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Tips to Improve Fertility: Eating Habits and Exercises

We all are living a life full of stress and we might not notice it but all of it is causing harm to our insides. It might also lead to our sexual health. Therefore, in this crumb, we will be discussing tips to improve fertility with eating habits and exercises.

You might also want to consult doctors for the problems with conceiving. However, the tips we have for you here will not hurt you in any way.

Each of the food habits is natural and clinically proven while the exercises are easy to perform.

Eating Habits to Improve Fertility:

One can be amazed at how some minor changes in your daily food habits can improve a person’s fertility. Your nutrition intake becomes even more important when you are trying to conceive.

Below-mentioned is a few examples and tips that you might like.

Take More Fibers:

When I say, take more fibers it roots deep down to our endocrine system.

Fibers are good for balancing blood sugar levels and hormone production. In fact, if we take more fibers, they will take care of the excess hormones and get rid of them for good.

In this way, when there is an excess of estrogen in the body, fibers help to remove them.

So, if you want to improve fertility with the help of fibers you can start eating more fruits, sweet potatoes, avocados, oats, etc.

Have More Antioxidants:

Do you know that our bodies contain free radicals? These free radicals harm the egg cells in females and sperms in males.

Improve Fertility with Antioxidants

But there is a way to eliminate these free radicals by simply eating food with higher antioxidant content. To be precise, have more of the food articles that contain folate and zinc.

You can start with walnuts, veggies, fruits, and grains.

Cut Down on Carbs:

Carbs are important for the human body but it depends on the type of carb too. Refined carbs are the ones that one can intake with fewer worries.

While cutting down carbs helps in maintaining insulin levels, fat loss, and weight loss, there is more to it.

Cut Carbs to Improve Fertility


Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) should consider that cutting carbs can help in maintaining the menstrual cycle. Hence, improving fertility in them.

As for the refined carbs, you can have rice, bread, sugary drinks, etc.

Eat More Breakfast:

This feeding habit can mess up your routine a little but is highly effective to improve fertility.

Studies suggest that if you take a bigger breakfast, there is a low chance of PCOS in women, resulting in better fertility. But it is not enough to eat a big meal in the morning, you need to cut down a little of your dinner too.

Eat a bigger breakfast to improve fertility

As stated earlier, it messes with your routine because doing so will make you gain weight. So, it is up to you that you want to try it or not.

Moreover, do not make your breakfast all about processed food but eat healthily.

Have Less Caffeine and Alcohol:

If you are a caffeine addict, it is time to try giving up. Your love for caffeine and fertility can never go hand in hand. The case is the same for alcohol.

Cut down your coffee and alcohol intake to Improve Fertility

It is seen that those who consume more caffeine or alcohol take longer to conceive.

However, you need not quit caffeine or alcohol completely. You must limit your consumption to a certain number of drinks.

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Exercises to Improve Fertility:

For those who are struggling with fertility issues, having mild exercises can do miracles. If one workout approx five or six hours a week, then they will see the results.

The below-mentioned exercises won’t make you struggle hard or need special equipment but strong willpower and commitment.


You don’t have to be Michael Jackson’s descendant to dance, do you? Just let your body move whatever way it feels to be in music.


Dancing can improve fertility

Dancing improves the blood flow in the body and also increases flexibility. Additionally, you can lose a good amount of weight while dancing.

Better blood flow can enhance hormone production, if low. Thus, dancing can help in improving fertility.


As we know, swimming is one of the best ways to do cardio exercise without pressuring our joints beyond our endurance. But, did you know that swimming can improve fertility?

Swimming to improve fertility

It can prove as the best workout for those who are trying to conceive and helps you understand the pace. So, if you are someone who likes to swim then you are already halfway there.


Yoga helps you more than in one way when it comes to improving fertility.

Firstly, it is common to be stressed when having trouble conceiving. Yoga is an amazing stress buster, so it helps you calm down and start anew.

Do Yoga to Improve fertility

Secondly, when you practice yoga, your body will be sleek but strong. It will make you fit for delivering and carrying a baby.

Besides this, yoga has other benefits too and pregnant women can also perform yoga.


It might seem very common, but it has a great impact on our mental and physical health.

Walking to Improve Fertility

Enjoying a walk helps us to relieve stress and build endurance in our bodies. It is also a good cardiovascular exercise with a low impact.

Thus, if you are trying to conceive, make sure to at least include walking in your daily routine.


Just like every other exercise mentioned above, bicycling is good to improve fertility.

It is a fun activity that can make you feel at ease as soon as you start. But make sure that you are not carried away as cycling more than required can give you cramps.

Bicycling to improve fertility

If you are not regular, then do yourself a favor and go easy on it.


So far, everything we discussed is heavily focused on women’s fertility but it does not mean that men should not put in efforts. Both men and women can practice these exercises and follow food habits to improve fertility.

However, keep yourself hydrated while exercising and do not push hard on it. Also, try to diffuse those eating habits slowly into your routine.

These minor things will bring out an overall big change in you.

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