Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Treatment, Benefits and Risks

Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Treatment, Benefits and Risks

Fractional laser skin resurfacing is gaining adequate popularity nowadays especially in the last decade across the globe. This new technique of alleviating the cosmetic issue is quite an effective and safe treatment. Owing to its miraculous healing, people are espousing it increasingly.  

First things first, let us start with the basic queries on the subject. Why is laser skin treatment done, and what are its benefits?

To put it plainly, this therapy aims at eliminating acne scars, accidental scars, fine aging lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, or other skin defects.

This treatment makes use of CO2 laser resurfacing. According to the requirement of the procedure, the specialist may use various other types of lasers too. 

How fractional CO2 lasers work?

The fractional CO2 laser is an advanced and effective method to rejuvenate flawed skin. It can render the skin more youthful and attractive.  Fortunately, the therapy does not deliver any adverse reactions and the recovery period is brief as well. 

This clinical procedure initiates by applying a laser to the faulted dermis. The laser beam subsequently penetrates the skin via hundreds or even more pores in a safe and controlled manner.

How fractional CO2 lasers work

The onrush of laser emission inside the skin triggers a biochemical action. And further, it promotes the formation of new skin cells and collagen.

After the generation of skin tissues and collagen, scars usually get healed over a period of time. 

Doctors recommend 2-3 sittings to treat a scar or up to 4 sittings in some cases. It usually depends on the size or depth of the defect.

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Now we know that fractional CO2 laser removes the upper layers of the skin in a fractionized way. The surrounding epidermis is left intact which enables the restorative process. 

Countless nano- radiations pervade the skin which boost the growth of new skin tissue and collagen.

During the operation, the dermatologist applies topical anesthesia to lessen pain or burning sensation. However, the procedure itself takes 5-20 minutes to complete. It relies on the size and number of scars to be treated.

Post-procedure, you will feel a stinging in your skin which typically lasts from 1-8 hours on the first day of the therapy.  

Procedure of fractional CO2 laser

Nonetheless, general painkiller medicines are able to reduce the discomfort. Doctors normally prescribe post-procedure medications to fasten the recovery process and reduce pain. 

Post-procedure and risks – Post-procedure recovery necessitates various precautions which one needs to follow. Your dermatologist shall explain these details to you clearly. 

Let’s go through the guards which you need to consider after fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing. 

  • Your doctor will advise you not to stroll in direct sunlight after the procedure for at least 2-3 days. This is because walking straight under the sun might surge redness and burning on the skin.
  • Apply sunscreen on the treated scar after 24 hours. Doing so is needful to protect treated skin from harsh environments. Continue using the cream for up to a week. 
  •  Post-procedure you will get a dark brown hard skin layer on the healed scar. It peels off after 3-5 days after the procedure. You must be careful and not scratch or rub that outer layer. Since it may increase inflammation and allergic reactions. 
  • Your doctor may tell you not to apply water, soap, or any cleaner on treated scars. This can augment burning feeling. However, you can clean the treated scar gently with water or soap after 3-4 days of the procedure. Apply mild pressure while cleaning and use a soft cotton cloth to clean the treated area. 
  •  After the procedure, avoid using a hot air blower or heaters.  Do not expose the treated area directly to any form of heat as it can increase redness and burn in the skin. 


Fractional CO2 skin laser therapy is a decent treatment to rectify damaged cutis, scars, and aging wrinkles. 

Benefits of Fractional CO2 skin laser therapy

Concurrently, its side effects are general which you can easily control and cure with medicines.

Adverse effects of this treatment usually last for a short time, not more than 5-7 days.  Thereafter, you may get back to your work or home the same day just after a few hours of treatment. 

Results from this technique are impressive, recovery time is brief and has minor side effects for a short period.

Cost of treatment

This is another important factor that matters for most of us especially when you are spending your hard-earned money on the procedure.

The common query people have regarding this treatment is its cost or pay per sitting.

Well, there is no fixed response to this question. Since the price of treatment or pay per sitting rests on the polyclinic or the city from which treatment is sought.

 Every clinic or doctor has varied charges but as an average, you can expect 5,000- 7,000 INR per session.

This is an estimated median cost across all major Indian cities. Although, the price may vary due to other factors.

The bottom line 

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is completely secure, effective, and affordable.  People of all ages can freely opt for this therapy.

However, there are few crucial details you have to instill in mind before taking this treatment. If your skin is sensitive to allergic reactions it is better to avoid this remedy.

Moreover, pregnant women should also consult their healthcare practitioner before considering this treatment.  

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