Hypothyroidism- Boost an Underactive Thyroid Naturally

Hypothyroidism- Boost an Underactive Thyroid Naturally

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition in the body when the thyroid gland stops producing some important hormones.

This can imbalance the body and cause several diseases such as infertility, obesity, and severe joint pains.

Since this disease can be a potential threat to your body and health, you need to get consulted by your doctor immediately.

The doctor will obviously put you on medication without any delay. And these drugs are not completely healthy for your body either.

They have potential side effects, but those side effects are probably nothing before the adverse effect of hypothyroidism.

So, what must a person do? They cannot ignore the medication, it is important but at the same time, drugs can put too much load on your system.

So, what must you do to restore your health? Well, it is quite impossible to restore it, but you can try to maintain a fair balance in your body.

And that can be done by using some natural ways.

Some major reasons for an underactive thyroid can be taking undernourished food or stress.

Therefore, food plays a major role in determining the condition of your thyroid gland. If you keep on a healthy diet, you will suffer less because of the disease.

The food you take will affect your thyroid and the medication vastly. While some types of diet such as selenium can boost its functionality, some can also disrupt the effect of medicines or worsen the condition.

Therefore, be careful of what you are eating and how your food is influencing your health. You might want to stay in touch with your family doctor for such advice or consult a nutritionist.

However, there are some common nutrients that you would like to take to tackle the problems of hypothyroidism naturally.

You will not need to ponder over any possible side effects because there will be none.

Here are some ways that can help you boost your underactive thyroid naturally:


In the human body, the thyroid is that part that has a high concentration of selenium. This mineral helps the thyroid gland to produce crucial hormones in the body.

Therefore, the deficiency can cause thyroid-related diseases. At times like this, when you already have a thyroid-related disease, you should definitely include this mineral in your food.

You may take selenium as supplements or eat food that contains selenium.

Selenium to overcome Hypothyroidism

If you are looking to naturally boost your underactive thyroid, then there can be nothing better than including this mineral in your diet.

Foods like tuna, beef, turkey, Brazilian nuts, shrimp, ham, chicken, egg, and porridge are potent carriers of selenium and fit for your diet.

Selenium acts as an antioxidant in your body and boosts metabolism. Therefore, it is good for your body as a whole and not just your thyroid.

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Iodine is a necessity for the thyroid. We have been hearing this phrase for decades now. Indeed, it is true.

Iodine deficiency can lead to the inefficiency of the thyroid gland. The gland cannot produce hormones without iodine. This situation can lead to various thyroid diseases, mainly goiter which is a condition when the thyroid enlarges.

Iodine boosts thyroid activity. However, iodine cannot be made in the body so, you need to take it with your food.

Iodine for Hypothyroidism

The deficiency of iodine will leave the thyroid underactive. Iodine salt is a good option to include in your diet.

However, you might not be able to measure the amount of iodine you are taking in by just sprinkling salt in your food.

But, dairy products like cheese, bread or seafood, meat, and eggs can help you understand the amount of iodine you are consuming.

Cheese, cow Milk, frozen yogurt, ice cream, seaweed, and selfishness should be on your diet list to improve your thyroid function.

No sugar

Thyroid disease puts you at an increased risk of having Diabetes.

This is because the underactive thyroid affects metabolism.

And when you are consuming sweeteners or any sugary product, you are not helping at all. In fact, you are worsening the condition.

No Sugar to naturally treat Thyroid

The thyroid can potentially lead to diabetes and diabetes can again increase the risk of thyroid diseases.

This is why a doctor always advises the thyroid patient about restraining from sugar.

Moreover, sugar leads to inflammation which can be a dangerous condition in thyroid disease.

Therefore, try to eliminate sugar consumption as much as you can.


Zinc, just like selenium, helps the thyroid gland to produce hormones. In fact, researches suggest that it is beneficial to take zinc supplements along with selenium supplements to improve the underactive thyroid in women.

Zinc to activate Thyroid gland

A 2007 research study by Pub Med suggests that an increase in the concentration of zinc in the body had led to an increase in the efficiency of the thyroid as well.

Therefore, you might want to include zinc-concentrated food such as beef, pork, chicken, oysters, crab, and yogurt in your diet.

No, to a junk or processed food

If you are consuming processed food in large amounts, then you should learn to restrain yourself from this moment on.

Junk food contains fat which can be hazardous for you if your underactive thyroid has led to obesity.

Don't eat Processed foods while suffering from Hypothyroidism

You are only inviting more troubles for yourself. Junk food not only leads to obesity but other symptoms such as stress also.

Therefore, cutting on processed food will help you to reduce some weight and cut down stress as well.

Vitamin B

Hypothyroidism will cause fatigue and will decrease your vitamin B levels.

You need to be cautious of such circumstances and when you feel that you are being affected by fatigue, consult your doctor and take vitamin B-12 supplements.

Vitamin B to activate Thyroid Gland

B-12 will help you to tackle the damages caused by the disease.

Add eggs, milk, tuna, cheese, peas, beans, and sesame seeds to your diet to obtain the benefits of vitamin B-12.

The bottom line

Hypothyroid is a condition caused by inactivity of the thyroid gland. This disease is curable, however, it is not so easy.

Only medication cannot help you to restore your health if you are being careless with the food you are taking in.

The food influences the thyroid extensively therefore, you need to be careful with your diet.

Include healthy nutrients and minerals in your diet and avoid junk or processed food for better results.

Further Reading: Mayoclinic.org

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