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How to nebulize colloidal silver to support lung health?

There has been substantial literature in the medical arena that gives silver the glad eye.

Its benefits have been recorded and reaped in ancient treatment stories when antibiotics were non-existent.

Silver is known for its action against bacterial and other sorts of infections, and often in some topical remedies too, for healing chronic wounds and burns.

It is a great immunity booster, and often the claims of its goodness have gone so far that it can treat COVID-19, HIV, AIDS, herpes, shingles, viral infections and son.

However, mind that these are just claims and not scientifically backed statements.

Silver is not administered orally, rather taken with the help of nebulizers, since they can facilitate its mixing into the bloodstream properly and evenly.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a mineral that contains nano-sized particles of silver diffused uniformly throughout a liquid and is available in various drug stores.

It was an indispensable part of medicine before world war-II, and was widely used as an antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial features.

Colloidal silver is available in the market in four different forms, which are:

Ionic silver solutions

As the name suggests, this solution contains ions of silver, and is not true colloidal silver.

Its manufacturing is quite cheaper and hence it is more available and popular among masses.

Silver protein

These silver solutions contain Gelatine.

Next popular to the above solution, silver protein is manufactured by blending silver protein dust to the water, and is also not true colloidal silver.

True colloidal silver

This is a suspension containing uniformly distributed nanometre-sized particles in the liquid rather of proteins, gelatine or other adulterants.

Silver hydrosol

Silver hydrosol is a true mixture of silver nanoclusters and nanosized charged ions of silver. The silver here in evenly allocated throughout the suspension liquid.

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Why should you nebulize colloidal silver?

A nebulizer used to do the process facilitates in changing the medicine into more diffusible form from liquid to mist.

In this way, the medicine, colloidal silver or whatever the solution is being aimed can reach the lungs by mixing into the blood stream evenly and do its job there.

Nebulizer is a quick way of getting this done.

And colloidal silver from the blood directly reaches the lungs, sidestepping the digestive system.

People with asthma or some other lung conditions can resort to this remedy.

You just need to employ it 2-3 times a day, at least for around 5 minutes.

You can get relieved from various symptoms of the lung problems, in just few uses.

Colloidal silver can also chip in to palliate many other lung issues and promote their health.

We shall discuss this here. So, let’s start right away!

Use of colloidal silver and lung health

Colloidal silver can be nebulized to alleviate the following issues related with your lungs.

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that seriously debilitates lungs, digestive mechanism and other respiratory accessories in the body.

It impacts the secretion of mucous, sweat and digestive fluids, making them slippery, thin and runny.

Cystic Fibrosis

Although there are not any studies to support this claim that it prevents cystic fibrosis.

But a case study involving a twelve-year-old kid suffering from the condition, who used silver colloidal, is stated so far.

According to a research, it inhibited the growth of bacteria by the action of silver ions and relieving the condition.


Pneumonia is a condition in which the air sacs of our lungs get inflamed and filled with pus.

You get symptoms like high fever, chills, coughing with pus or phlegm, difficulty in breathing, wheezing in chest.

Colloidal silver can chip in where the antibiotics cannot.


This is because unlike antibiotic drugs, colloidal silver can also combat virus or other pathogen resorting to cause the problem.

While if you nebulize it, the nanoparticles of silver straight stroll towards your lungs, the main resort of pathogen causing pneumonia.

Colloidal silver when nebulized is quick and more effective in its action as it directly reaches the lungs and mitigates the symptoms in just few uses.


Airborne microbes such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa cause many allergies and nasal problems.

You can use colloidal silver as a nasal spray to kill the pathogens and treat the condition effectively.

It has tremendous benefits and relieves you from the harsh symptoms of sinusitis, asthma signs and related allergies.


It can give a full stop to your sinusitis condition in just a week or so, and without using any antibiotics.

Furthermore, it mitigates nasal inflammation and that of sinuses.


Bronchitis is a health issue which involves inflammation of bronchial tubes, which happen to be your lungs’ main pathways.

It results in difficulty breathing, and the culprit is some virus.

These microbes irritate the walls of the passages and makes one wheezy, and coughing up unusually a lot of mucous.


The chest also makes queer whining sounds.

The experiments in animals have successfully concluded that silver colloidal is effective against bronchitis causing biome and agents.

Nebulizer allows colloidal silver to travel to your lungs and fight them directly with its anti-bacterial properties.

How to nebulize Colloidal Silver?

You can access portable nebulizers which come with different capacities, where commonly they hold about a teaspoon of colloidal silver in the medicine holder.

This will produce enough vapours to be used for about 5 minutes at the minimum.

If your case is severe, then you may repeat the nebulizing process 2-3 times a day as per the recommendations.

You will start and just need the time of 5-minute to take the vapours inside you and let it get to your lungs.

Bottom line

Silver is the treatment from the contemporary past that was and is still used to combat bacterial, fungal and other infections effectively.

Many commercial health products have started to incorporate silver particles into their products, such as soaps.

Colloidal silver can be used with nebulizer to improve lung conditions such as bronchitis, sinusitis, cystic fibrosis and pneumonia.

However, it is preferred that you once consider your doctor’s consultation before using it, despite the several benefits.

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