15 Ways to Maintain Weight after Weight Loss

15 Ways to Maintain Weight after Weight Loss

The fat loss journey is especially challenging when you are a foodie. However, consistent efforts may help to maintain your weight after weight loss and reach your target of a slim body.

In this Crumb, we will discuss the 20 ways that will help you to maintain your weight after weight loss.

It is more than common that people who have successfully relieved excess fat fail at sustaining it for long.

There are several mistakes which most of us do post mass loss. This often leads to weight gain just after a couple of months.

Don’t use shortcuts

Never rely on shortcuts such as fat cutter supplements in your weight loss journey. These are usually nothing but pure deceptions.

Also, it is impractical even to stay on fat loss products their entire life or for a longer period of time.

Moreover, by quitting these supplements, your weight may abruptly bounce back.  Therefore, it is necessary that your weight loss program is not conditioned on these false products.

Since it may disable your aim to maintain weight after weight loss tremendously.

Exercise regularly

You need to stick to your workout schedule even when you have hit your desired target.

It is a general observation that people neglect physical exercises once they win their fat loss goal.  This is one of the blunders which you should attempt to evade.

The workout is a good lifestyle habit, and you should implement it for the rest of your life.

Weigh yourself

After losing weight it is important to weigh yourself often as it will keep you updated about your progress.

Most people do not consider monitoring their weight after losing it, which eventually results in gradual gaining.

Thus, measuring yourself after every 15- 20 days is immensely crucial to remain aware of the rate of loss and gain in weight.

Avoid processed food

Who does not relish cakes, biscuits, burgers, crisps, pies, and other savories and snacks! But to trim weight, people take on a big step to limit their intake. This is indeed appreciative!

However, once they have approached their dream castle of a fit figure, the cravings resume again. Eating processed foodstuff increases which ultimately results in putting on weight.

Therefore, it is crucial to avoid such edibles, which can possibly pull you back to the point where you started.  Fortunately, occasional consumption, shall not have any adverse effects.

Control stress

Stress, anxiety, and other mental issues are commonplace today. And it is also one of the major factors which can flush away your hard work. Thus managing stress is crucial for losing weight as well as maintaining it.

It can cause undesirable physiological and hormonal changes in your body. These changes further can derail the fitness schedule eventually leading to weight gain.

Take breaks

You cruised strenuously with patience, throughout your fat loss program.  It is time that you reward yourself by taking small breaks. Reflect, enjoy and appreciate your hard work!

Take breaks to maintain weight after weight loss

These short breaks from your workout and diet won’t dramatically alter your weight.

So, freely prefer taking breaks and relish your time, then come back to your strict schedule again.

Consume high protein

Protein is an indispensable nutrient when it comes to fitness. From losing weight to maintaining it your body needs a lot of proteinic foods.

Eating protein-rich diets provide energy to your body and help it restore from day-to-day stress.

At the same time, it never causes a fat gain in the body. Foods high in proteins keep your stomach fuller for longer. This assists in maintaining weight after weight loss.

Eat fiber-rich foods

Dietary fiber also called roughage is the type of carbohydrates. Fiber-rich foods play a crucial role in losing and maintaining weight.

They keep your tummy fuller, as fiber does not get consumed by the intestine. Furthermore, they do not add extra calories to your diet.

It helps your body to stay in an anabolic state. It does so without increasing fat or glucose levels in the body. Hence, it is of paramount importance to add fiber-rich foods to your diet.

Don’t starve yourself

In the mask of maintaining weight after weight loss,  do not starve yourself. Avoid remaining hungry for a long period of time.

Famishing yourself will put your body in a catabolic state, and it will start accumulating fat.

It is always recommended to keep eating small meals after every 2-3 hours.  As it will sustain the body in an anabolic state and also improve metabolic rate.

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Follow a healthy lifestyle

To maintain weight, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and give up unsuitable habits.


Smoking, excessive alcohol binge-watching, and overeating can easily erode your hard work. You need to quit such habits immediately.

An active and healthy lifestyle is a must to maintain weight. Awful habits not only result in weight gain but also increases the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Track sugar intake

While losing fat people can somehow sacrifice sweets and other delicacies. But reaching the target they often seem to neglect their sugar intake. It becomes the same as it was before weight loss.

This is the biggest and a common mistake one has to avoid.

The sudden increase in sugar uptake can decimate your progress. Furthermore, occasional sweets and saccharides do not impact the body much.

You should monitor your daily sugar consumption and take it only in small amounts.

Stick to your diet plan

You have to adhere to your diet plan which you followed during your weight loss journey.

Do not bring any drastic changes to your diet chart after losing weight.

However, if you want any alterations therein, then consult your dietician first.

Consume plant-based diet

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. This helps your tummy to stay full for a longer period.

Consume plant-based diet


Plant-based food contains a low amount of fat and improves digestion. Hence, maintaining weight after weight loss includes plant-based foods in your diet.

Take cheat meals

You should take cheat meals frequently. Yes, you read it right!

Mete out cheat meals occasionally. This will not add fat to your body while at the same time, it will satisfy your cravings. This is essential from a psychological viewpoint as well.

Take protein supplements

After losing weight start using protein supplements. The vegan diet delivers inadequate protein while non-veg protein foods contain a lot of fat along with protein.

So, to complete your daily protein intake, add whey protein and other protein powder to your diet chart. However, this should be done as per your dietician’s consultation.


Losing weight is effortful and maintaining it after losing it is equally tough.

You should not bring any dramatic changes in your diet and workout plan after losing fat.

Follow a consistent pattern to retain your weight loss progress.

By obeying our tips mentioned above you can effectively stabilize your weight after losing it.

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