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Yoga in Pregnancy: The First Trimester

Yoga in pregnancy sounds like a weird suggestion, doesn’t it? Yes, maybe, but it’s incredibly beneficial to the mother and the baby, and of course, backed by research!

Pregnancy is one of the biggest, most precious moments of life; the beauty, the realization of nurturing a new life, makes the to-be mother ecstatic and fearful at the same time.

The thought of creating a life in your womb can make you feel overwhelmed. 

But, the side effects of pregnancy like morning sickness, mood swings, cravings and as such things can make you feel annoyed. 

The process of labor, and the coming responsibilities, can terrify the parents. 

However, it is all worth the feel of those tiny fingers clutching on your giant finger.  

We take care of ourselves during these delicate times. Healthy eating, healthy habits, being happy, loved and cared. 

But, sometimes we forget that there is one more thing to be done, which is probably the most important one. You need to exercise. 

It is important to keep body active and joints healthy to cope with the coming days. Increasing weight and the pressure on your body can make you feel tired and unhealthy. 

But, exercise will help you to maintain the required health of the body and the baby as well. 

Your doctor must have advised you to join a yoga club or any exercise club for pregnant ladies. 

This is because exercising will help to reduce stress, prevent excess weight gain, increase endurance and reduce muscle pain, sleep better, reduce backache and limit bloating.

Is Yoga in Pregnancy Beneficial?

If you want to reduce the chances of C-section and shorten the labor time, then you should definitely start exercising. 

Moreover, yoga is the best way to connect to the baby and keep yourself healthy. However, you need to get an approval from your doctor before you start exercising. 

Is Yoga in Pregnancy Beneficial

Some health conditions like heart disease will not allow you to exercise. After you have the consent of your doctor, then you need to take care that you do not perform power yoga. 

Power yoga during pregnancy might be extreme for you and your baby’s health. 

The Ideal Time for Performing Yoga in Pregnancy

Most of the doctors stress on the benefits of performing yoga in the first trimester of pregnancy. 

This is the time when you have just learned about the new life you are going to step in. You are just creating the bond with your baby. It can affect the mind and body in various ways. 

Therefore, performing yoga will keep you stress-free and healthy. 

According to research, it is found that mothers who were doing yoga during the first trimester of their pregnancy have passed down the benefits to the baby. 

The babies have shown better motor skills than other children. They even have better physical coordination. 

The first trimester brings sudden and massive changes in your body. 

The Ideal Time for Performing Yoga in Pregnancy

The hormones in your body reacts fast, your blood pressure is always fluctuating. The muscles and tissues changes and joints becomes loose. 

To cope up with all these changes, it is necessary to maintain a balance. And you will get that balance from yoga. 

Yoga will connect your body and soul, it will create a balance in which your baby can grow healthy. 

So, what are the yoga poses that you can follow during your first trimester of pregnancy?

Warning: All these asanas should be performed under professional guidance during pregnancy.

Here are 4 easy-to-perform yogasanas and their benefits in pregnancy:


 This asana is also known as the palm tree pose.

It can help you to maintain balance in your body. The emotional and physical balance is necessary during pregnancy. 

It will also help to stretch the spine and relax the muscles. 


Stand on both your legs. Interlock your hands. Then, as you inhale, bring your hands above your head, stretching your whole body. You should be on your toes and your feet should be stretching as well.

Then, as you exhale, release the tension and come back to the normal standing pose.

Baddha Konasana

This pose is also known as poorna titli asana or the butterfly pose.

Performing this pose helps to improve digestion and massages the internal organs of the body. The pose focuses on the pelvic and hips region. 

This is why performing this asana in late pregnancy can help to ease the labour pain.

The butterfly pose helps to relax the back muscle, which aids sciatica pain in pregnancy.

Begin by stretching your legs in front of you. Then fold your knees and bring the sole of both feet together. 

Baddha Konasana

Move the heel close to your body. Mind that your thighs are relaxed, and you do not exert any pressure on your body. 

Interlock your fingers and hold your feet. Your knees should be outstretched on both sides.

Now move your knees up and down as if you were bouncing it.

Do this asana 20-30 times.

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The cat-cow pose can help you to relieve the back pain that increasing weight during pregnancy gifts you.

It can also help you to get rid of neck pain and strengthen the wrist and shoulder. You should try this asana if you want to get relief from stress and provide flexibility to spine, shoulder, and neck.

Get on your knees and put your hands in front of your thigh. Your palm should be on the ground. 


You should make a pose representing four legged animals. 

Now start by inhaling and raising your head, but your spine should curve down. 

Then exhale and bring your head down, but move your spine up. The chin should touch the chest, and you should be making an arch. 


This pose helps to tone down the back muscles and massages abdominal organ. 

Sit on a mat with your legs stretch in front of you. If you feel uncomfortable with your belly, then move the legs a bit apart. 

Now inhale and stretch your hands above your shoulder. Then exhale, bring your toes inwards and touch your feet with your hands. 


It is okay if you cannot move any further than the calf. Don’t exert too much pressure. 

Then inhale again and come back to the sitting position.

Yoga in Pregnancy: The Bottom Line

The first three months of pregnancy is the time when your body goes under sudden changes. 

You develop a bond with your baby and your internal system develops in a way to support the baby.

This is the time when you should take care of your body the most.

Practising yoga regularly will pay off during your labor, and the benefits will be passed on to your child as well. 

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