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Magic Mushroom: The Antidepressant

Mushrooms are just fungi. Aren’t they? Then, what is good for eating a magic mushroom that tastes funny and is actually a fungus? After all, some mushrooms are a potential threat to life. 

Most of the mushrooms are poisonous or carry some amount of danger. Then how can a person expect this infamous fungus to heal disease as serious as depression?

Well, guess, not all mushrooms are nasty. It is just a matter of knowledge, and you can savor some tasty mushrooms day and night without being skeptical about any danger. 

What are Magic Mushrooms?

People all around the world consume mushrooms like Reishi, Lion’s mane, Chaga, and Magic mushrooms.

And it is not a recent discovery, but people have been enjoying the funny taste of mushrooms for over centuries. 

Folks have been using these fungi to not only treat their taste buds but also to heal several types of diseases. 

What are Magic Mushrooms

Mushroom tea has been used for ages to calm down the nerves and soothe the mind. 

Among all the mushroom types, magic mushroom and lion’s mane are popular choices for this purpose. 

However, the magic mushroom is much more controversial both in the society of medicine and on legal terms.

What does the Magic Mushroom Contain?

It contains a substance called psilocybin in it. This is the substance that works on the brain and helps to fight depression.

However, if abused, this substance can be a potential drug illegal for consumption. 

This is why many countries like Australia and Belgium have banned the consumption or trade of magic mushrooms.

What does the Magic Mushroom Contain

It is quite safe to say that this mushroom is easy to abuse and get addicted to, and this is the reason that your psychiatrist might not really prescribe you this mushroom unless they find it safe.

However, there are also many benefits of this fungus. It is a fact, that it works wonders as an antidepressant.

Since this mushroom contains psilocybin, this property helps fight cognitive dysfunction and cures depression. 

In fact, significant research has been going on the effects and working of this illegal mushroom. 

Is the Magic Mushroom Illegal to Use?

Magic mushroom is not an illegal fungus, but the component found in it is psilocybin. But the FDA continues to experiment with this mushroom for its good purpose. 

So, we can hope it passes on good terms and for proper medicinal consumption.

Mushrooms work magic on cognitive function. It helps boost memory and increase concentration. 

Is the Magic Mushroom Illegal to Use

In fact, mushrooms also treat dementia. 

Although the effects are confined to treating minor problems, it does help a lot. 

Lion’s mane and magic mushroom work to tackle brain fog and anxiety. It contains proteins that help in maintaining brain health.

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However, it cannot be prescribed to just anyone. 

A patient who has failed to receive any benefit from talk therapies, medication, change in lifestyle, or alternative therapy can be only prescribed.

This means this mushroom is the last resort. If nothing works, then only the doctor can give a dose of psilocybin. 

Then, the patient can take it as brewed tea or any other form as advised by the doctor.

Health benefits of magic mushroom

Magic mushroom for depression

magic mushroom cures depression

Magic mushroom is well-known for its effect on curing depression. Some trials and researches are still going in the lab rotaries around the world to validate its potency. 

Magic mushroom helps against smoking

magic mushroom helps in anti-smoking

According to a research paper of Johns Hopkins University, psilocybins are effective in curbing the urge to smoke in a period of one year.

Not only this, but it also helpful in curbing other addictions. Only the irony is that it is itself a drug.

Magic mushroom cures PTSD

magic mushroom cures PTSD

Some studies suggest that magic mushroom helps to cope with the post-traumatic stress disorder. 

It is not just PTSD,  but the present anxiety as well. Research shows that magic mushrooms helped patients with cancer to fight the anxiety and depression of being on the verge of death.

A 2016 John’s Hopkins University study says that giving these to cancer patients has helped them fight depression.

It has also helped to improve quality of life and cognitive function. 

The chemicals present in this mushroom make a person creative. In limited doses, it can improve thinking skills and concentration. 

Side effects of magic mushroom

Warning: You should really not consume these psilocybins composed mushrooms if you easily get addicted to something. 

It has some potential side effects of consumption. They can cause hallucinations because of hallucinogenic chemicals.

It causes confusion, paranoia, nausea, and depersonalization. 

This is why it should never be self-prescribed or taken without guidance.

Your therapist will guide you through the phases of the side effects of consuming magic mushrooms. They will have to take full responsibility for your health.

Side effects of magic mushroom

Therefore, only professionals can help you go through the freighting hallucinations of magic mushrooms.

Consuming magic mushrooms is a crime in several countries, but not in India. You can consume it, but you cannot trade it. 

Yet, medical science has not included these fungi as of now. There is still a long way before we finally know how to use it safely.

Till then, we can only praise the possible benefits of consuming magic mushrooms.

The bottom line

Magic mushroom is really magic for people suffering from anxiety or depression.

Consuming magic mushroom tea as per the prescribed dose can help you improve your cognitive function.

It creates a state of euphoria, drowsiness, and peacefulness. It tranquilizes the mind and this is the reason that the person can relax and forget about anxiety or depression.

However, the truth is that it is still dangerous to consume. 

If one exceeds the dose limit, the person might get addicted and won’t be able to heal at all.

This is why the consumption and prescription of magic mushrooms are still discussing.

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