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Water-Based Exercises: Health Benefits and Techniques

If you like working out, then we have something interesting for you today. Did you know that besides swimming there are other activities you can do at a pool whilst working out? In this crumb, we will take a look at some of the easiest and fun water-based exercises.

There is a great difference between working out in gyms and exercising in water. Also, it affects the number of calories you lose and the benefits they bring out. They both also have different health benefits.

It is said that water-based exercises and good for people who are recovering from injuries or had an injury a long time back. They are also good for pregnant ladies but should be performed only under supervision.

Let us get the details of the techniques we can use to perform these water-based exercises, follow them closely.

1. Water Walking:

This exercise can be the best and easy one to start with. It will help you understand water resistance better and targets different parts of your body.

Start by taking ten to fifteen steps in the waist or chest-high water in the forwarding direction. Then, change the track and go backward similarly.

Water Walking- Water Based Exercises

Maintain your pace and start slowly, then increase it gradually. Keep your hands by your side while walking and keep your spine straight.

Do this for five to ten minutes. You can also jog and walk alternatively once you get used to the water-resistance on your body.

This exercise will strengthen your muscle and also aid your weight loss. Water Walking is also a cardio exercise with low impact, making it a win-win.

2. Pool Planks:

It is one of the most demanding water-based exercises. Here are the procedures to do the exercise correctly without any accidental injury:

You need to hold a noodle in front of you and get in the plank position by leaning forward. Your elbow should be toward the pool floor and the noodle should be immersed in water.

Pool Planks- Water Based Exercises

Hold it for fifteen to sixty seconds while your feet are on the pool floor. Doing it once won’t be enough, so repeat it at least two or three times.

Make sure to not overdo yourself, you always have the next day.

3. Knee Lifts:

It can strengthen your core muscles and also the lower body. Let us first go through the procedures, then we can increase the difficulty level.

Stand in the water which is up to your waist level while performing the exercise. You need to keep one foot straight and lifting the other one by bending your knees until the knee is in level with the water.

Now maintain the position for a few seconds and then straighten up your lifted leg in front of you by unbending the knee. Again, maintain the position for a while, then slowly bring your leg back under the water while maintaining the stretch.

Alternate between the legs and perform it five to six times.

You can add ankle weight to increase the difficulty or try standing without the pool wall as back support.

4. Back Wall Glide:

When you sit down all day long, the lower part of the body starts getting inactive. At these times, water-based exercises of these types help you out.

Back Wall Glide is good for activating the lower body muscles from the core.

First, take your knees closer to your chest and hold tightly while holding the pool ledge. Then, press your feet to the wall of the pool.

Back Wall Gliding- Water based Exercises

Push the wall as hard as possible while letting the ledge and glide with your back on the water as far as possible.

When you come to rest, again pull your feet closer to your chest. Touch your feet at the bottom of the pool, apply pressure and move back to the place where you started from.

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5. Arm Lifts:

A type of water exercise that helps you strengthen your upper body. Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform the exercise efficiently.

Make sure that you are standing in water that is up to your shoulder and takes dumbells with you in water.

With your palms facing up, hold the dumbells on both of your hands by your side.

Arm Lifts- Water Based Exercises

Then, lift your hands to the water level while your elbow moves in close to your torso. Next, rotate your palms making them face down, and go back to the start position.

You can practice it for one to three sets.

6. Leg Kicks:

If you are looking for some water-based exercises that are good for your core muscles and legs too, then leg kicks are a good choice which will be fun as well.

Get yourself a kickboard or pool ledge before starting and hold onto it. Now get ready to do several kinds of water kicks.

Start kicking your legs in a flutter and then in another way like scissors. (In scissor kicking you have to open and close your legs alternatively.)

Leg Kicks- Water Based Exercises

You can next try a breaststroke kick with your legs. and following it can be dolphin kicks.

Do not switch rapidly between them and practice each of them for at least two to three minutes.

You can consider adding ankle weights to make it complex and challenging.


Although water-based exercises are good for our health there are other sides to them too. For instance, if you are not used to swimming, using a floating device is compulsory.

You might not notice the amount of sweat from your body due to water, so make sure to keep yourself hydrated while doing these exercises. Also, you must not continue if you feel any kind of weakness within your body.

You can also consult a doctor before you start with these water-based exercises. It will help you figure out the ones which are better for you.

So, make sure to keep all these points in mind before you start exercising.

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