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How to Lose Mental Weight ?

You may have visited a million web pages on how to lose weight, and this time you were hoping to see something new. This post has nothing to do with your physical weight, which is fortunate for you. So, in a sense, it differs (probably not in the way you wanted it to be). However, I suggest that you keep reading this post because you could likely learn something about how to lose mental weight.

Weight manifests itself in numerous ways. It does not have to be the one that you see; it might also be the one that you feel. We spend a great deal of time worrying about the weight on the exterior of our bodies, and we frequently fail to see that the reason we feel heavy is because of the weight on the inside. It is essential to understand how to lose mental weight to feel healthier.

Head Weight: Ego

What is the weight of the head? Head weight is the burden carried by individuals who are convinced that their thoughts are always correct and everyone else is incorrect. This guy has an inflated ego and is extremely arrogant. There are blind and deaf persons who have invented electric cars, walked on the moon, created the internet, deciphered the human genome, and battled for women’s right. 

There is nothing wrong with holding one’s own opinions, but there is a limit to everything. Being genuine to yourself is distinct from being stubborn and uncompromising. You must learn to be flexible and maintain an open mind. Otherwise, neither learning nor growth will occur. You don’t need to drink to feel dizzy; your ego might be your downfall at times.

Society’s Weight: Peer Pressure

This burden will engulf, beat, strangle, starve, and then force you to critique yourself in the mirror. This is a weight on your mental health that simply will not go away, so you must learn how to lose it. I wish my words could convince you to change your opinion, but alas, only time can achieve that. The older you get, the less you care about a variety of things. It is not your fault that you fail to satisfy the toxic standards imposed by society. As an adolescent, the hormones are to blame. However, you will eventually understand that what Jones stated about your dorky glasses was repetitive and unimportant.

The weight on your chest: Anxiety

Anxiety is similar to an out-of-town relative. This burden will cause you to feel suffocated and restless, as if someone were sitting on your chest. People frequently advise, “Try to breathe and sit in silence,” but I do not see how this is supposed to be helpful. In fact, it exacerbates the restlessness. I believe that your agitation should have an outlet. Play some fast-paced rock music and start jumping and dancing till you are exhausted. I believe that when you feel a certain emotion, you should let your body experience it. If you try to avoid these bad emotions, it will bite you in the posterior.

Weight on your Shoulders: The World

This must be the heaviest item. Having the weight of the world on one’s shoulders is not an easy feat. This typically occurs during the last few months of school, when there are a million chores to complete simultaneously. When pursuing the IB, every avenue may appear to lead to a dead end. You can easily become overwhelmed, lose your way, and flatten your tires. When anxiety and tension cloud the mind, it becomes difficult to think clearly. Once your mind is free of stress, and you have sufficiently de-stressed, brainstorm on your laptop. You do not need to carry the world on your shoulders; you may set it down for a moment and I swear it will continue to spin. 

I hope that after reading this post you feel lighter and that the burden has been lifted from your shoulders, not your hips.


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