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10 Tips to Stay Hydrated in Summer

Summers are one of the favorite seasons among children and the reason for this is, the schools are off, and the students are enjoying the summer days without any stress of studies. Summers are also liked by many, but you may be wondering what about the heat and sunstroke, the tan which we get from being exposed to sun and the dehydration we suffer from? People go swimming and try water sports and spend the time at beaches among the breezy wind so that it gives relief from the heat and can stay hydrated during summer. The days are long but to make the most of those summer days we need to step out which is not acceptable due to dehydration and waves of the heat. So let’s understand dehydration and its associated topics.

What is Dehydration?

Dehydration is defined as a  condition which occurs when there is loss of too much water from the body. The reason is that this condition happens when you lose more water than you gain and the body doesn’t have enough water to function properly. This does not mean that the body loses water, but it also indicates that electrolytes such as salt and potassium are being lost. These electrolytes help an individual’s body to do everything it needs to breathe, move, speak, and stay awake and work. The human body is about 75% water, and surviving without water is impossible.

Although water is gradually losing throughout the day during the process of breathing, sweating or urinating and defecating, to refresh and rejuvenate our body one should start intake of more fluids. The body can also move water around to areas where it is needed most if dehydration begins to occur, within blood vessels and between cells.  Thirst, fatigue, dizziness, or constipation are the common but the one eye-opening signs that will make us aware of dehydration. It’s time to drink water or an energy drink that’s low levels of glucose and electrolytes in high proportion.

The symptoms of dehydration include:

Dry mouth: Due to loss of water and more exposure to sun, this leads to the mouth to dry out and causes dehydration.

Dry or flushed skin: the skin gets dry as there is the absence of water in the body, it is not a compulsion that the skin gets dry only during winters, but it gets dry or flushed when there is lack of water in the body.

Muscle cramps: When the body loses enough fluid, it’s unable to cool itself off adequately, and that leads to illness by heat. Muscle cramps are possible to happen while exercising, significantly in hot weather. Changes in the electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, are also reasons for cramping of the muscle as well. Even in cold climates, there are chances of dehydration to happen if you don’t drink enough fluids while working out. So consume a larger quantity of water and stay hydrated in summer.

Fever: Other symptoms of heat illness include fever and chills. There are cases with some that sweating is in larger amounts while skin is cool if you touch. The higher the fever, the more are the chances of an individual getting dehydrated. Unless the temperature of the body decreases, the skin will lose its cool clamminess and then become hot, flushed and dry to the touch.

Headache: Even mild dehydration can lead to a headache and triggers a (migraine). There are several other factors besides dehydration that is capable of causing headaches, but the common solution to all the symptoms is drinking a glass of water and consuming more fluids during the day is an easy way to lessen the pain.

Feeling tired: The common symptom of dehydration is getting tired quickly and even if you haven’t done much work. Tiredness can arise due to lots of work, but one may feel tired even if there is a lack of water proportion in the body. The symptoms can be observed in infants and children which may include Dry mouth and tongue, crying without tears, No wet nappies for longer duration, high fever, feeling sleepy or drowsy, Irritability.

Tips on How to stay hydrated in Summer

Drink lots of water

Drink more water than usual and plan regularly to drink it as per the schedule or try to take it throughout the day. The recommended daily fluid intake varies according to age, sex and many other factors. Start by drinking a glass of water each morning when you wake up or before going to bed. Drinking one glass with each meal, and a glass or two after exercise. To solve the problem of dehydration, drink fluids gradually throughout the day.

Intake  of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and  vegetables which have a high water content should be consumed, so it keeps hydrated while in the sun. Watermelon, lettuce, grapes, and other fruits and non-starchy vegetables are good choices to prevent dehydration.

Avoid alcohol or caffeine

Beverages such as coffee, sweetened soda, beer, wine and spirits, lemonade, sweet tea, energy drinks, smoothies, and flavored milk are the fluids which are responsible as they are rich in sugar, sodium and other ingredients that remove moisture from tissues. So, they should be restricted or there should be a check on the proportion of their consumption.

Consume more milk

According to a study, consuming milk is a great option to rehydrate children. Not only, but milk is at least ninety percent water; however, it also constitutes nutrients like protein, vitamins and different nutrients. It has fats and sugars, which makes it a whole drink for hydration.

Coconut water

Coconuts include quite a little potassium and electrolytes which assists you to stay hydrated in summer. It’s suitable for alleviating muscle aches and cramps and does not include any fats.  Some coconut waters include extra flavouring or sugar added. The simple coconut water tastes tremendous as they are natural and could benefit during the summer.

Showers to chill down

Sitting in a tub full of water would not hydrate but can help in maintaining you from sweating as much, which also helps to prevent you from losing the water content. Because for the duration of dehydration, sweating is likewise the element observed. So by taking cool showers it helps to avoid sweating.

Choose the right time  to work out

Exercise is vital regarding your bodily health, and also you should not abandon it while the temperature rises. However, there are a few precautions that can be taken to help one to keep away from dehydration. This can include exercise for the duration of cooler instances of day, or workout indoors are recommended.

Cool down

Adequate hydration is not only related to drinking water, but also to body temperature control. Wear light-colored, lightweight, loose-fitting clothing in summer, when your risk of heat stroke is greatest. Try doing sports and physical activity during cool times of the day.

The human body is mainly composed of water. In fact, 60% of the body of humans is made up of water. It is a vital source of life for many bodily functions, from crying to excretion of waste and body temperature control, so stay hydrated in summer and carry water with you whenever possible.

Why is hydration important?

Fluids are vital to an individual body that even a slight drop in  levels will start to observe the  effects. Low fluid levels  in the body can cause headaches,  dizziness, lethargy, difficulty concentrating and  dry mouth. Eventually, dehydration may cause constipation and can be related to urinary tract infections and  kidney stones. Being hydrated not only benefits one aspect, but multiple aspects and maintains overall health.

Staying hydrated in summer is not only beneficial to one function but plays a vital role in crucial body functions, which includes:

  • Helps in removal of  waste through body fluids from liver and kidneys
  • It helps to take  a better sleep
  • Mood is improved
  • It supports in fighting with many infections
  • Improving the functions of the brain
  • Enables to regulate the Body temperature
  • Maintains a healthy blood level
  • The joints and cartilage gets lubricated
  • Transporting oxygen rich blood and nutrients
  • Converts the  food and fuel  into energy

Adequate hydration is essential to our health and keeps our bodies in the best form of  condition to maintain a high level of concentration as well as every process that takes place. The best suggestion for each individual during summer is to have a water bottle handy to replenish fluids regularly and quench your thirst. It will benefit the body and will help you stay hydrated in summer.

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