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How to Lose Chest Fat (For Both Males and Females)

Being fatty and obese has become a new and familiar dilemma that most of the population neglects. Excessive fat is likely to accumulate in different prone areas such as arms, chest, belly, and face. 

Out of these, chest fat is a common one that decently adds to disfigure your body shape. Podgy individuals do find it strenuous to rid of the extra adipose that they yearn to eliminate.  

This article shares different approaches and methods you can use to trim the unnecessary layers of fat from the chest. 

What really causes chest fat?

Well, there is no single cause of it that could be blamed. You may accumulate surplus adipose tissues owing to different reasons such as genetics, obesity poor nutrition, and lack of physical activities.   

The Chest and abdomen area holds the most stubborn fat of the body so losing it can be quite daunting. However,  you can include the following tips in your fat loss plan which promise to help you eliminate fat from the upper body and chest. 

Reduce body fat

If you have a Falstaffian physique, then it is obvious that you might be having fat on your chest as well.  

Does excess body fat imply that you should increase your physical activities to reduce body fat? 

How much fat is normal and how to know that you are overweight?

About 15-17 percent body fat for men and 17-20 percent fat for women is considered normal body fat percentage.

Over 30 percent of body fat is deemed obese. So, it gives an alert to regulate it and get active in your life. Incorporate cardio exercises which are indeed fabulous and effective to burn extra adipose. 

Running, brisk walk, bicycling or treadmill workout can be pretty helpful through the program.

Excessive body fat not only degrades the personality rater also makes a person inclined to develop chronic ailments, for e.g, diabetes, hypertension, liver problems, etc. Therefore, you ought to buckle down to culminate in abundant fatty beds. 

Never starve yourself 

It is a general misconception among most people that being hungry or fasting for too long can help them control fat. 

However, it is practically a remote thing that starving can make you slim and toned, contrarily you may even end up gaining more fat.  

Because when your body is famished for long, it transits into a catabolic state, and it starts storing more fat. 

Never starve yourself 

So, it is important to keep eating small meals after every 2-3 hours. Furthermore,  fat loss is all about substituting your ordinary meals with healthy ones.

Also embrace high-protein and complex carbs in your diet and avoid taking high-fat foods.

Avoid excessive alcohol

This may sound like the end of your weekend party, isn’t it? Well, not really.

While following a fat loss diet, it is necessary that you reduce your alcohol consumption.

Although you can booze occasionally and in small quantities a few times a month but not more than that.

But why do you have to avoid excessive alcohol consumption?

This is because excessive alcohol is bad for health and harbors excessive amounts of calories and poor nutritive value. 

Too much alcohol can really decelerate your fat loss progress.

You need to desist from putting extra salt in your food. Because it has a high calorific value and makes the body retain more water. 

Thus, eventually, receding your fat loss progress. It can also trigger many health conditions in the long run such as cardiac ailments, high blood pressure, etc.

Fitness experts usually recommend using salt in limited quantities and avoiding excessive it in food dishes. 

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Do Weight Training

Weight training can be beneficial in your fat control plan since you might be doing a lot of cardio workouts.

Your body will drop much muscle mass along with fat. This further can skin start to look loose and shaggy.

Thus, it is vital that you espouse weight training activities to keep your muscle mass while losing fat.

Eat healthy

Your diet mirrors your body physique.  Healthy eating plays a pivotal part in losing fat. Eating random foods or snacking regularly holds one back from advancing further to lose fat effectively. 

You need to create a calorie deficit between your calorie intake and calories burnt.

When you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning, your body starts shedding excess adipose tissue. Thus, giving you a lean appearance. 


Taking lesser calories never means that you start starving yourself, as it may rather worsen things. 

It is recommended to add high protein, complex carbs, and fiber-rich foods such as plant-based foods in your diet. These options nourish the body without contributing to fat.

Set Your Target

Fix your monthly weight loss target. As a beginner, start with a mild target to lose at least 1 kg weight per month.

After winning the first-month target, set an aim of 2 kg in the following month. This way, keep increasing your target threshold over time until you finally grab your goal.

Do not be aggressive and aim for 3-4 kg weight loss in the first month itself.  This is because your body is adapting to many changes regarding diet and workout so let it adjust accordingly. 

The most common mistake which beginners make is to set a big target in the early months, and they eventually end up quitting. 

Bottom Line

Cutting down excess chest fat or from other body parts demands constant effort. Losing fat is a long journey, and you have to plan your goals consequently.

Do not follow any extreme shortcut in the greed of losing weight in weeks or months. Because such deceptions may incite unpredictable harms to your body.  

BE a planner, move slowly and steadily then certainly triumph would be yours!

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