problems, this situation needs proper medical attention. Obesity can be root to several health hazards and needs to be handled with care. Failing in doing so can prove to be a big mistake.

Your Body Mass Index is the measure to determine if you are obese or not. There are a few ways to calculate it. You can calculate the BMI by dividing your weight by your height under specific conditions. If you take your weight in pounds then covert your weight into inches. Then divide your weight with the squared height and multiply it with 703. But if you take your weight in kilograms and divide it with your height in meters squared.

Effect of Obesity During Pregnancy

Effect of Obesity on the Ability to Get Pregnant:

The effect of obesity also hinders your chance to get pregnant. Besides, it also keeps you on the verge of risks of several kinds. There are quite a few effects that need to be considered:

  • One can suffer from infertility and have irregular ovulation.
  • If you have a higher BMI, then it might take longer to perceive.
  • And if your BMI increases when you perceive then it has a high probability to fail to carry it.

Effect o Fertility

Effect of Obesity in Pregnancy:

Obesity is the synonym of high Body Mass Index (BMI). If your BMI is any more than a specific number, then you are obese. However, obesity can be very harmful during pregnancy, both to the mommy and the child. Hence it is important to know how does obesity of a mother affects a newborn.

The following are a few effects of obesity in pregnancy:

  • There is a high risk for miscarriage.
  • Mom-to-be can suffer from sleep apnea
  • The pregnant lady can also get gestational diabetes and blood pressure problems.
  • There can be a great risk of recurrent miscarriages and stillbirth.
  • The expecting woman can suffer from cardiac dysfunction and problems in other organs like kidneys and liver.
  • It is also possible that C-section is needed and it brings a lot of risks.

Impact of Obesity of a Mother on Baby

Impact of Obesity of Mother on the Baby:

As much as obesity harms an individual, it harms a baby in the worm. So you must know how your obesity will harm the one inside you. This way you can keep yourself motivated to be healthy.

Now let’s look at the reasons:

  • The baby can have obesity problems from childhood.
  • The child can also be asthmatic from birth.
  • The baby can also be a little bigger than the average size and have birth defects.
  • It is also possible for the kid to have impaired growth.

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Maintaining Weight- Obesity of a Mother affect a Newborn

Maintaining Weight During Pregnancy:

It is often advised to put on some weight when the person is pregnant. But gaining weight is not a reckless act, there are always some rules to follow. You can’t gain or lose weight as you wish because your every move affects the newborn.

The following points might help maintain your weight during pregnancy:

  • Your weight before pregnancy determines how much you need to gain.
  • Then comes, if you are having single or multiple pregnancies. This means, if you are pregnant with one child then your weight gain amount is different. And if you are going to have more than one child at once then again the amount of weight you should gain is different.
  • Sometimes, it is also advised to lose a few kilograms when you already are overweight in some ways.

Maintain Weight

Tips to follow to Avoid Obesity of a Mother Affect a Newborn:

These tips can be helpful if you are obese during your pregnancy. And following them might lower some risks and help you save yourself and your child from the effects of obesity. Check the points out to avoid the obesity of a mother affects a newborn:

  • Make sure you get some checkups done for gestational diabetes earlier. It will prevent some severe outcomes of obesity on mother and coming child.
  • Keep close notice of what changes every time in ultrasounds. How does the fetus change? Is it showing any sign that is out of the context? These questions need to be in your mind while you have an ultrasonic scan.
  • Regular checkups for sleep apnea. If it is caught earlier then several complications can be avoided.
  • Never forget to have a healthy diet and do some physical activities.

Tips to avoid obesity of a mother affect a newborn


Lastly, take good care of yourself no matter if you are expecting, planning to conceive, or just normally. As stated earlier, obesity can cause multiple disorders in body function, that you might not welcome. So if you are expecting or planning to be a mom, then we hope these tips help you.

Now is the time to eat healthily, exercise to burn extra calories, and stay fit. Your body and mind both need to be healthy for your baby to be healthy. So take a note of everything closely while you are expecting. Wish you a healthy and long life. Till then, be with us for more health tips.

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