Yoga Poses For People Who Sit All Day

Yoga Poses For People Who Sit All Day

According to the science and studies mad eon human body, we are not designed to sit. But then, what is all this talk about yoga poses? 

Our joints have a function, and they need to do what they are designed for. A human body has functions like standing, squatting, walking, rolling, running, or lying. 

But, it doesn’t have a function called sitting. It is just our necessity that we need to put our joints out of function and sit. 

Sleeping gives enough rest to your body and joints to feel good and resume work. 

This is the reason that sitting on a chair for long makes your body stiff, and you begin to develop joint pains.

This case is even worse in people who have to sit all day long on a chair and do the work. The stress and fatigue put extra pressure on your shoulder and spine and make you disease-prone.

That’s right. Sitting for long and not letting your joints do their work can put you in a tough spot. You may develop heart disease, diabetes, scoliosis, mental health issue, or even cancer in some extreme cases.

Therefore, you are actually cutting your life short when you do sit all day long without proper breaks. 

This is why doctors and specialists advise people to adopt for Pomodoro technique and yoga to keep themselves healthy.

Since you cannot leave your work and your job demands you to sit all day long before the screen or with papers, you need to opt for some healthy lifestyle habits. 

Yoga is one of them.

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise used in ancient India to keep the body healthy and fit.

But how is Yoga going to help you to stay healthy? 

Well, there are certain types of asanas in Yoga, also known as, Yoga Poses that help the muscle, mind, bones, nerves, and organs to stretch and relax. Energy flows through the body and refreshes it.

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Yoga poses for people who sit all day:

Balasana (Baby pose)

Stand straight with your hands beside your body. Then gently raise both your hands outstretched in their directions and bring them above your head.

Now bring the hands down with the upper part of the body and bend low on your waist. You should be on your palm should be flat on the ground and your head should be in between your arms. 

Balasana- Yoga Poses

Now pull your legs back and bring your sole parallel to the ground. You should make an inverted ‘V’ with the body by now.

Remember that your body should be stretched and don’t bend your knees. Keep in this pose for 30 seconds.

In this asana, you are stretching your back, legs, and hands. The muscle will release the tension, and you will feel relaxed. The blood circulation will improve, and your muscles will be strengthened. 

Bhujangasanam (Cobra pose)

Get on your stomach and lie flat on the floor. Your sole should face the sky.

Bhujangasana- Yoga Poses

Now bring your elbows to your chest and put the palm on the ground. Then, rise on your palm with elbows still by your side.

This will put pressure on your stomach, should, and spine. This will relax the tension increased from the hunch.

Marjaryasana and Bitilasana (Cat and cow pose)

The cat and cow pose helps to reposition the neck. When you sit, you put too much pressure on your neck and tend to protrude it. This position helps to bring it back to its initial position. It is also good for headaches.

Marjaryasana and Bitilasana- Yoga Poses

Get on your knees and keep your palms on the ground. Your sole should face the sky. Do not bend it on your toes.

Now bring your head down between your arms and bring your palms enough close to your knee to form an arc from your back.

Uttanasana (Standing forward fold)

When you sit for a long time, it stiffens your spine. This asana will help to release stress from the spine and make your back feel good.

Stand on your feet hips apart. Bring your hands above your head and interlock them. Then, stretch your body from feet to fingers and bend slowly forward. 

Uttanasana- Yoga Poses

Your face should face the ground and your hands should be parallel to the legs. Now, bend a little more, as far as you can go. 

This will stretch the back muscle and spine.

Matasyasana (Fish pose)

It is one of the best yoga poses for your neck, head, throat, anxiety, and stress. The fish pose stretches your chest and pressures your neck against the usual position that you sit in. the blood flows to the brain, and you feel refreshed.

Matsyasana- Yoga Poses

Sit down and stretch your legs in front of you. Then, put your hands under your hips and bend back to lie on your hands. Your chest should be curved upwards and your head on the ground.

Maintain this pose for 15 seconds.

Tadasana (mountain pose)

This pose will help you to stretch your chest and stomach muscle. It will release the tension and help you relax by strengthening the muscles.

Stand straight and bring your hands to the side of the body. Your legs should be at a distance equal to the hips. This means, your feet should align with your hip in a straight line.

Tadasan- Yoga Poses

Outstretch your hands in their respective direction and bring them over your head. The hands should also align with your legs. 

Now, take a breath and hold it, then bend back on your waist maintaining the position. Keep the pose for at least 30 seconds, then release.


What could be better than meditation (dhyana) itself? It is a spiritual asana that helps the mind to focus and improve concentration. It also releases stress and negative energy out of the body.

Sit down on a comfortable mat or grass. Your legs should be in Buddha asana. Put your hands on your knee and relax. 

Let all the types of thoughts come to your mind and let it all pass away. Then, a time will come when you will have no thoughts, nothing in your mind. 

Meditation- Yoga Poses

Try to maintain that phase and concentrate in the middle of your brows.

This is one of those yoga poses that you can do as long as you like.

The bottom line

With the busy life that we have, it is almost impossible to take care of our health and maintain a healthy diet, let alone caring for our posture and joints.

Sitting all day long on your chair in front of a desk and staring at a screen can harm you mentally and physically as well.

It can invite unwanted diseases.

At times like this, doing these yoga poses in the morning can be a beneficial activity for your body. It will not only keep you fit but also mentally healthy.

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