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Are All Feminine Hygiene Products Safe For Use?

One of the most hushed topics in our society is the intimate hygiene of women. But is it really a topic that needs to be kept secretive? Let’s break the taboo together. So, in this crumb, we will know about the good and bad sides of a few feminine hygiene products.

Each of the feminine hygiene products mentioned in this article has been known to most women, but the reason they hesitate buying or using them is not these scientific facts but the societal stigma.

We look forward to the time when people will start rejecting or accepting these common and extremely useful (at times) products not because of the stigma, but due to the facts. Here we go:

Feminine Hygiene Products: Pros and Cons

While feminine hygienic products are now quite common there are a few things we should know about them. Some of them are used all the time, but some are used only when someone is on their period.

Pros and Cons of Feminine Hygiene Products


In fact, most of the females need these products during their periods only while the rest of the time, they don’t feel like using any kind of chemical-based product for intimate hygiene.

Thus, even if they are made for sanitation and hygiene, they have pros and cons too. In this section, we will go through both of them in a one-by-one manner.

1. Intimate Washes:

To all my pretty ladies, do not fall for those advertisements showing pretty bottles of vaginal washes. Yes, they look pretty and are not actually harmful to you but there is no reason for using them either.

You might be wondering then what feminine hygiene products should we use if we feel itchy or smelly down there. Let us discuss it then.

Intimate Washes- Feminine Hygiene Products

Actually, no wash can help you in cleansing your vagina or ease your discomfort ability down there. The reason behind this that vaginas are self-cleaning organs. The discharge that you experience is cervical mucus.

In fact, using these intimate washes can cause inflammation in your vagina. So better consult an expert immediately rather than using these products.

2. Intimate Wet Wipes:

These wipes are a little different from the regular wet wipes we use. However, they have a few common characteristics like regular wet wipes such as flushable, hygienic, and disinfectant, etc. Besides having all these pros, intimate wet wipes also have alcoholic content and avoids your vagina to have any kind of smell.

Wet Wipes- Feminine Hygiene Products

Still, they are not so good for your intimate regions. Even if they are made specifically for intimate hygiene, they contain components that can harm your skin down there. Plus, they are not always pocket-friendly.

3. Tampons:

There are only two types of people who menstruate. First are those who can not live without a tampon and are unwilling to use any other product on their periods. Second, are those who can never get used to the use of tampons and are scared of using them.

Tampons can be very comfortable for those who are used to them as you don’t have to worry much about stains or linings. While tampons do have good sides like being comfortable and allows you to do several activities like swimming, it has cons too.

Tampons- Feminine Hygiene Products

Personally, out of all the feminine hygienic products, this one terrifies me the most. Those who don’t know, tampons need to be pulled out from your vagina when you need to change them. Yes, you need to insert them inside you, and then PULL it out.

But that’s not the cons part. The cons are that, while doing so, sometimes tampons can leave a few fibers in your vagina and can cause infections or inflammation. They can sometimes be a cause of other unhygienic problems within you.

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4. Sanitary Pads:

These babies are the best if you get heavy flows and like having a good eight hours of sleep. They are more absorbent than tampons and eco-friendly. They keep you safe for the time being if you pay a good part of your attention to their positioning and stuff like “no serious sports”.

However, the cons of sanitary pads are something that one can feel without an expert observation. If you keep them on for more than 4-5 hours, you will have a strange smell around you and in your vagina. Plus, they cause rashes.

Sanitary Pads- Feminine Hygienic Products

You can often notice rashes in your sides due to using the pads. They are caused by either of these: adhesive, chemicals, and fragrance. So mind how you use them.

5. Menstrual Cups:

They are the most recent addition to feminine hygiene products. It has both the pros of a tampon and a sanitary pad, but cons of none. But this doesn’t mean they have no cons.

Menstrual cups are reusable, eco-friendly, cost-effective, safe, and less irritating. You will always find comfort in them as long as you are okay with something stuck up into your vagina.

Just like tampons, they are inserted inside you and are good for heavy flows. And like the sanitary pads, they are long-lasting and gives you protection from the period smell.

Menstrual Cups- Feminine Hygiene Products

Then again, it is quite gross when you need to dump it or when you look for it with your fingers in your damp vagina. And if you have an IUD inside you, they are risky. Do not forget to be careful and gentle while cleaning them.

But how does it concern your intimate hygiene? Well, if you have a latex allergy, then we recommend you to use it only after reading carefully. Almost all menstrual cups contain latex extracts and it might cause trouble to those allergic to them. Apart from these, menstrual cups are a good choice.


In a gist, menstrual cups are better than both sanitary pads and tampons. Plus, intimate washes and wet wipes are not necessary for vaginal hygiene and can probably harm you.

So next time while buying your hygiene care products, make sure to keep these pointers in mind and be wise while choosing.

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