Misconceptions about Meditation

Misconceptions about Meditation

Myths and misconceptions are enemies of growth.

They never allow you to approach the subject with a clean, unbiased mind and sets a framework that deters you from accomplishing the real goals of it.

And thus, there are many bogus claims and apprehensions around the concept of meditation and its practice as well.

We shall be walking through each of them at pertinent length and exposing the facts to help you approach it the right way.

Hopefully, after glossing through these facts you would not steal the moments to look around with one eye open, reckoning the ways to escape your boring meditation class for which you paid nicely.

And if you, do it alone on your cozy mat, you won’t flee the personal session in just 2 minutes, thinking you meditated for 20 minutes.

Let us learn, what meditation is not. So, dive right in!

Meditation tosses out your problems

If you are expecting meditation to resolve your unemployment issue, or your bad grades, poor math skills, and so forth, then certainly you are not at the right place.

Meditation tosses out your problems

Meditations does not do this, rather, it will help you stabilize and balance your mental, emotional and physical aspects on the corresponding planes.

You get the ability to manage the things and avoid anxiety and panicking.

Meditation is entering into illusions

People who are not aware of the real ins and outs of meditations practice, they mock it as a process of getting into illusions of a peaceful beach, calm nature and away from reality.

Meditation is entering into illusions

In fact, meditations makes one cognizant of reality in a more practical and different approach.

It is not about running away from reality and ignoring the topics on the ground.

Meditation needs a lot of time

You are running out of time, since you have got the world-full of work on your plate.

Meditation needs a lot of time

People wrongly have an image that if you want to mediate, you have to sit for long hours thinking of nothing but blankness in your mind.

However, just a five-minute break of meditations, including peaceful counting of breaths and awareness of the self, can increase your productivity and surge satisfaction levels.

Meditation is religious act

This is quite common, that people attach meditation to religions, although it is quite talked of and promoted in some, but it can be secular.

 Meditation is religious act

It does not involve praying to your gods, rather, being aware of the self and heightened consciousness.

It can be practised by anyone, irrespective of religious beliefs, says Jaime Pfeffer.

Meditation is mysterious and obscure

Meditation is not that obstruse as you say.

This can seem mysterious and confounding seeing people talking big words of consciousness awareness, thought sentience, and so forth.

Meditation is mysterious and obscure

However, the practice involves being mindful and trying to keep yourself focused on the right track, the one that promotes your good energy and productivity.

It can be difficult in the beginning, but you get familiarized and more intimate with the process with regular practice.

Meditation is so hard

You never grasped what meditations really means and thus squatting for long hours in silence, even the idea of it seems haunting to you.

Meditation is so hard

It is not hard, rather it makes things easy for you such your concentration, addictions to digital devices, which contribute to anxiety, stress, and depression significantly.

It helps the person grow and mature mentally and in a wholesome manner.

 Meditation is selfish act

Meditation is not a selfish practice, as it is a way to show yourself love and care and keep yourself happy.

And if you remain glowing, you cheer and flourish others in your happy and positive vibes.

 Meditation is selfish act

It is a form of exercise where you not only regard your mental health, rather physical health too.

It makes you less reactive and more aware about others and your own self.

Furthermore, it empowers you and grows confidence wile shooting high your productivity.

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Meditation needs silence and quiet spot

The act of meditation is more about stability and mindfulness, which is not all subservient to ideas of physical silence and.

The practice involves development of self-awareness, inculcate generosity and compassion.

Meditation needs silence and quiet spot

Meditation starts by focusing breath which rectifies the attention span and respiratory mechanism of the body.

And you do not need to find a soundless spot to be mindful, rather just a will.

This means you can meditate while walking, sitting, standing and so on.

Meditation is only one type

Yes, there are different types of meditation techniques to regulate stress and reap other benefits.

There is mindfulness meditation, which involves being mindful of your thinking.

Meditation is only one type

Other types of meditations are transcendental meditation of 20 minutes session, Vipassana meditation, guided meditation and so on.

Variety spices up life, and you can have the choice of practising different types of meditation as well.

Meditation evacuates your mind

Meditation involves being aware of the mind and your thought process, rather than bearing a clean slate.

This profound awareness makes you more conscious and mindful, by involving manoeuvres like sentient breathing, watching over your mind, and body scans.

Meditation evacuates your mind

Whenever you catch your mind deviating from awareness into distractions, you can consciously pull it again.

Regular practice makes one more cognizant and improves concentration.

Meditation palliates stress and anxiety

Meditation has become stereotypical of just alleviating mental stress and anxiety issues.

However, this is not so, as it has deeper objectives explained by Buddhism which is being aware of your existence.

Meditation palliates stress and anxiety

This awareness inculcates your purposes and motivations in life and will make your intention to meditate even stronger.

It definitely helps in increasing productivity and reducing stress, but it is also a savior in physical matters of our health too.

Bottom line

Expectantly, all your myths might have broken into the real world of meditations and not the fancies related to it.

If you were believing any of the above as an excuse of escaping this practice, then it is certain now that after this exposing of the thieves of meditation, you shall loom it the right way.

Your 20 minutes of mindful practice would not be 2 minutes anymore, nor you will snatch one-eyed glances of the exit door in your meditation class.

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