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What Are The Top Reasons For Teen Spine Injury?

The future depends on the shoulders of youth. However, these shoulders are growing weak and disease-prone.

Nowadays, spine injury or back pain frequently complains among kids and teens. Hence, resulting in teen spine injury.

This unrest is supposed to be a foreseen disease in old-aged people.

When the bones grow old, they lose calcium and other elements that help them keep healthy.

This is the reason that elders often complain about spine injuries. You can even see them having trouble supporting themselves on their back. 

But, how did this late-blooming disease become common among teens? Today, teens suffer from backache, cervical spondylosis, and other such spine-related diseases.

The main reason for such complaints is that their spine is put under too much pressure. A bad posture can be a potent cause of spine injury.

However, having a bad working posture is not the only cause of this disease. 

There are other factors as well that affect the spine adversely. It can include muscle sprain, carrying heavyweight, obesity, and certain health conditions can also be responsible to cause this unrest in teens.

Let us take an insight into the top reasons for teen spine injury.

Bad posture

The most common cause of spine injury in a teen is their bad posture. Putting too much pressure on the shoulder and having a lean posture can increase your risk of having backaches. 

Not only this, it can worsen your posture beyond repair. You might not be able to shake off the injury ever. 

This is the reason a person should always keep a comfortable posture. It should be straight but not too straight to exert pressure on other parts of the body. 

Leaning against a wall for too long while working, sleeping in an uncomfortable position that might promote uncertain spine injury should be avoided. 

When you sit for work, you should take a comfortable chair. Use the Pomodoro technique to give rest to your back. 

We harm our spine the most while using our phones. You can unintentionally move to hunch while using the phone and put pressure on your spine. It is important to keep your posture in check to avoid premature spine injury.

Bad Posture- Teen Spine Injury


The job of the spine is to support the body. It carries the weight of the body and maintains its posture. 

However, if too much weight is exerted on it, it can start to harm the lower spine which takes on most of the body weight. 

Due to this reason, the obsessed person can often suffer from backaches. 



Stress or anxiety-related spine injury can cause a spiral effect on the body that may push it into a loop of stress and back pain. According to health professionals, too much stress can cause the patient to become inactive. 

Mental stress brings physical changes. Once a patient suffers from stress, they tend to limit their physical activity, this can have an effect on the spine. 

When stress causes physical change, it makes the patient reluctant against any activity that makes their body move too much. 

However, this only makes the situation worse and harms the body. Therefore, whenever you are stressed, try to release it by exercising. Taking a refreshing walk can be a helpful method.

Stress- Teen Spine Injury

Physical injury

If you have had any previous physical injury, then it can lead to spine injury as well. 

If you happened to sprain a back muscle or exerted too much pressure on the body and hurt the back, it can affect your spine.

Any effect in the surrounding structure of the spine can lead to possible harm to the spinal cord. If the injury is fatal, it can also lead to acute spinal cord injury in the patient.

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Acute spinal cord injury

Other than some natural and meager causes of spine injury, some serious factors are giving your back a hard time.

If you are in discomfort for a long time and no over-the-counter medicine has worked on you, you may want to take serious medical attention.

Acute spinal cord injury is caused due to any fall, accident, birth injuries or any such incident that can affect the spine. It can bruise the spinal cord or may even bruise it.

Acute Spinal injury


According to some literary research, it is found that girls who are in puberty suffer from a spine injury. 

This may be a result of sudden changes in physical appearance. Suddenly getting tall or change in the shape of the body can have side effects on the spine. 

If you cannot get over the pain and feel it getting worse, you should consult a doctor.

Puberty- Teen Spine Injury


Scoliosis is a condition mostly found in girls. 

It causes the spinal cord to shift in an S or C position. This means the spinal cord doesn’t grow in a straight line as it should but curves in an uneven shape. 

This causes shoulder, waist, or lower back pain. 

It can be cured so consult your doctor immediately if you have an uneven body shape and frequent spine injury.

scoliosis- teen spine injury


Spondylolysis is a disease that makes the vertebrae slip. It weakens the spinal cord.

This disease is mainly found in athletes and can be cured with exercise, diet, and professional help.

Lower back pain is the most common symptom of this disease. 

If you are an athlete or a physically active person and are suffering from spine injury for a long time, you should visit your doctor to confirm any such disease.

Spondylolysis- Teen Spine Injury



Nowadays, teen spine injury has become common. Most of it has to do with the inattentive nature of body posture.

Keeping the body healthy can prevent a large population of teens from getting any spinal injury. 

A prolonged injury can increase the risk of various diseases or infections. So, if the pain or discomfort does go away, you should not ignore the need for medical attention.

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