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10 Superfoods for Hair Growth and Their Benefits

No one is a fan of hair loss or poor hair health. Out of all the factors which affect hair health and growth, we can only control diet. So, in this crumb, we will go through 10 superfoods for hair growth.

It is said that a balanced diet can work wonders in the overall growth and development of one’s body. Similarly, hair growth and health need some specific nutrients. Our hair needs protein, zinc, biotin, and vitamins D, C, E, and A for proper growth.

Now check this list of foods that can boost your hair growth. Supplementing these in your daily diet will definitely do wonders to not only your hair growth but overall health.

1. Berries:

The first on our list of superfoods for hair growth is juicy berries. Almost all the berries contain abundant vitamins and antioxidants. The components of berries will definitely promote hair growth.

The most prominent vitamin in berries is Vitamin C. Now, Vitamin C helps to produce collagen and absorb iron, hence promoting hair growth.

Berries for hair growth

Apart from the vitamins being helpful, antioxidants in berries serve as protectors for our hair follicles. This way the free and external radicals can not harm our hair roots.

Thus, we get more collagen, iron absorption, and follicle protection from berries. All this directly aids in hair growth and prevents hair loss indirectly.

2. Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes can be said to mines of nutrients such as potassium, iron, beta-carotene, magnesium, and copper. All these nutrients are important for our development and need to be included in our diet.

Sweet potatoes for hair growth

Back to hair growth, beta-carotene in sweet potatoes is the key to it. Our body transforms it into Vitamin A, which helps in sebum production. It readily helps in maintaining hair’s health.

Except for this, sweet potatoes also help in reducing the dullness in your hair and make them thicker. It also promotes cell growth resulting in hair growth. Now you know why is it in this list of superfoods for hair growth.

3. Meat:

Iron and protein are crucial for growth in us and meat is a rich source for both of them. Meat is also a common food for the non-vegetarian diet.

Meat for hair growth

The iron in the meat helps the red blood cells to carry more oxygen. The more oxygen that reaches the hair follicles will promote the growth of hair and maintain its shine.

While protein is a growth promoter and will directly enhance hair growth with its intake. If you are taking red meat, then the results will be better due to the higher iron content in them.

4. Nuts:

Not only do they contain several important nutrients, but they also taste good. They help in various health factors. But let us first discuss their role in hair growth.

Nuts for hair growth

They provide you with Vitamin A and E, fatty acids, and zinc. If you have a deficiency of any one of them then you will experience hair loss. Nuts also prevent thinning of hair.

Make sure to include some nuts in your daily diet to prevent any kind of hair loss or damage. Besides this, nuts lower the risk of cardiac problems and acne problems.

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5. Eggs:

You will find all the nutrients of eggs beneficial for hair growth. It consists of the best growth promoter, protein. The hair follicles are made of mostly protein and eggs can replenish them.

Eggs for hair growth

Besides protein, vitamins like A and E are present in eggs that aid hair health. You must avoid the deficiency of these to save yourself from hair loss.

Eggs also contain the keratin producer, biotin. We have seen hair products with keratin as a component in them. Eggs provide you with a natural way to make it and maintain your hair health.

6. Soybeans:

This is one of the superfoods for hair growth that is still under study. Soybeans are no doubt rich in protein and thus promote hair growth. But that is not it.

Soybean for hair growth

A compound name spermidine is found in soybeans. Spermidine makes the hair growth factor active for a longer time i.e., prolongs the phase of hair growth.

For now, researches are going on whether spermidine is good for direct application and intake. But we don’t need to wait for the results as we can surely eat soybeans.

Hence, soybeans should be a part of your diet if you love your hair.

7. Avocados:

With great taste, Avocados bring you a bunch of health benefits. They are a great source of antioxidants, biotin, vitamins C and E. All these nutrients have their own roles in hair growth.

Avocados for hair growth

The deficiency of any of the above-mentioned nutrients is not good for either our health or hair growth. The fatty acids promote cell formation as they serve as the building blocks. While Vitamin E protects the scalp from foreign radicals.

Therefore, avocados deserve to be counted in superfoods for hair growth.

8. Fatty Fishes:

Fatty fishes contain a vital nutrient needed for better hair growth i.e., omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover, they contain Vitamins B and D3, selenium, and protein.

Fatty fishes for hair growth

Some fatty fishes are better for hair growth than others depending upon the nutrient content in them. For instance, mackerel, salmon, and herring fishes are the best fatty fishes for this purpose.

9. Spinach:

This green leaf contains vitamins A and C, folate, and plenty of iron. From what we have learned till now, all these are related to hair growth.

Spinach for hair growth

Iron improves the blood carrying property of red blood cells, hence promoting hair growth. While vitamin A promotes sebum production and maintains hair health.

Although spinach is not a favorite food for many, now you have one more reason to try eating it.

10. Seeds:

If you are looking for low-calorie and high-nutrient content food, seeds make up to the list of that. They have several nutrients that promote hair growth like selenium, zinc, and vitamin E. Different seeds contain different nutrients too.

Seeds for hair growth

While chia seeds have omega 3 fatty acids, sunflower seeds are loaded with vitamin E. Besides them, other seeds have their own quota of nutrients.

Therefore, seeds can be added to your diet without worrying about the extra calories they can bring.


All the foods that we learned about are hair health promoters and have definite nutrients that help in hair growth. They are also easy to incorporate into your daily diet and maintain a balance.

But some of these superfoods for hair growth also contain high carbs. So if you are someone who needs to maintain their calorie intake, chose wisely.

Now is the time to get yourself a few nuts at the start of the day and watch your hair grow.

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