How to get rid of bunions without surgery in 12 ways

How to get rid of bunions without surgery in 12 ways

What is a bunion?

Bunion is a common condition in the foot which is characterized by a bump or contusion at the outer edge of the big toe.

It happens when the joint or bone of the big toe displaces outwards and all the toes of a foot seem to converge into a v- shape, in a congested fashion.

Bunions are painful, may have redness, bursitis, blistering or some hard knotty formation.

Such formation can damage nerves and incite numbness and shooting pain.

They are called hallux valgus in medical terms.

It is necessary to treat them because apart from being distressful, causing hindrance in daily activities, pain can also pervade to nearby joints of the body.

As per the experts and health statistics, owing to different reasons, bunions are more usual occurrence in women rather men.

How are bunions caused?

There is no single reason to be blamed for the emergence of bunions.

The major underlying factors that can blamed for the condition are arthritis, unequal limb length, genetics, improper footwear.

Uncomfortable footwear can be dangerous, especially the ones which women wear in professional settings, which are quite pointed in the front.

Such shoes make sure that your feet and toes overclimb each other due to depravity of space in there for them to move around.

If the issue is not attended in the beginning itself, you may have to grapple with bunions and the related suffering.

In cultures, where either people wear comfy footwear, with adequate space for toes as well, or either endorse bare-footedness, are rarely seen complaining of bunions.

Besides improper footwear, they can also occur due to pregnancy, obesity, genetics, and biomechanics.

12 ways to treat bunions without surgery

Here are some easy measures you can adopt to heal and completely cure painful, bumpy bunions, which even make your feet look ugly.

1. Ice your feet

Ice packs are definitely great saviours, they pitch in to rescue one from different types of headaches and also bunion pain.

Ice your feet

Your bunion-stricken feet need icy care after efforts at walking in the store, or strolling in the park.

For this, just apply an ice pack either in towel or cotton cloth for minimum 15 minutes for best relieving results.

2. Massaging and feet exercise

Massage or simple feet exercise can help you chuck off bunions without surgery.

You can massage your bumpy foot with a good essential oil to relive the pain and inflammation.

Massaging and feet exercise

For simple foot exercise you can attempt at picking up the things with your feet and do not forget to use the victim, that is big toe.

Repeat this manoeuvre at least 3 times a day.

3. Do bunion splint

Bunion splints is a familiar product among people facing the problem.

You can use this product to alleviate the pain and distress due to bunions.

Do bunion splint

They can aid in rectifying the foot shape by unbending and stretching your toes.

It can help you to fix your bunions without undergoing any surgery.

4. Keep your weight in healthy range

The whole weight of your body rests on your two little feet.

And the scenario is even more risky when you are overweight, and your feet would be crying in silence under your hefty body.

Keep your weight in healthy range

Thus, it is essential to maintain healthy weight and shed the extra flabs hanging loose on your wobbly tummy.

Give your feet some respite, you will not get bunions or if you have them, they will alleviate.

5. Keep your feet up

to better the blood circulation to your feet, keep altering the resting position of your feet.

It is recommended to support your feet at 45 degrees angle for minimum five minutes.

Keep your feet up

This will significantly reduce the inflammation and shrink your bunions.

To put your feet up, you can stack pillows under your legs, and they should be above your heart and head.

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6. Soak your feet in foot bath

Soaking feet in warm water bath with Epsom salt or Himalayan salt can soothe your exhaustion as well as shrink the inflamed bunions.

Soak your feet in foot bath to get rid of bunions

Doing this regularly, 3-4 times a week, can help you reduce the pain and soreness of bunions.

These salts have many anti-inflammatory properties, so take care and pamper your feet well.

7. Utilize bunion pads

Of many bunion products, you can use bunion pads to fix the bumps on the foot without surgery.

Utilize bunion pads

There are basically gel-filled, soft pads that are placed inside the shoe to prevent rubbing of the bunion against the shoe wall.

This product helps you correct the foot position and can actually relieve the pain due to bunions.

8. Put on bunion friendly footwear

There are many pro-bunion footwear designed to help people having this problem.

Put on bunion friendly footwear

They are made to keep the toes comfortable, such that they have ample space for toes and your bunion hump.

They come with flat and flexible soles and comfy material o support the healing of your bunions and reducing the pain.

9. Use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen

The pain can often exceed the threshold of tolerance, and you would be seen cursing your bunions.

Use non-steroidal ant inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen

Rather than doing this, you can take paracetamol or ibuprofen to relieve the pain.

These are anti-inflammatory medicines that can alleviate the bunion distress to much extent tentatively.

10. Medical treatment

You can visit your doctor or podiatrist to get to the deeper reasons for your problem and get it treated.

There are medications and other non-surgical intervention therapies to get the problem fixed.

Medical treatment for bunions

There is a technique of electrical stimulation, to lower the swelling about the bunion.

If your bunions are getting severe or growing rapidly, then, you may asked for an X-ray or surgery.

11. Protect bunions from getting hurt

Bunions, getting rubbed against the uncomfortable shoe or bumps into some rock, can cause them to become more monstrous.

Protect bunions from getting hurt

Take care of your ways and ensure that they are safe from extra harm, else they may aggravate.

12. Wear comfortable shoes, with no heels

This is important than everything.

Always cull the footwear or shoes that keeps your feet comfortable rather than addressing the question of trend alone.

Wear comfortable shoes, with no heels

It can trigger terrible pain in your bunions and may even grow them in size.

Wear flat, comfy shoes, where your toes do not have to compromise landing one upon another.

Bottom line

Bunions are terribly painful and distressing and may deter you from even basic walking and other movements.

This seriously plummets your productivity in life and ability to carry out daily activities.

You can resolve this problem by following some tips we elaborately discussed in the article.

Always flaunt your feet in comfortable footwear to protect their natural cushion and prevent bunions.

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