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8 surprising health benefits of playing golf

Ever played golf? If yes, then great, and if you are nodding a no, then maybe you should kick off at this queer game.

Now, you must be wondering why out of all sports should I pick this specific sport and not others? Why should I choose to wag the scrawny stick around some white balls pitting them?

I know, not everyone has the goals to grab some of the Wood’s fortune or far.

But the surprising health benefits of playing golf, which are immense, would absolutely convince you to dust-off your clubs and refresh the turf.

In this write-up, we shall bat around the gains of playing this elite game called golf.  So, let’s start right away!

Incredible health benefits of playing golf

As you already may be cognizant that this sport requires focus, calmness and goal setting, while it physically boosts coordination and wellness.

You can play the game without worrying about the scores, since you are collecting more through the journey the tickets of good health.

Following are 8 surprising health benefits of playing golf

 1. You burn calories

You see that in one complete game of sauntering an 18-hole course, a golfer can cover up to 5 miles of distance.

This amount of walking, swinging, and carrying your bag can make you lose tremendous number of calories.

You burn calories

This said, you can subsequently lose fat or get jerk yourself away from this risk of putting on weight.

Hence, it directly helps in prevention of chronic diseases so rampant today such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

2. Enhances brainpower

Apart from physical manoeuvres, golf requires a lot of mental grit.

Goal picturing and focus.

This can be deciphered from the saying of James Flick, “Golf is 90% mental and other 10% is mental too” or from what Bobby James iterating, “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course- the distance between your ears.”

Enhances brainpower


So, it seems a no-brainer that the sport would be an impressive drill to your brain.

Since, it increases the blood circulation as well, thus it also improvises the flow to our brain, making it super-efficient.

3. Say welcome to vitamin-D

Sporting the club, tottering in the course after balls in the mild sun can help you fulfil your vitamin-D requirements.

Say welcome to vitamin-D

It is essential to absorb the calcium in the body, which otherwise would get flushed off, leaving you with several bone disorders and other risks.

Further, optimum intake of vitamin- D also boosts serotonin aka happy hormone levels, which plays a part in lifting your moods and keeping you cheery.

4. Betters the sleep

Good sleep is crucial, as you know, since it acts like a natural rejuvenator of our body.

While lack of sleep or any other related difficulties can plunge you in midst of physical as well as mental health chaos.

Betters the sleep

While you play golf out in the fresh ambience, sunlight, doing no tough activity awhile and socialising with your mates can make your day.

You laugh and enjoy your time leisurely, and these factors altogether facilitate in improving your sleep cycle and sleep itself.

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5. Improves your concentration

Golf requires impeccable hand-eye coordination to master the game, with a lot of focus, tenacity, and accuracy.

The hand-eye coordination helps you visualize the situation where would the ball end up if you strike it a certain way.


So, you pitch and fine tune this aspect by maintaining your attention, making sure that the ball finds resort in its hole rather some rain puddle.

Regular practice of golf enhances your concentration, like meditation does, and furthers your creativity too.

It also elevates your navigational skills, and memory owing to the swinging motions and good blood flow to the brain.

6. It is a pro-heart sport

Every exercise invigorates your veins, encouraging good streaming of blood from your heart.

Therefore, it helps in enhancing your cardiac health and also lowers the risks of prevalent diseases like hypertension, heart attacks, stroke, cardiovascular conditions, etc.

It is a pro-heart sport

It also decreases your bad cholesterol levels and lifts the benchmark of life expectancy.

Further, its positive impacts on sleep also adds to its wellness and helps you enjoy fit life.

7. Relieves stress

Stress is ubiquitous and more and more folks are falling prey to its repercussion called depression.

We all blame our knotty lifestyles for this monster in our heads, which can cause other physical health issues too.

Teeing off some balls on the course can help you shoo away this relentless giant.

Relieves stress

It helps improve mood, reduce depression and hence promotes productivity.

Factors like sunlight, meeting with friends, walking, swinging, fresh air and whatnot all conspire to give you a flowery, calm mind.

So, you do not only have some pastime with your friends, you lose much and gain much like depression and dark feelings and positivity and confidence respectively.

8. No risk of serious injuries

Being a low-impact sport, golf poses the least incidences of risks and physical injuries.

So, it is less likely that you will fall off every now and then and bruise yourself.

No risk of serious injuries

This is the reason why older citizens can opt this sport in their daily lifestyle to uplift the status of overall health.

If it promises with confidence the zero risks of getting injured, this does not ever mean to forget the safety equipment or first-aid kit at your home in some obscure and dark drawer.

Bottom line

In this article, we shared with you some great information on health benefits of playing golf.

It helps you boost your cardiac health, concentration, enhances brain efficiency and sleep and so much more.

You can afford all this simply by dictating a petite ball on the course into the holes, without any danger of getting wounded.

Now, with so much at your service just by mere frolicking around with the club, you might be making up your mind to try yourself at it.

I am glad you did it.

Cheers, with our clubs for the sake of your health chap!

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