Why Should You Stop Using Toilet Paper?

Why Should You Stop Using Toilet Paper?

About 75% of the world’s population refrains from using toilet paper. This means that 4 billion people do not believe in toilet paper sheets for hygiene purposes after defecating.

However, toilet papers are still a widely used source of cleaning bottom, and it is famous mainly in Europe, the USA, and some Asian countries.

But who introduced the concept of toilet paper and why you should quit using it now?

Toilet paper was introduced in a time as old as the 6th century. It was first used in China. This is the reason that China became a mass producer of toilet paper in the 14th century.

But, before toilet paper was introduced, people used to wipe themselves clean with help of clothes, sticks with sponges, wool, moss, fruit peels, and other crazy kinds of stuff.

Most of the countries in the world such as South Asian countries have believed in the use of water for cleaning their bottom. Research says that most countries find it unhygienic or luxurious to use toilet paper to wipe themselves clean.

It is a luxury for some countries because they don’t have too much fauna there. The scarcity of trees makes it impossible for them to destroy them.

They use water or clothes to clean the defecate off their body. Let us discuss a few reasons to quit using toilet paper.

It destroys nature

It consumes a large area of green life to just make something that does not even work effectively. 30,000 trees are sacrificed in the world every day to make these dry wipes.

We are eradicating the lungs of the earth just to make something that is so insufficient in its function.

We assure you that your bum is not clean even after you wipe it off with paper. Paper does not remove waste from your bottom but only moves it.

Toilet paper is made of trees that take years to grow. You cut down thousands of trees and compress them into the paper just to wipe your butt.

You are actively participating in deforestation when you are using these dry paper sheets.

Toilet Paper- Nature unfriendly

It’s unhygienic

I am sure you would not prefer wiping cow dung off your hands with just a dry sheet of paper.

You will be in unrest until you wash it thoroughly with water and even soap.

You do not take bath by wiping your body with dry sheets instead of washing with water.

So, when you do not prefer paper cleaning something that doesn’t even have visible dirt, how can you choose to wipe defecate off your bottom with just paper?

Toilet paper is not a good option to clean yourself. Even though you have been using it for decades and your ancestors have used it as well, it is time to change it.

We believe that here on after when we look back in time, we will be ashamed of how we have to destroy mother nature and how unhygienic it has been to use toilet paper.

Toilet paper does not clean the waste perfectly, the result is that people become prone to infection or diseases.

Urinary tract infections or piles are the most common discomfort complained by people.

Toilet papers not only damage nature but your health as well.

Toilet papers- unhygienic

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So, how do those 4 billion people clean themselves after going to the loo?

Well, they use water or bidet. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bhutan used to have buckets or ‘lota’ in their bathroom to clean themselves after defecating. They have now switched to bidets.  Japan has been using a bidet for a long time.

The use of bidet has now spread all over the world. People in Europe, Middle East countries are switching to bidets from toilet papers.

In fact, the idea of using wet wipes is being encouraged as well. Originally, wet wipes are used to wipe an infant’s bottom, but now these are also being used by adults.

The reason is simple, it offers a smooth surface to clean the body and does not cause a rash. It is also effective in its function.

It does not harm nature as much. Some people have switched to clothes from toilet paper. There are clothes available in the market for this purpose only.

However, using water is considered the most sanitary thing to clean yourself.

Alternative to Toilet Paper

Bidet or wet wipes?

Without any doubt, the bidet is the most hygienic thing to wash defecate off your body. However, you cannot carry bidet yourself everywhere.

At times when you are away from home and need to defecate, you should carry wet wipes with you.

Wet wipes can be easily disposed of, and they do not irritate the skin. This is the reason we use wet wipes for children rather than dry paper sheets.

We are well aware that any waste on a baby’s bum can cause infection. So, when we are fully aware of toilet paper’s adverse side effects and protect our kids from it then why not ourselves?

Our hygiene is no different from theirs. Wet wipes can clean waste as effectively as water.

Another reason to use wet wipes is your psychological discomfort.

Wet Wipes or Bidet against Toilet Paper

If you are having a hard time switching from toilet papers to bidets, you can just switch to wet wipes instead.

They will offer you some psychological assurance with better effects and hygiene.

However, some people tend to argue that wet wipes are not as disposable as toilet paper, and they can use recycled paper for dry paper sheets.

Well, companies are running out of recyclable papers. And using recyclable paper won’t fix deforestation or the unsanitary effects of toilet paper. Moreover, when you use wet wipes, you get the option to choose whether you want a biodegradable or a non-biodegradable one.

Wet wipes are also gender-specific. In any way, toilet papers are no better than wet wipes. Therefore, if you are concerned about nature and your hygiene, you should consider ditching toilet paper and opting for a bidet or wet wipes.


If you are not one of those 4 billion people who don’t use toilet paper, then you might reconsider it now. Well, you can always see it as a step towards better living conditions and nature’s conservation.

Hopefully, all these reasons for why should you stop using toilet paper will be convincing enough for all of our readers.

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